Love N Its Entry In My Life – Prologue

Love N Its Entry In My Life


Special is something which cannot be said in context of my life. Its has always been normal may it be any part. Why am I saying this is the question I have asked myself n number of times. Only 2 things I have asked in my life that is LOVE n ATTENTION, which now I feel can happen in my dreams only.

Dreams …Just the word makes me smile, Why shouldn’t I as there is no boundary nor any conditions exits there. I can spread my wings as much as I want. Koi bandeshein nahi, Koi rokne wala nahi, na kise se umeed, na kise koi shikwa.

Today, when I sit here watching the setting sun rewinding my life or to say correctly reliving my life, I wait for my END.


2 thoughts on “Love N Its Entry In My Life – Prologue”

  1. Okay so the prologue is of Geet 😀 Awww Geet feels special as normal for her since each moment is special , unique for her 😀 Awww She lives through her dreams and gets the two things which anyone craves Love and Attention! How dreamy ❤ yes Dreams are the only solace for those unfulfilled longing wishes inside us… It is where you fulfill them without any borders or boundaries …. You can just be your own self and so was the case with our dreamy beaming girl Geet 🙂 aww she is reliving her dreams but END 😮 😮 😮 Jeev u ghaasing phusing lady here I start with my comments 😉

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