Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 10

Love N Its Entry In My Life


Today my life just took another turn a new zeal in the heart with a tinge of fear about the future; a while ago I was in a world where my any actions might not have mattered to anyone but now even my slightest sigh brings so much of attention. A new world new relations; from now all my actions will be under scrutiny from one or the other person. My thoughts came to a halt when Maan nudge me saying that we reached our destination; my new home.

New couple stood at the entrance of the home; where everyone waited to bless them for the new journey. Ladies arranged the kalash of rice at the doorstep and aarti talli in the hand for Gruhapravesh of the new member of the family who is believed to be a form of Lakshmi. One of the ladies started saying how she should kick the kalash.

Lady: Geet you have kick this kalash so that it should reach the opposite wall; the more the rice is spread over the house the more you bring in happiness & prosperity to this family.

Geet just nodded her head in acceptance. The ladies gave her the way and pushed the kalash with her right leg and the rice spread all over the house bringing smile to all face present to welcome them. Then next Maan’s mom did the arthi & asked Maan & Geet to enter simultaneously with right foot. When they were supposed to enter some young girls stopped asking Maan to pay some tax before they allow them to get inside. Letting a sigh he paid some more tax while checking with Geet are these tax amount adjustable in his IT. For which she could just giggle and nod her head for a no as he has been paying them a lot from couple of days.  Some relative said Maan you still have to pay in many more occasions, be ready with your cash. Maan replied do I have any other option.

Sunaina (Maan’s Mother): Ok Ok now let them come inside

MG put there right foot inside simultanouesly & entered the home.

S: Geet from today you are not the DIL of this home but our daughter. You can feel free to ask anything & to tell me if my son troubles you also. She winked at Geet for which she could just look down feeling embarrassed.

S: Lets have dinner and then you guys can move to your room. Maan Geet come       

Everyone had there dinner peacefully without any teasing as Sunaina has asked not to now after that they can. While Maan was stealing glances of his wife to check whether she was comfortable or not; which was caught by Ravindra, his father. He cleared his throat to gain his attention; Maan just straightened himself.

R: Maan

M: Yes Dad

R: after dinner in my study

Maan looked at his father as if seeing him as first time without blinking while Ravindra just chukled seeing his son’s state.

R: Only 5 mins son

M: Yes Dad I will be there

Once everyone were done with dinner; ladies took Geet to the room and make her comfortable there

In the study

M: Dad you called me anything serious

R: Yes Maan it’s very serious or else I wouldn’t have called you here

M: Tell me Dad

R: Maan you need to be extra careful from today

M: I am not getting anything Dad

R: Come, sit here. Geet is your responsibility; you have to make her confortable in this house, she has left her parents house and where she has lived for all these years, it takes time for getting adjusted in a new place, she will rely on you;   And the way I see she is very shy n will not say openly what she wishes. So you need to take care of her every need or else you will have it from me. Now she must be waiting for you go

M: Sure Dad I will

In the Room

Geet was lost in her thoughts… Anticipating the night scared on how she will be able to cope up with everyone’s expectation and not to hurt him in any way. How much ever you say or consider a DIL as a daughter still at the end of the day every MIL will want perfection in all aspects. My every action be questioned … every nod or approval be examined… Will I be able to adjust into this my new home leaving behind my own inhabitations…? Babaji please stay with me and don’t make me fool in front of anyone.

Her revive was broken with the sound outside her room.


Friends: Maan what’s the hurry lets have some talk’s man.

F2: Anyways Bhabiji would be tired after so many rituals …let her rest.

M: Ok guys let’s have some shots

F1: Oye what will you say to Bhabiji

M: I will manage that…you guys don’t worry I will have everything under control.

F2: On the outer surface itseems like that but they will have full control on us. Everyone think what can they do but we are just puppets in their hands.

F1: you are scared of your wife …laughed

F2: don’t ask yaar… Last time I was all set to show her who has the upper hand.

F1: how was the show?

F2: it backfired

There talks were disturbed by a click sound and to there surprise when they turned they saw Maan smirking and making way to his room.

F2: Oye Maan wait…We thought you are going to get us some drinks for us.

F1: looks like he got scared and running to his wife

M: well guys you know that only drink you get here is apple juice so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the night.

F1: you need to pay tax there too

M: Catch me if you can.

He just closed the door on there face and to find Geet sitting in their bed their room waiting for him. As he approached the bed Geet became conscious of every step & her nervousness was clearly seen by her movements. Her bangles would give away her slightest of her sigh to him. He slowly made his way to her while she just curled her toes and hugged herself more. He teased her by just sitting in front of her for a while, making her heart to raise its beat with anticipation of his move. Taking all his time he raised his hand to unveil his priceless possession, only to be stunned seeing her, who was more heavenly then he could have ever imagined in his dreams. His hand slowly made his way to hers just to make sure it wasn’t one of his mirages again.

M: Geet what happened you hands are freezing

G: nothing I am fine …she shuttered while still she kept her head down

Sensing her reluctance he placed his hand at her chin and made raising her face to look into those eyes which was closed but still couldn’t hide the lone drop which was all set drop from those close eyelids.

M: Geet … he was surprised to see that drop in her eye

M: What’s bothering you dear…?

G: No it’s just that nothing

M: Won’t you want to share it with me

G: It’s nothing serious

M: Anything which brings tears in your eyes is serious dear

G: I… I… was just scared as from now on … It’s all new here how I will adjust here… leaving away from my home my parents everything which was mine for past so many years… new relations new aspects of life … it always takes time to get settled into any new things… she ended with the tear which was trying to come out from a long time made way of her hazel eyes.

M: Geet … you just surprise me everytime… you never loved your parents then why are feeling sad leaving them

G: I never said that … snapped back at him… I have always loved them even they have but that were just not enough for me

M: Why do you feel like this tell me everything what you have in your mind Geet

G: But… he stopped her by placing his finger on her lips

M: Don’t you trust me to share your pains

Geet looked into his eyes which were only giving her strength to speak her heart leaving behind all the inhabitations, while Maan took her hand in hers & made him comfortable in her lap.

G: Maan promise me you wouldn’t tell it to anyone not even to my parents or yours.

M: Promise Geet I wouldn’t tell anyone.

G: From where do I start; how to put all my life in sentences. My insecurities started way back when I was kid, being the youngest in the family I was always carefree no fear for anything but only feared my dad & mama’s scolding. I am the naughtiest one in the family too. Like all I always wanted all the attention of everyone. When I didn’t use to get good marks in school I only feared for my parents scolding; I used to pray god please don’t make them scold me instead let them punish me with anything else let them beat me or some other but not those words which used to pierce my heart. How much time would a physical pain take to heal max one day, that’s bearable but not there harsh words. I knew they want the best from me, I don’t remember whether I used to put my all my efforts or not but I was never into studies. Even when my bro used to make mistakes even me & my sis were called to get the beatings without our fault, it used to be only once… kind of warning types. Fearing them I used to go them to take my share of the beating but my sis never went and she was never called again too.  Same way I was called for all the works too when be it helping my mother in kitchen or doing some household cores but my sis was never called for. I never understood that. Doing these things never bothered me but why my sis was not called for work. I came to the conclusion that I was needed only for work, only till they have some work or else I just a burden on them; it just carved in my heart. No matter how much they give me attention or treat me like anyone else, back of my mind it is engraved not to fall for this, this is illusion you can never have a life where all your wishes will be fulfilled.

M: Geet… please don’t hurt yourself by saying all these. I can’t see these tears running down your cheek all because I reminded you of your pain.

G: No Maan… let me put all these out once. I have never shared it with anyone nor have anyone felt like knowing me too.

M: Ok I won’t stop you again.

G: My mama always tell us story of her life. How they used to live with their parents & about almost everything. One day she was telling us when my sis was born my grany’s sister asked her to give my sis to her as she couldn’t conceive and wanted a child. But my mama refused her as mama didn’t want to part with her. And when she got to know that she is pregnant for me she became conscious of the third kid and all. What will people tell having 3 childrens in this centuary? But in time she was ok with everything and I was born at that time she was ready to give away to my granny’s sister as she already had my sis na… you know Maan she was ready to give away me…(sobs) me… And to her bad luck or mine my granny’s sis had adopted some other boy for another far off relative, so I was just like a ping pong ball for them. How many times I tried to make my self understand the situation that it was just that my mama wanted to help her, trying to make myself immune to this but with mere mention of this thoughtbrings so many tears in me. I tried… (sobs) tried to  brush off these thoughts but everytime when I try to accept that “I am not unwanted or burden to my parents” some or the other incidents pushes me back to this same insecurity. Please Maan help me come out of this…I am not burden for anyone right… Please (sobs).

While Maan slowly gets up and starts wiping her tears,

M: Geet you are not a burden … not for me… you are my life Geet… mine…only mine

He starts to kiss her tears off and pulls her into her embrace to sooth her with this pain which is engraved in her heart till now only because she is still a kid by heart and just wishes to be loved by everyone. Slowly he makes her lay on the bed & comes over her to wipe off all the traces of her pain. He softly places a kiss on forehead n start moving down to her eyes giving attention to every sense of her then to her cheeks while he cups her face in his hands. He places a kiss at the crook of her neck & slowly raising to give attention to her earlobe and slightly bites there. Ahhhan moans Geet. His hand struggles to remove the earring which was troubling him. Ouch …Geet wince in pain with the pull at her ear.

G: It hurts

M: then help me na…remove all these jewellery then I will continue Wink

G: What

M: Anyways you can’t sleep with all these on. Just use the washroom & get change Its already too late, I will change here itself by that time.

G: Ok… somewhere dispointed with the turn of events

In the Washroom:

G: Babaji What timing you have na…what was the need to make me tell everything at this time that too today. All time got over in my useless story. How much he would have expected from me… now he wouldn’t do anything seeing me like this. Geet wash your eyes …see how big it has become after crying… tomorrow everyone will imagine all x-rated things and here nothing will happen. Even he wouldn’t love me now…a fresh layer of tears made their way from her eyes. After a while composing & changing herself she came out.

In the Room:

M: Geet I promise from today all these fears would vanish from your heart. It will have place for only my love. No more tears in those beautiful hazel eyes. I will fill with so much love that all your baseless insecurities would vanish from your heart. No matter what happens I will always be there for you. His eyes searchs for her who is still in washroom may be trying to pull her self back into a strong girl or trying to put a brave face on. And the sound of the door makes him turn towards her. But he wonders how to make her comfortable & still love her. Not getting any idea.

M: Geet come you must be tired take some rest.

Geet thought making a face& looking up: Babaji I told you na … I won’t talk to you … you made me land in this mess now. Chodo ab kya kar sakthi hoon main. Aapne pair par khud kuladi mari hai to bugtho.

Maan switched off the lights & settled himself at the right corner of the bed while Geet too turned left n settled at the left corner of the bed. Both lost in how to ask the other. Making up Maan turns slowly moves towards her, places his hand over her waist and hugs her from behind while placing a kiss at the back of her shoulder. Like getting the fruit after a long wait she just moaned his name, giving away all reluctance she turns around and hugs him while getting all the right response from her. He starts to know her in a way like no one. While slowly both get rid of all the barriers only to become one in all senses for a new begining.


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