Pyaar Ke Liye – Prologue

Maroon and cream curtain adored the windows at the right side and light was penetrate slightly through the balcony doors at the foremost corner; while the whole place was illuminated with scented candles; jasmine flowers left a pleasing fragrance everywhere. But the person in that place was far from all these aesthetics around. Only thing that ran in that mind was the disappointment, pain and the hurt witnessed in those eyes, which always had so much love and care. How could I give pain to the one whom I love so much but we hurt the person we love the most because we believe that we have right over them not only to love them but also to hurt them. I came out of my world when I heard the person who stood leaning over the door frame maybe dressing room. “Thinking about me”. Well I couldn’t look into those eyes which still had that hurt. I didn’t have to reply as this was yet another figment of my mind, which was the same I have been witnessing from past few days.


I am Back with yet another venture with MG SS… Hope you all will love it. Eagerly waiting for your responses


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