Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 5


Part 5

She came running down the huge steps of the library with a bag hanging on her right shoulder while her veil left the trail of her direction. Wind carried the smell of the wet mud indicating the approaching rain towards her. It was late evening and the road which lead to the entrance had trees on the either side. She had just stepped the last step when the rain quenched the heat of the earth and the drop sound ignited her to play with it. How could she leave this opportunity? She discarded her bag under a tree and played swirled with it.

Arre aankh se boond gira koi

Chingari ka tukda jala koi

Umeed ko aag laga zara

Sehra ki pyaas bujha zara

Ghan itna baras ke galne lagoon

 Mai paani ke upar tarne lagoon

Behne de mujhe behne de mujhe

 Behne de mujhe behne de


He had to collect those files and had driven himself to the library hoping that was still open. Car stopped in front and his attention went to the girl in white dress descending the steps. How much he had searched her yesterday and today when she was in front of him. He couldn’t do anything but stare at her without blinking his lashes. Now he saw her twirling under the dark clouded sky between the green trees. Even the lighting and thunder couldn’t deter her passion to stop.

Behne de mujhe behne de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behne de

Behne de ghanghor ghata

Behne de paani ki tarah

Saagar mein jaa girna hai

Behne de nadiya ki tarah


He so wanted to capture this moment from close and his legs followed their own accord. As he neared her he could no longer see the happiness but there was only pain while she danced there forgetting the world around. There were tears freely rolling down her checks. His heart ached to see a strong fighting girl in vulnerable condition; he would have returned had he found the smile on that face but not when those tears adored her face. Next what happened was that he could have never dreamt of.

Shart lagi hai mar jaane ki

Jeena hai toh pyaar mei

Dil kahin bhi ho mera

Jaan rakhi hai yaar mei

Behja behja hai saagar ka kehna

Behja behja hai nadiya ko behna


Rain was the only thing she could remember of that night. Every time it rained it pained her; why could she not remember anything is what she always questioned. She started to move her hands and legs faster breaking the path of rain. She had always felt peace in dancing but today that was far away from her. She could have broken any minute and fall on her knees but before she could reach the ground she was pulled into the something hard.


Patte se tapakti boond ki awaaz sunai di thi

Nadiya mei tapak aur gum ho ja

Beh gaya beh gaya jo reh gaya reh gaya

Beh gaya beh gaya jo reh gaya reh gaya

Behne de mujhe behene de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behene de



He saw her falling and next second he supported her & pulled into his embrace to protect her, to calm her, to eliminate all that her pains. Stroking slightly in her hair helping her to relax from the storm rose in her which he could feel with just a mere glance at her. He wanted to question about the battle happening in her; alas words couldn’t make its way. In moments he could feel her calming down but he was getting lost in it as even his heart could feel the calmness which emitted through this closeness. But is this calmness giving way to the upcoming turmoil or would last long enough to cherish it was the question.


Mera pal-pal ang-ang bhar diya

Tuney jaan pe junoon saa kar diya

Mera hai kya jo main haar doon

Jaan teri hai tujh pe vaar doon


Her cold shivering hands could feel some soft wet fabric; hear the heart beats more clearly & loudly while she felt her hair being caressed & a hold around her back to support her to stand in place. Tears disappeared from those hazel eyes feeling the warmth in that chillness.  Suddenly calmness which was nowhere near her came back to her restless heart. Mind which was lost somewhere realised where she was & what she was doing. Opening those eyes and coming out the hold she looked into the eyes of that stranger tears clouded again to have lost herself here. Taking steps backwards to collect her bag & ran away to her home.


Doob gaye jo suna hai saare

Tere dere aate hain

Dil ki chulu mei bechare

Dubkiyan gotey khaate hain


He was startled with the sudden push bring him out of his world, facing the girl in front of him; what to answer her for his actions; why he was hugging her; intruding her life, when she was in her own mayhem. Before he could comprehend anything she was vanished in the darkness leaving him to think about his action today why he was searching her yesterday, why he forgot everything seeing her, why he invaded into her vulnerable state, Why he couldn’t turn back.    


Beh ja behja chal todh kinaare ko

Behja behja dhar le majhdhaare ko

Chingari udha ke raakh se

Ek boond gira ke aankh se

Chalne ka ishaara kar gaya


She ran from there not able to understand this calmness which she felt in someones arms. She could still feel the essence of him warming her. But how can she feel something like this from an unknown person. She blamed herself as it’s her mistake to have been there a wrong place and time. What would he think about me that he made such advances? No fault is mine to have been so susceptible to the rain. She decided she would be strong enough to overcome her pain and not let anyone take advantage of her state.   


Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Behne de mujhe behene de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behene de


He stretched his arms & looked towards the sky as if he would get his answers there; drenched in rain and also in these thoughts he turned to get back to his car but there was something under the tree which caught his attention. He saw a jacket fallen there must be of the girl, which probable must have fallen while running away from there. Jacket made him to think back what had happened a day before yesterday near the same place. Could she be the same girl.  

Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Kar gaya kar gaya sab bhar gaya bhar gaya

Behne de mujhe behene de mujhe

Behne de mujhe behene de


Both drifted to away with different thoughts running in there mind; but one thing both somewhere knew that the after effects of this meet would last long.



8 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 5”

  1. oye i loved this part …

    kya yaad dila dia …

    maaneet hug 🙂

    but why was she crying …???

    waiting for more …

    much love Rose

  2. I love this song, its wordings & music.
    Aisa kya hua hoga jo geet barish ko dekhke rone lagi.
    He to saw her dancing in rain with painful tears.
    He soothed her pian in his embrace and he doesnt feel it any wrong, even she felt secure in his embrace.
    Now he could gess shewas the same girl seeing her jacket
    Wonding how they will react when they will meet again hopefully in liabrary..?
    Cont soon

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