Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 7

Love N Its Entry In My Life


G: Hello …yawns…hello

M: GM …all set for the day

G: whaaat…yes all set …and get backs to her sleep

M: Geet

G: yes..

M: get up I know you are still sleeping

G: You know it good…then let me sleep na

M: It’s already late

G:  5 mins

M: Geet I won’t fall for that again. You will repeat the same as last time

G: No this time I will get up

M: LOL you know …you can’t fool me twice with same thing

G: Ok..

M: How are you placed today?

G: Well plenty of work in office, the project report has to be ready today & after office we are going for the family get together party. I am damn excited and will have full on masti thereBig smile

M: What all masti?

G: I don’t know about the plans but last time we played and had a blast

M: ok. So when can we meet

G: My dear would be we are still only engaged so have patience. Waise anything special to meet

M: You need something to meet

G: Actually no but still if you have a reason then I don’t have to search one LOL

M: Reason?

G: Yes reason, I need to answer to my parents

M: You tell them everything

G: I just inform them, where I am?

M: Aren’t you getting late?

G: Oh yes…thank you for waking up..waise what are you doing?

M: Just preparing one of the report

G: Multitasking..hmm one at a time..bye ..n Happy morning

M: Good morning bye

G: Geet get ready faster …have plentyof work in Office ..the faster you finish the more you can enjoy

Geet’s Office:

G’s Boss: Geet we will have to stay back little late as we will have to finish the reporting.

G: Yes Unhappy

G’s B: Ok you start reviewing all the aspects then we both will finalise one by one.

G: Review will take half day then completing the report finalisation & submitting them would take all time. And I will get late for the party Unhappy

GB: Geet are you done with review

G: I am still doing it

GB: I will start some of the aspects and you start submitting once one aspect is finalised

G: Ok.

By evening

GB: How many left

G: Still 4 are there

GB: Ok let do it asap

G: down goes the drain all my party Unhappy

GB: Why there is a difference in the figures. Geet did you check this

G: No I haven’t reached till that list

GB: Ok let me check with xyz (employee) mean while you finish the remaining

G: Yes

By the time everything gets complete its 8 and Geet reaches the party venue all tired from the day’s work and once the party is over comes back to their home by 12:30. And she retires to bed and her mobile rings

M: Hey .. You didn’t call me …how was the party

G: Hi

M: What happened you sound low .. are you crying..Geet  Geet

G: Nothing I am fine

M: You can’t hide it now speak up …you didn’t tell me how the party was

G: Very bad

M: Why

G: I was all tired in office itself and late too so directly reached the venue and was having a head ache too first we had food then started to play first we started to play pass the parcel and to my bad luck I was the first to be out of the game and you know my jiju even pulled up his mobile to record as I was asked to dance for the music played then when I couldn’t think of any then they said at least sing a song for us I couldn’t think of any. I was just blank. And my sis Raji was in very hurry wanted to finish the party and go home so she asked me to hurry up hurry up …you can just do a step and leave …why are you thinking so much Cry. Finally giving up everyone asked me to forget it & continued with their game.

M: Then

G: then my mood was off

M: It happens dear there is nothing to cry about in this

G: You know that’s what I am feeling there is nothing to cry but don’t know why but tears are not stopping from my eyes. I am not crying for losing it in first round, I am used to losing but because I was blank & the way my sister left me …she could have helped me by atleast suggesting a song but no ..none came for my rescue …Just left me their… saying as a spoil sport.

G: I don’t know why my heart aches. What if my heart is not able to accept you and end up hurting you? You just say no and let’s call this marriage off. I can never be happy nor keep anyone happy. I could not be satisfied so easily my high dreams and expectations makes me carve for more& in turn just destroying my present & future too. You just call this off.Cry

Started to cry more.

M: Shh calm down dear; don’t think like that they don’t know that you were so much tired. Are you still feeling tired

G: Not much .. just a nap will be enough

M: Don’t cry now. So if you were fine what would have done?

G: If I was fine Smile then I would have danced on any music. You know many a times I will be swaying to some or the other song. I tho love to dance & I will always be murmuring songs. For this situation I have a song too now  

Haye rama yeh kya huva

tum yese hume satha ne lage

Tum itni pyari ho samane

Humari madat kyu na karsahke

Actually I have many romantic and sad songs in my playlist. How can I sing them that too in front of my parents or even before all the relatives? I want to be safe from all criticism but ended up being one.

M: You know how to dance

G: Well have never gone to any classes but I just love to dance. When no one is there in home na I will put music and start dancing following the steps in the video.

M: Your sis knows about your liking

G: yes she knows my interest in dance. That’s why she was saying just put a step n go. But I want it everything precisely, so if the song is playing then dance should be according to that. Not just some steps and getting embarrassed in front of everyone for not knowing how to dance.  Actually I want everyone to know I can dance well but in a dream to make it large I end up being nothing.

M: You shouldn’t take any decision in haste.

G: If you get married to me then you will have so many of these incidents. You will be busy in work and I will just be crying Unhappy

M: What if I won’t let to face any situation like this again.

G: Please if you can do that then I will be the happiest person in this world.

M: Then you will be Geet it’s quite late too …and you sleep peacefully too now GN

G: GN and thanks for being there for me.


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