Love N Its Entry In My Life – Part 11

Love N Its Entry In My Life


M: Geet get up now…its already 6 …lazy bum get up…& waks on her bum
G: Ouch…you don’t let me sleep nor in night or in day…saying that she shifts& sleeps to the other side of the bed.
M: Geet …be a good girl & get up or else I know how to wake you up.
G: Ok. I will get up…she opened her yes & saw her husband in his vest & tracks … her eyes twinkled as she got an idea…Maan you still here …go finish your gym by then I will freshn up.
M: As you wish…you be ready by the time I come back…
Geet nodded her head as an obedient student while maan went for his gym and the moment he was out of the room… she closed her eyes…tucked her self comfortably & was back in her sleep… after about 5 mins her sleep starts to get disturb with the shrilling sound of an alarm.
G: ush …ush,… koi band karo ise…she keeps the pillow on her head & sleeps…but with the non stop sound of alarm …finally she gets up to find it but to her dismay she couldn’t find the source of it… she checked all the clocks in the room but couldn’t pin point to the source as it was shifting ever now and then…After about 10 mins of continous alarm, it stopped… Geet felt a sigh of relief…but again she was startled with a sound but then recognised it’s her cellphone…& it was Maan’s…she picked it…before he could say anything
G: Maan why did you keep the alarm…& where the hell is it?
M: laughing a loud…GM sweetheart…
G: GM with this shrilling sound of alarm grrr…Now tell me where have you kept that now..
M: oops Misti …take your time …it will ring everday if you try all this tricks with me. Now don’t make that cute puppy face and get ready for office.
G: You are challenging me …ok fine …I will find out this speacial alarm of yours…& cut the call. And rushes to get ready
2 months over of our marriage still … How can he get new new ideas everyday to trouble me?…Geet hurry up before he comes or else he will keep me occupy & tease me for getting late. Once I am ready I will have plenty of time to search this room. You can do it… But it did sound a bit different na…Arey it was  the music system with setting of random speakers … Maan now I am not leaving you… you didn’t let me sleep properly na…its payback time.
Geet gets ready & makes all the necessary arrangement for Maan & leaves to help her MIL in breakfast.
After a while Maan enters to find everything ready for him but he forgot that appearance can be deceiving & he comes back after freshen up.
M: Geet … I should have left her sleep properly, how she has matched the dresses today all wrong combination, files not in order, nor the laptop, where is my watch…I had kept it on the side table last night
M: Geet … Geet… where is my watch & where is today’s meeting file & CD … Geet 
While here in kitchen
S: Geet …ja Maan is asking for you…
G: Na mama… I had kept every thing ready for him…he must be on call for that new project… I will set the table … and ran from there before MIL could ask anything
S: Really …she gives a suspious look to geet think they both are up to something again.
Maan came to kitchen searching Geet…
M: Geet Geet 
S: What Happened Maan …why are you troubling Geet in the morning itself?
M: Mama … I am not troubling her but she is… don’t know where she has hid today’s meeting file & CDs too
S: Why will she do that … you must have kept somewhere & forgotten… poor her how much should she work… she helps you in office & here also … and still she getsup so early & helps me out in kitchen & spends time with your dad too.
M: Mama … You are supporting her & not your son…made a puppy face
Geet couldn’t stop her laugh seeing this and burst into laughter thereby gaining attention of both her MIL & Maan.
M: Geeet … where is my files & cd…
G: sold it as waste
M: what …come again
G: I needed money so sold it … said with a serious face while maan’s anger rose and marched towards her
S: Stop it both of you… why are you both fighting again
G: Mama …today morning na…& told everything what happened
M: Mama … she was trying to make fool of me…and now see she has destroyed all my hardwork
G: Maan …that was not your hard work but mine
M: Jo tera hai woh mera hai Geet … winked at her
Her mouth opened as a big O… but she too smirked back while her eyes twinkled thinking a plan
G: Mama … Mama…
S: Haan Geet tu bol…
G: Aaj hum maa ke ghar pe ja rahe hai… woh bhi abhi
M: Nahi  today we have this meeting to attend… & you can’t decide on canceling that
G: Kyu … aap kare ya main ek hi baath hai na
S: Maan …no more decussion on this … you both are leaving now to her parent’s home.
M: Mama…par
S: No
Maan just left from there giving a disappointed look to Geet… while Geet ran behind her MIL who went inside to get some fruits
G: Mama … we will leave but after this meeting … it’s important.
S: Geet …its your wish beta… jake use mann le… kamaka gussa ho raha hai…waise CD aur files kaha chupaiye hai…
G: Woh …gadi maine rahkwa diya hai…ji maine dehke thi hoon une
S: Geet … I don’t mind these fights until …said with a serious face … you both have kids & laughed it off while patting geets cheeks
Geet was all red on her MIL words & thinking on how to go to her hubbyji & pacify him Sunaina could only smile on kids plays…
M: what to do now … have to attend the meeting too and can’t say no to her too if she really wants to go nor can I leave her alone. Need to search this file & CD too… doesn’t know how she gets new new place everytime to hide things.
Maan was searching everywhere in the room when Geet peeks through the door to check the anger of her Maan
G: Maaan …she slowly came in & hugged him from behind.
M: Geet please CD dedo …todays project is important you know it na…
G: Then what about my wishes ..made a grumpy face and turned away
M: Let’s stick to the original plan na … we will go after the meeting Geet…he took her in his embrace
She raised her head to look in to his eyes
G: One condition … you will not trouble me like that …
M: Ok I won’t …but can do in some other way na…Atleast now give the files yaar we are getting late for the meeting
G: Its already in the car waiting for you … & I have already told mama about our plan … so better you don’t get late… I am waiting for my driver …winking at him & leaves
M: What… Geet wait … you planned everything…& were just troubling me. I won’t leave you now…

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