Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 8

Love N Its Entry In My Life


M: Hello


M: Geet …You are alright .. So early you are awake?

G: Thought I should surprise you

M: Offcourse I am. How are you feeling now?

G: Much better and thank you for hearing me out last night; that really helped me

M: You don’t have to thank me

G: Can we meet up today

M: Today … ok why not

G: You seem to be busy right

M: No … its ok I can reschedule it

G: Ok if you can then let’s meet up at xyz place

M: Done; bye

M: How am I going to accommodate my schedule? And If I won’t she might feel bad and again left out. I thought of completing as much as possible work to ensure I have enough time for my wedding. Think Think…let me first go to office then I will somehow reschedule it

In Maan’s Office

M: Adi.. Why is this file not complete; it was supposed to be ready for tomorrow’s presentation?

A: Siiir..You had to check and finalise the things Siiir… I have completed as much as I can

M: Don’t give me reasons

A: Siiir you were busy and you usually see these files a day before the presentation and complete it too na siiir

M: Adi…out now and get all the files in my cabin which needs to be reviewed

A: Yesss Sirrr…Runs from there

Pinky :  Adi Sir …Why are you carrying so many files all at once

A: Don’t know what has happened Sirr is in not so good mood…Let me give him these 1st set of files …by the time I will try completing the remaining files too

P: Shall I help you

A: You take care of the reception; if Maan sir comes to know that you left your desk he may shout on you too

P: Ok Adi sir..

Maan’s Cabin

A: Siiir  files

M: Keep it n leave

A: Yes Siiir

A: What happened to sir…He wants to finish all days work in half a day.  Don’t know how many will come under his anger today

At Reception

P: How may I help you Ms.

Lady: I am here to meet Mr. MSK

P: Do you have an appointment

L: No. I just had to get these papers verified by him

P: Maam Give it to me I will hand over the same to him

L: Well these are urgent private & confidential documents

P: Well He wouldn’t meet any without appointment maam

L: Ok. I will be waiting here

P: Sure Maam

Maan’s Cabin

P: Excuse me sir

M: Yes Pinky; what is it?

P: Sir. A lady is here with these documents for your verification

M: Keep it here & leave. Will call you afterwards

P: Ok sir.

At Reception

P: Maam you need to wait for a while Sir will call

L: Ok can I have some water

P: Sure I will arrange it

L: Thanks dear

Adi comes there all worried

P: Adi sir ..why are you so worried

A: I am in a fix pinky I thought I can finish these reports while sir checks the other parts of the report but now I am struck at a place.

P: Where sir tell me …  I may help

A: Pinky I need to calculate the revenue from each sites according to the standards but problem is…on …on …on … I am not able to consolidate it

P: what are you saying Adi sir.. I am not able to understand anything

A: Its better I ask the help of sir.

L: Hey If you could just go one by one then you could calculate  the revenue from each site then consolidate it but you just have to keep control on the figures so you don’t miss out any in middle…

A: really

L: I can do it for you

A: Please help me na…today Sir is in very much hurry ..he wants everything in double speed

In about an hour the lady completes the work & Adi takes them to Maan’s Cabin

A: Sir the remaining set of files

M: I was about to ask you them. Good you came in right time. Let me review them

A: Yes Sir

M: Good Adi you did these completed & that too without any mistake

A: Sir actually I took help from one of the visitor you have.

M: Who ?

A: Sir Pinky told me that she is here for those documents verification

M: Adi how could you take help of any outsider … Is she still here … send her in

A: Yes sir.

A: In my tension I didn’t realise it. Oh No..

M: what are these documents? …

There is a knock on the door. Lady & Adi comes in

M: Yes come in

L: You wished to see me

M: Why are you here? What are these documents?

L: Look yourselves

The moment he sees the documents he has a sweet smile on his face

A: Am I dreaming Maan sir smiling in this kind of a situation 

M: You came to give me this draft of our wedding card

A: What wedding card draft… whose wedding Sir?

M: Adi you can leave.

A: Yes sir

A: good yaar …today I thought I am gone but thanks to that lady I am saved but who is she?

M: That was a lovely surprise

G: My guess was right; you were busy then why didn’t you tell me in the morning

M: I didn’t wanted you to feel left out

G: Don’t worry I am used to it now.. It’s just a passing phase.. Anyways I would have been normal in morning.

M: You change faster than chameleon

G: Yes I do. I don’t want to lose hope so I not stopping my efforts to pull back myself from any gravy worry.

M: Thanks you helped Adi to complete my reports

G: Anytime

M: I told you …you are good in what you do

G: I am glad I could… and it’s nothing in front what you did for me last night.  Be ready for these kinds of situations in future too

M: Really, We were supposed to meet today na, then you could have given this at that time only

G: It was just an excuse.

M: Excuse

G: I didn’t want to miss my date. You see

M: I wouldn’t have let go this either

G: But with the work load you were managing; poor your staffs were cursing for hurrying up at the last moment.

M: I had to be with my date so was rescheduling the work & If they had not able to finish it I would have comeback after the date

G: Can we leave now.. I am really very hungry

M: You didn’t had your lunch

G: I was busy in making my date free

M: Ok let’s have something first then we can decide on the next plan for the day

G: Please

Both move out of the office.

P to A: Adi sir, who was she?

A: No idea Pinky but must be someone special

P: What’s her name?

A: Geet … uff how can I forget.. She is his fiance & she was here to give the wedding card draft

P: Oh yes …even I was wondering how come sir went out so early.

A: She is good in work too; she completed that work in just an hour even Sir would have taken more time; if she joins office, it would be nice to work with her.


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