Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 6


Part 6

Getting back to normal was way too simple for these two souls as for each one of them it was others who were important than themselves Maan had his sister to replace his questions while Geet had bunch of kids who needed her attention. His sister was ready to complain for leaving her alone & enjoying in the rain but now the rain had stopped and also it was already late night so she couldn’t enjoy. He had to do so much to stop her complain & get back to his terms. Their Maa was the happiest person to see them together sharing such a lovely bond against all the odds they had faced.  Here she had to bear all the tantrums of the kids for being late in the rehearsals. She knew her ways with them just a bit promise & care took away all there protest. But they both couldn’t deny the warmth which engulfed their heart and a thought of how to face the other if they ever met.

Morning in CCL….

“Jaya, did you see that boss has got a new assistant today; another soul at his mercy.”

“Yes Vijaya, poor his subordinates. Did Geet come today, I haven’t seen her yet. And also let’s spy on him. He is working near Geet’s counter”

“Geet, you look so pale dear; what happened are you fine.” Enquired Vijaya.

“Just a headache” replied Geet.

“Why don’t you shift to my counter today. You can take rest there as there will not be huge crowd there.” Suggested Jaya

“So that you can check him out here right Jaya. Geet shift to my counter” Vijaya countered

“For whom are you both fighting today”

“Same boss Geet, didn’t you notice he is standing there blasting another assistant of his.” Exclaimed Jaya

Geet’s eyes were struck there finding him here. He is the one whom these two were cursing last time; so was he there to help me or was he trying to take advantage of my venerable state. Either way I don’t want to face him here. “I have an idea for your problem. Why don’t one of you take this position till lunch while the other can take post lunch” this way even my problem is solved thought Geet.

“Good idea Geet. I will be here 1st half. what if he shifts to some other place post lunch”. Came a swift reply from Vijaya.

Before anyone could object or he notice’s her she fled to the other corner of the CCL.


First thing when he entered the premises his eyes wandered towards that direction where he had found her last two days and instantly he could find her too. Sitting in her seat fiddling with some papers but what bothered him was that paleness in her face. Was she fine; why was she so restless last evening; he wanted to ask her; return her the jacket which he had bought with him but was hesitant to face her. What will she think if this was not hers? Lost in his misery he even had shouted on his new assistant for his silly mistake too. Adi is the one who has been working with me from past 3 years. I had to change the project assistant as Rajesh would only create trouble for me here.

He was still discussing the work with Adi when he sensed her moving out to some where else. First he thought is she leaving for the day but then found her going inside, so he kept quite. He sent Adi to collect some papers seeing everyone leaving the counter grabbing the opportunity he placed her jacket on the table & left from there silently. Now he didn’t had to worry about her reaction but silently wishing to see her smile again. He did try to check her later but was not successful to even get a glimpse of her.

Rather sending Adi, he himself went in to get papers & supervise the things so that he could find her but she hid herself perfectly behind the book shelf’s every time she found him coming her way.   


Geet came to her counter before leaving for the day only to find her jacket & bunch of roses kept on it. She was about go in search of him to show her what she can do if messed with her. When Jaya came disturbing her thoughts “Geet you are here librarian is calling, you meet him before you leave and don’t get struck in rain your headache will only worsen. OMG my roses Geet you will crush them all give it to me.” She pulled it from her hand & left.

“Sir you called me” Geet asked getting into the cabin while he was busy in some papers. “Geet, he is Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, you must have known from the duo that he is here to take care of our renovation work. Both can plan together and get things moving.”

World stood still for them when both were in front of each other. All day long they were playing hide and seek but now when they are lost in those eyes. Words defiantly didn’t made it’s presence. At the same time the librarian’s mobile started to ring…   

Kehna hi kya ye nein ik anjaan se jo mile

Chalne lagi mohabbat ke jaise ye silsile

Armaan naye aise dil mein khile

Jinko kabhi main na jaanoon

Vo humse hum unse kabhi na mile

Kaise mile dil na jaanoon

Ab kya karein kya naam lein

Kaise unhein main pukaroon


Breaking their trance they wondered was that any way concerned with them. So close they were yesterday and today even though she knows his name he is far away. He knew her; wanted to be with her more & end this hide and seek. So he talked to the person who can make her close to him.


14 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 6”

  1. lovely update

    fianlly they met and was lost

    only the song was there to feel each other’s presence ..

    waiting for next …

    much love Rose 😉

  2. Amazing update.. song selection.. reminds me GHSPwala kehan hi kya.. kya karu.. obsessed ..of my maneet.. 😀

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