Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 3


Part 3

She came back cursing him who dares to mess with her but the moment she entered the VO premises, her home she calmed down. There was something in here which gave her peace, may be coz she felt her parent’s presence which gave her all the strength she needed to face this world & carry on all her responsibilities. In her abode, she had plenty of things to deal with her articles which had to be sent which she called as her homework while she helped the kids there with there homework, played, enjoyed & had fun with them.

While playing a small little girl had a fall and started to cry, she ran to nurse her. All of them sat around her trying to cheer up, but that little girl had different plans up her sleeves. In between her sobs she asked her di “when will chocolate prince come and give me a chocolate”. That was enough for our Geet to know what was playing in this cute little devil & she replied “chocolate prince will come and by chance if he was busy then would send some to deliver the chocolate to the wounded girl but only if you had fallen really not for a planned one.” The little girl couldn’t do much but agree her drama for the chocolate. All retired to bed trying to think different ideas for a skit that could be staged in alumni meet.

But sleep was far away from those eyes as time was less & work was more. She had to plan, organise, and execute everything correctly at a place where she had also performed once before about 6 years back, that was never intended to but was compelled by that disappointing face. They had planned a western dance from there college for the intercollegiate competition but when only two days where left the lead girl who was supposed to support him had a accident & couldn’t move her hand. Doctor advised not to move her hand even an inch or else she had to forget writing. And to find a new lead & then practice was not a child’s play. Everyone thought that this time they would lose the trophy even before the competition.

The whole class had become silent mourning the loss that’s when she came and sat in the class & wondered why today class looked like a mourning place. She silently wished for everyone’s safety and holding her breath asked one of them the cause of this. When she told the reason she left out a huge sigh that gained the whole attention towards her. But even she was Geet ready with a solution it may work or not that’s secondary but solution is what she always had. So was this time she explained them about her plan and almost all were looking at her like an alien. How could she even think of finding a new pair in this short time & achieve the excellence in the performance & win in it.

She suggested she could do Indian classical dance while the other could do the western as planned before. It was not a plan which everyone welcomed but it was better to try then quitting. She asked for the song and sat there listening to it while many just left the place as they considered this as flop idea. After about two hours she got up did what she thought could best fit the music.

 He was really impressed with what she came up in such a little time both worked together changing the order of the turn they will take. At the end it was decided that she would take the initial one minute then he would follow for the next minute and in the last both will do it simultaneously.

And on the D – day, it came as a shocking to everyone as none expected them to perform with the standard which outclassed the previous planned skit. His steps matched the beats as her payal matched with his steps. His moves met with the tempo while her turns were in line with his. Everyone was spellbound as they even forgot to end the record at 3 minute. Geet, as usual she forgot to stop until she could beat the music itself. Once he looked at her seeing her dancing even he didn’t stop. But song did finish to break everyone’s revive and to applaud the magnificent pair which was a cynosure to them.That had a long lasting effect on everyone’s mind and soul. Geet clearly remembered his face that had glow at the time of receiving the winning trophy. He used to speak only when asked and when it was required. But still he was a known face in the college. It was only two days when she had known him, spent some time with him. When ever he said his name there was pride in his eyes & also in his voice, so was in his name Maan. Hope one day we will meet again may be in the meet.OMG meet, what are we going to do, think Geet think, come on you have to come up with a unique idea again. Still thinking about idea, him and her good old days sleep took over her while there was a smile which played on those lips.

When both were happy remember things of past but were unknown to the things which would unfold the next day. What destiny had stored for them. As much happiness that was knocking into there life even the pain was accompanying them.

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