Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 5

Love N Its Entry In My Life


Mama: Geet ladhke wale agayi hai  tayar haina tu

Geet: Haan mama tayar hoon

M: Tho chal ladke ko dehk le

Geet: Namaste ji

After some formal talks

Papa: Beta aap aur Geet baath karlo…Geet aapne kamre main leja puttar

G: Ji

Ladka & Geet moves to her room

L: Hi

G: Hi

They both remain silent for sometime thinking how to begin,  

G: Is this your first time

L: No had a quite few interviews already, and yours

G: More than quite a few now.

L: Oh..So what do you say about us

G: Well I …I …don’t want to marry …

L: 😮 what, then why are you here

G: This is my house

L: I meant why are your parents want to get you married off

G: I couldn’t say no to them

L: You are scared of them

G: Yes & No

L: What

G: when I was a kid I was scared…and now I am used to it so can’t say no to them …but that does not mean I accept whatever they ask for .. kithni waqt tak taal sahkthi hoon taal dethi hoon…Even then If I had to do it, then I will do it

L: Oh..why don’t you want to get married?

G: I don’t feel I can take care of anyone& marriage is a big responsibility.

L: Really, Whom are you fooling? You are in a very good position in the company and you are scared of responsibilities 😮

G: :-\ Good position .. You fell for that ha ha..I am working in my Jiju’s Office and I hold that postion not b’coz of my ability its coz of the relation i share with them

L: Even then you are handling things with ease and that for such a long period …Its not a joke

G: Yes I am just lucky enough to survive it.

L: Still I don’t think that’s the real reason

G: But it is One of the reason

L: So you have more

G: I can give 1000’s of reasons

L: Over confidence

G: Call it anyways. I am not going to say yes.

L: You can share atleast some of them

G: But I don’t want to share any…when I do that I feel helpless and I have not intensions to let my guards off

L: You don’t like to share things.

G: When I cannot share my thoughts, how can you expect me to share my life?

L: Share it you may feel better, give it a try. Who knows maybe I can give a solution.

G: Why are you showing so much interest in me? What do you see in me that we can be together?

L: Our parents think we will make a good pair; I just want to give it a try.

G: I am not a show piece up for trial

L: Hey get angry soon

G: I’m sorry

L: Its ok.

G: I always wanted someone who will be there for me everywhere every step of my life, you see I am one confused girl who gets confused in her own world and I want someone who can lead my way so that I can just blindly follow. I just want to surrender myself you see. I am really very demanding and I wouldn’t be able to live my life alone. And coming to you, you are very busy person handling so many things and I will just be a burden to you. Will you take care of your work or me? That’s too much to ask for.

L: so that’s what you expect from your future. You could have told me earlier itself  

G: So you are saying no right

L: Let me just think over it, and you don’t know anything about me too. Aren’t you curious to know?

G: If you want to you can, I wouldn’t stop you

L: As you said I am a busy in my work if I start working I will forget about every other thing around me. And I want someone who can care for me and my family, one who could just blend in our family like her own family. Straight forward, be my side at every ups and downs of mine. Not behind my money or fame.

G: I am not your girl man. If I decide on one thing it’s hard for me to compromise on that and even some how I did we cannot be happy in our lives

L: You are ready to give up

G: Its simple yes or no, there is no other option of try out. If tomorrow we end up as a couple I will make every effort to make this work, to live upto your expectation and I may not complain either to you but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have any problem in doing all these things I will be cribbing to myself and when my patience breaks I will end up hurting everyone including myself, which I seriously don’t want too.

L:  hey cool down, You said you had lot more than few interviews, then have you talked about these things to everyone.

G: Actually, I haven’t as not many showed interest in me and the one who showed had high expectation from this marriage which my family cannot afford to, so everything was just a dead end. But you are a stubborn man.

L: How did you know that I am interested in you?

G: Well when you came in I saw you were struggling to talk, and I thought its your 1st time but you said it isn’t. Then it was clear to me you are genuinely here for this thing not just putting a mask of interested and all. And you are from rich class so wouldn’t be behind any dowry or my salary.

L: You thought about all these things in just few minutes

G: Yes, I have seen my siblings weddings and had quite a few experience in my previous trials and I come across many people, I may not be an expert but not even ignorant of these facts. I have always been interested in knowing others things.  And we learn things from others only right we don’t have to time for experiencing everything on our own. I think we should go back. And please say no to this marriage.

L: Let’s see on that. It’s really nice meeting you, you are really different.

G: Who said I am normal as everyone. Shall we move?

Back to family

Papa : Arey aap dono agayi

L (Mama) : Come beta sit here. Talk with us too

G: Ji aunty

L(M) : tho beta aapko kya kya atha hai humbhi batho

G: Ji ..zyaad kuch nahi ..thoda cooking karlethi hoon aur baki sara waqt tho mera office main hi nikal jathi hai

L(M): aap ne apni padayi puri nahi kiya abhi tak

G: Ji woh meri percentile kaam honeki wajese fail ho rahi hoon

L(M): Koi nahi puttar isbaar hojayega mera beta ki help le sahkthi hoon aap usne bhi tho katham kiya hai na. Kyu Maan aap karenge na humari bahu ki help.

Maan: Off course mama yeh bhi kuch puchne ki baath hai kya

M(M) : Tho tumari taraf se haan hai na

Maan : Yes

M(M) : Geet puttar tumari kya faisla hai

G: 😮 Itna samjaya na karne ko par yeh nahi manna. Babaji kya kar rahi ho mere saath. Nahi karni muhje kisi se bhi shaadi. Koi meri baath nahi suntan na hi koi samaj na chatha hai ki main kya chathi hoon. Sab apne faisle muhj pe thopna chatehey hai 😥 Ji woh..Mama main …

Mama: kya huva puttar

Geet runs away from there

M: Geet …Geet…Ji main abhi ayi ..lagtha hai sharma gayi

M: Geet …yesa chale athe hai kya …dehk puttar ache log hai aur unki koi demand nahi hai …na koi zimadari hai unke upar ..tu kush rahe gi …itni achi rishta haath se nahi de sahkthey puttar..

G: Par mama …

M: tu bachi nahi rahe hi geet …hum sab ki taraf se tho haan hai…tu samaj na puttar ..unki pariwar bohat achi hai…thuje palko ke upar betake rahkenge

G: Jaise aap log teek samaje :-\

M: mubharak ho puttar…main sab ko kush kabhri dekar athi hoon

G: Ahkir main wahi huva na jo main nahi chathi thi… 😥


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