Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 6

Love N Its Entry In My Life


Ring Ring…

G : hello Unhappy ..hello hello…bolna nahi tho call kyu karthe ho ..

M: Geet ro kyu rahi ho..

Thud line goes dead..

M: why is she not picking my call ..Geet come on pick my call..let me send sms …

Geet pick my call ..we can talk this over…

G: There is nothing left to talk …

M: just listen to me once..

G: I don’t have a voice to speak …give me some time to accept this and then I will be listening to you till my last breath

M: Can we meet up once

G: No

M: why …don’t you want to know why I accepted you

G: I don’t want to know anything

M: you are testing my patience now.

G: so didn’t listen to me now it’s your turn

M: when did I not listen to you …

G: then what was that when you accepted for marriage …this is last msg as my balance is zero ..bye

M: Geet …don’t give lame excuses

M: Geet …reply back…

M: It’s not done …At least pick my phone na

M: Ok…so you don’t have balance na..I will recharge it now…then will you reply back??

G: No you are not going to recharge it

M: so that’s what need to get your reply

G: i had dozed dozed off and mama woke me up saying not to miss your calls Angry

M: so sweet of sansumaa

G: rahko sabko apne paas aura muhje bhool jaoo..

M : do I smell something burning

G: Don’t make this more difficult …pls let me be alone Cry

M: Meet me once at pqr cafe at 3 …we can clear this off

G: I am not coming anywhere …we can talk over phone itself

M: ya like now …by not picking my call

G: I told you my voice is choked

M: that was all fine sometime ego Geet…

G: when something really hurts you can’t speak

M: and why did say your balance is zero have msg me after that too

G : 95 free sms after first 5 daily

M: so you can message me unlimited

G: today is off so I am doing or else I wouldn’t

M: get ready now

G: I am not coming ..look we are not even engaged how can we meet and I wouldn’t be comfortable speaking in a public place

M: So where do you want to talk tell me

G:  over phone

M : face to face

G: skype

M: no we will meet

G: forget it

M: ok skype come online now

G: ok message me your id

G: tell me I am all yours now

M: Look I have started a new venture which requires my attention which means I will have plenty of pressure in work and I will not be able to give you enough time.

G: superb news I am so happy to hear this …yeh tho sone pe suhaga hai.first you will marry me n then you want to wait day and night for your return …maine aapka kya bigada hai Jo is thara muhje saatha raheho

M: care to hear me fully

G: ok let’s have the cherry on the cake

M: you can join me in work too so my work will finish faster and we will have time for each other too. In this way you can have me all time with you. one of your problem is solved

G: Ermm You could have hired anybody else to help you reduce this so called pressure of yours and why didn’t you tell me this before.

M: Time dear time you didn’t give me that. You and your ram katha had to be heard too na [Smirk’s]

G: To tell what I want is not ram katha

M: Ok let me come to the point. Geet I wished to marry a girl who can be my companion both professional and also personally. And as far as professional is concerned I have seen your work and dedication towards perfection. Remember the last year conference; you did a marvellous job Geet.

G: How do you know that as I never gave any presentation? I only work in back drop

M: You were the one who prepared the presentation again when the CD was burnt coz of short circuit.

G: That was not a big deal I had the previous version in my mail and with small amendments, the presentation was again ready within time.

M: So I got to know that was you behind the scene. And on personal front you are good looking, smart, think about others before you. What else do you think is required? You fit in perfectly.

G: I fit in but what about my requirements.

M: Simple Geet you wanted me to at every step and you will have me on both fronts.

G: Look you never had to convince me for this marriage in time I would have accepted if it wasn’t you then it would have been some tom dick or harry but I am really glad to know that you are making efforts in making me understand. And I am ready for this marriage. It has to happen in future then why not now.

M:         tum har pal badalthi ho geet

tumare saath kal kya honewala hai koi nahi janta

G: Well change is the only thing constant in life, so it isn’t me but everything changes every minute, as far as future is concerned you don’t have neither Michelle Jennings nor Rohit mehra to have built future predicting machine. So it’s unknown to everyone.

M: Shocked who are they  ??

G: You don’t see movies. Do you.

M: No.

G: Then leave its all fiction

M: You are ok now. No more crying stuff.

G: What do you think Tongue ??


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