Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 1

Love N Its Entry In My Life


Making of the present

Around Age 5

Arey  subha hogayi par sab tho so rahe hai. Di di di uttona dehko subha hogayi hai. Sone dena geet. Bhai uttona dehko tho subha hogayi hai…Arey koi meri baath hi nahi sunta…chalo koi nahi tho mama papa tho utgaye honge na…unke kaamre mein dehk the hai…Mama mama …papa papa ..uff yeh bhi so rahe hai…time kitna huva hoga kuch samaj hi nahi araha hai…ab mein kya karoon..mein yahi wait karthi hoon…par kab tak karongi…kade kade meri pair dard karna shuru hogaya tho…ek kaam karthi hoon mein yahi sofa pe sojathi hoon …sabko pata tho chal mein sab se pehle uti hoon par jab mein jag rahi thi tho sab so rahe the na…koi meri fikar hi nahi kartha haina babaji.  Is nani si jaan ko aap bula na maat.

Around Age 10

Geet utja aur kitni dheer tak soyegi school jane mein dhere hojayega …utt yaa do char maar ka ke hi utgi tu…screamed papa.  Come on get up geet it is getting late, you have help your mama in kitchen get up Geet ..Geet …teri yeh jhuti neend kis aur ko dehkana. Yeh ladhki tho sab ko dehk dehk kar so thi hai. Geet thought ” Ajeeb log hai jab mein sothi hoon tho yeh jhooti neend kaise ho sahkthi hai…bagal mein dib hi tho hai use koi kyu nahi utatha, woh bhi tho mama ka help karsahkthi hai sirf mein hi kyu. Jab dehko unki faisle hi mani padthi hai.”

Sometime later…”Geet Geet meri madat karna “came running di…  “Kya hai di bolo na ..” “dehk school mein jo fest hai na usmein na mein aur meri friends dance kar rahe hai..tu steps finalise karne mein humari madat karegi na” “Ji di” n thought how can I leave the chance when I want to dance on the stage but kept quite thinking how will I arrange for the costumes for the dance. My di will not think about all these things if she want to do it then she will do it never will she compromise on anything.  But why can I not be like her, I just hate this feeling what she sets in me. Always takes away the attention from everyone.

Around the age of 15:

Hopes are high as I am waiting for my results of 10th but strangely neither I am feeling scared nor safe. I know I have to decide on the stream which I will pursue next I want to go for science, I Love chemistry, Maths but I don’t like Physics or Biology what to do is my question my siblings wants me to pursue science whereas my parents want me to take up commerce, but I don’t know what I will study in it. Babaji please madat karo aaj results hai meri aur kal se applications dene padenge par mein ne tho kuch bhi nahi socha hai. Best I will leave the decision on you babaji agar 80+ marks agayi tho mein science longi par agar use ek mark bhi kaam mila na tho commerce. Now the decision is in your hand babaji, muhje kabar nahi muhje kitne marks ayenge par itna yakin hai ki aap sahi raasta dehkenge.


2 thoughts on “Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 1

  1. Part 1 Awesome part 😀 Awww baby Geet is shooo cute :* oh hehe early riser 😛 hey hey jeev why am feeling u r taunting my kumbhakaran habit :p 😉 aww so she wakes up on her own and now waking up others :p hehehehehe no one listens or pays heed to her lol poor Geet 😦 she doesnt know how to count time and noone even waking up 😦 Even her parents didnt 😦 but then geet was geet hehehehehe she slept on the sofa so that everyone in the house would knw she has woken up first 😉 lol hmmmm age 10 hehehe total reverse Geet sleeping just like me 😉 and mummy papa screaming to wake up hehehehehehehe oh teri jhuti neend bol dia :p but jhuti kaise ho gaya :p uff really her complaints were justified why wasnt her di woken up first? Why wasnt her di asked to help mom 😦 but then di might be tired due to studies pressure nah so she was let to sleep longer moreover geet was small and less studies so she cud help while her di wud b overloaded with books na 😐 So thats the answer Geet needs in reply to her complaints 😀 aww geet complaining why cant she be as carefree and decisive as her di :/ she was so confused with her decisions about streams poor Geet 😦 but loved her cute talks with her babaji awww Geet hates the attention her di receives 😮 😮 😮 but then Geet is herself pampered a lot na 🙂 and thats the craving of every child Attention 😀 Lovely part Jeev :* Next comment next day 😉

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