Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 4


Part 4

Geet had taken an off for the day to teach the kids, they would be practicing on there own this evening. She was busy for the first half of the day finishing off the backlog work and during lunch she could spend some time with her colleagues who had so much to tell her. Hot topic was the duo boss and his assistant. Poor assistant was being ruthless treated while the boss was enjoying his plight. “How could someone be heartless?” “All bosses know only to exploit there subordinates”. “That poor guy was actually limping”

Having enough of there gossips Geet asked “Who are these guy that you all are discussing so interestingly”

Didn’t you see the architect the other day of the inspection said Vijaya

She would have hardly seen something else other than work replied Jaya that too even before Geet could open her mouth

I will tell you in detail exclaimed Vijaya and started “This guy is taking care of our CCL’s restoration work; he came with his assistant for measuring & planning the layouts and don’t know what else he was doing. Yesterday morning his poor chap came late by just 5 mins & for that he had receive a lecture for 15 mins by his so called boss, he had his ankle twisted so was limping already, but boss made his life a living hell. He was standing almost 2 hrs hearing his boss even after knowing about his pain in ankle & this man coolly sat there ordering him. Unfortunate guy was running all round the library for almost whole day it felt to me like he was given punishment in army to serve 100 rounds of the ground. At the end of the day he wailing with the pain but that brutal boss didn’t here even a single plea. I had to call a cab for him in the evening so that he could go to hospital. You know he could hardly lift his leg, don’t know how he must have dragged himself. I thought of even give a peace of mind to that boss.”

The Jaya said “You… Giving piece of your mind… You wouldn’t be able to speak a word in front of him … You were just drooling over him with jaws open”.

As if you didn’t… barked Vijaya

Rolling her eyes seeing these two ladies sorry sorry Aunties Geet calmly replied “You were all cursing him just a second ago.. N now fighting for him”

“Well he is a hot boss but also rude, arrogant, merciless and you can add also those adjective in that dictionary” added Jaya

Oh really then where is he today…enquired Geet

Don’t know may be taken off as his assistant would definitely be on sick leave and no one to do his work was all that Jaya could think off.

“Well if we all sit here for a moment more then don’t know about your hot boss but definitely our boss will bark on us” said Geet as a matter of fact.


I wanted to finish off the measuring part today & give attention to other sites too. Every where things were moving behind schedule and here his assistant is not on time. He felt desperate need to calm down but how he couldn’t think of any ways; suddenly he remembered the glimpse of the smile he had seen a day before. He had not seen her face clearly but still he could feel a connection yesterday and searched for her at the same place but she was not there. Then thought to look around for her in the library but may be I am searching too early as I couldn’t find her anywhere.


I came back to my place only to find my assistant Rajesh coming towards me that too limping. I understood who was responsible for his state as I had seen him stumbling to walk after that lady had stabbed him & in turn twisting he must have twisted his ankle too. Anger rose to a new height thinking my staff could do something so disgusting. This time he has to face MSK’s wrath; first I bombarded him for being late he made an excuse of his injury there too he didn’t mind lying to me. He thought he could fool me, so I purposefully made him stand for hours while I sat & explained to him each & everything in detail, asked him to do all the irrelevant things, made him run for small small things, didn’t let him to have his lunch or a breather peacefully. At the end of the day I warned him if I again noticed these things again the consequences will be worst & left from there.


But my rage was not something which could be calmed so easily & my irritation was quite visible in my home too. They knew how to get me back to normal, so did my little devil came up with her new innovation. I was so glad that it was not on my black coffee. But something worst this time she had thought off; she brought a chain at one end it had a stand where she placed a lit candle. She asked me to see only the light of the candle after a while she started to swing the chain but when I moved my neck accordingly to follow the candle I was stopped & asked not to move my neck but only my eyeballs should follow it. She was happy that I did what she asked me to & that did relax my nerves too. Be it how much kiddish I wouldn’t mind doing it for her. I met her when everyone left me; she is my life for whom I gathered myself after my parent’s death 20 years back. Even she was alone there crying; I couldn’t have let her there just brought her home & said maa she will be here in this home. She had not only obliged but also loved her, now everyone knows her as MSK’s sister Netra Singh Khurana.


4 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 4”

  1. well… what to say …. it was an awesome part
    lots of things are cleared in this update ..
    should i say poor Rajesh or cruel one …
    he deserved that …
    girls are in la la land hearing and praising the bOSS
    geet looks like umm not so happy with that …
    she is a carefree and workholic person…
    NSK phewww the sister …
    cool update

    waiting fo rmore

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