Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 2


Part 2


He reached his home late that was not a new thing but couldn’t hide that smile that was playing on his lips. Two ladies who sat there gave a surprised look to each other indicating what this is for. Looking at them he was reminded of the morning incident and just left from there to the place where it started. He was in his tracks relaxing his muscles from the day long work. Broad shoulders flexed to exhibit the strength hidden in them; biceps bulged as his hands and forearm took alternative opportunity to strike on the wooden practice stand. Every thrust into the stand accompanied along with it a groan from his m shaped lips. Once satisfied he stood in front of the exercise instrument giving back to it while he started to pull the strings of the weights back and forth with his firm hands while his chest expand and contract in sync with the movement. The sweat gave a shining effect to his herculean body. His mind went back to the moment which had transpired at the time of this exercise.



She had come to him running and wanted to give his favourite black coffee. He took it with a dazzling smile as 2 of the most special things were there in front of him. One his black coffee and 2nd was this girl for whom he could do anything to keep her happiest. But his smile didn’t last a second as he had his weird tasting coffee & spited out the very next second it reached his tongue. “What happened, is it too hot, did you burn your tongue; take it slowly it is best coffee you would have ever tasted” She replied. “This is the world’s worst coffee I have ever tasted what you have done with my black coffee” was his reply. “I just improvised it with adding ginger in it. This is my special innovation for you”. He was shocked “Innovation… from now on you are not allowed anywhere near my black coffee & this is final”.


His revive was broken by the sound of anklets and he just ignored it but she didn’t lose hope & tried to gain his attention. After sometime the sound faded; he wondered what happened but didn’t wanted to go behind her & check. Before he could think anything else his legs followed towards the strong smell of coffee which hit his nostrils. Just outside his gym on the side table was the fresh cup of black coffee, which he took without any second thought and sat on the couch to cherish every sip of it. When he finished it he heard the sound of anklets again but his complaints was satisfied with cup in his hand which brought million dollar smile on his face. He gestured her to come & sit next to him; which was obliged in the next second. “I am sorry for morning, this is one of the best coffee” saying so he moved to his room to freshen up for dinner.



She was on cloud nine hearing praise from his mouth; she was jumping, dancing & ran to the other lady who was watching the duo with a big smile. “Maa, Maa, Maa… He praised my coffee”.  “Yes… I told you… He will cool down soon”. It was a quite dinner with the elder lady whom both addressed as Maa well actually grandmaa but they called her Maa only as she look after them since very young age was complaining about the huge number of girlfriends which he is handling. One or the other reasons he will be in news. But as usual that didn’t matter to him; he just left after the dinner to his den.



Once in his world he took out his book which he has been successfully hidden it from everyone’s eyes & started to record that 3 beautiful things he encountered in that day. One was the scene which was witnessed by him in the library girl with her matron not to miss that smile. Second was another girl in blue jacket who dealt with that guy where he couldn’t miss her leg replying him for his advances. Last one being the twinkling eyes & the smile on these two ladies in his home when he praised the coffee. This book had those moments of his life which he always cherished. Be it his parents, grand parents, sibling, cousins, friends or be it any unknown outsider. All those who made a place in his heart did make there presence in this sketch book. Yes he never wrote about them but just drew them here, only he knew who they are & what they did to hold a place in his heart.

Once treasuring them he went back to old memories, he stopped at one such pic where a small girl around 10 may be had tears in her small hazel eyes. Those tears were bigger than her eyes; she had fallen in the middle of the stage in the drama happening in his school. And everyone around there was just looking at her. He had rushed to help her stand & get first aid as her knee was bleeding very badly. Even after nursing her wounds those tears had not stop; he didn’t know why but it had really pained to see her like that. He wanted to put a smile on that face but didn’t how to, he wiped those tears from his fingers but still that didn’t stop. Told her not to cry but she wasn’t listening to him. He was also small kid how could he know to make her smile even when she was in pain. But he is Maan Singh Khurana who is determined to complete this task. He fished his pockets to find a chocolate there to his luck it was her weakness. He sat on his knees in front of her and said “If you stop these tears I will give you this chocolate”. Mention of chocolate made her wipe her tears & look in front of her; She grabbed it in next second but struggled to open it. He pulled it back from her with that the tears were also making a come back; giving a smile he opened the pack & gave her to get the dazzling smile back on her face.



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