Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 1


Part 1

A room where light was faintly lit a figure clad in a white salwar kameez was lost in the music which played; her angelic face was gracefully portraying the emotions; In sync with the rhythmic bol of the music composition her body joyfully embossed poised stance while her trained hands gladly took form of mudras as per the bol, the jingle of anklets in her feet was marking its presence and giving tough competition to the music itself; as the music started to increase its tempo her whole form was also swaying in the same melody. Her face showed the bliss she felt when she took every turn, the music & the jingle of anklets lost its volume against the Thap of her feet as she elegantly moulded herself to the tunes. Birds chriping sound from outside joined her harmony to wakeup the sun to bless the world with his warmth. This was the same routine she followed from past 20 years, with just slight difference before she used to be only a student & now a teacher also to all the small kids around. She sat in the middle of the room calming her self to breathe normally for sometime or may be more than sometime, lost in the beat of her heart. And as usual Mrs. Prasad sent some or the other person to bring her back to this world & to help her in the day to day work to attend to all the kids in the Vatsalya Orphanage. VO was her responsibility as that was found by her parents, which became her home once they left her alone in this big world, she wouldn’t leave a stone unturned if need by. Then would be losing herself in books all around her, she couldn’t help being lost as she was the assistant to the librarian in the City Central Library. Being her she did get ample time to study & learn more about dance through the collections available in Library & also bit time to earn some money by giving small articles for newspapers & magazines. And this bit of amount was used for her self while the remaining she spent on VO’s expenses.

Looks like today it isn’t her day as nothing was happening as normal, first she was late & missed her train then while she was waiting for next train she bumped into an old friend Ms. Kavya, who happened to remember & recognise her even after so many years. She even informed about the alumni meet happening next week, well this was some good news though as she could get a chance to get some donations for VO. This made her miss the train again & reach the library late by an hour & as usually the Librarian was not there & today the inspector came for a surprise visit so now she is given the duty to butter this lady. But had she ever stop fighting no… And today also she didn’t leave any chance to work out things in her way. She had kept all the records & cards all up to date and organised so she could easily calm the lady and to add the cherry on the cake was her pleasant smile, which could melt anyone in just seconds.

When she was busy with the inspection a young guy met up with the librarian regarding the restoration work of the CCL. After an hour long discussion with librarian. He started to go around the place to inspect in depth the attention he should give to each & every corner of the building. It was a huge building with racks of books stored based on the categories which will be moved to one place to help the workers to work freely & also not to trouble the users of this library. While he was scrutinizing the place at one side & thinking the outline of his plan; his eyes caught the beautiful sight of slender figure; lost in carrying a large number of books to the large table placed in the side corridor where only one person was sitting. He wondered was she planning to read those many books now while she is not even able to hold everything in one place properly. From him it looked like she was a student & the matron bossing around her. He stood there for a moment more to see a slight smile playing on her lips on successfully gaining appreciation from her matron. He walked away when his assistant came with the layout plans of the building & got engrossed in his work.

She felt like someone is following her, even after looking around for a long time she couldn’t find who was that as the library was having more hustle & bustle today, reason of which she was unaware of it. Putting aside those thoughts as she had other things to worry; so just started to complete her remaining work & wrap up for the day. Still didn’t fail to catch a glimpse of one person who was looking at her & felt something not right with that look. She stormed out to reach back home to complete her scheduled article to be sent to the publishers; deciding to inform them about the delay she stopped in a bus stop to search a mobile from her bag; that’s when she alarm to find the same person in front trying to come close to her that too when the stand was deserted. She moved away & continued her work, while he followed her steps & asked her to come with him. Even after warnings when he didn’t stop his advances; she regretted for not having any stilettos and gathered all her strength to stomp her foot on that guys legs & left the place; while the guy struggled to even move his leg properly.

Before leaving he wanted to take a quick look to that girl again but looks like she had left before itself. He got back into his car & sat watching the view of the CCL at his right, analysing the architecture while the sun had smeared a red hue on it. He settled his seatbelt to move out, when he heard a sound other side of the road and witnessed a girl in blue jacket was being misbehaved by a guy. He was about to move out to help her but stopped witnessing the scene.



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