Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 11


Part 11

I’m a strong person, but every once in a while, I would like someone to take my hand and tell me that everything’s going to be alright. Today I wished my mother was there with me so that I could have confined my feelings with her and she would have guided me, but things never happen as planned. I never gave thought to what Maan is for me he was just a friend from college, yes he was special didn’t know why but he was. And when I had overheard Maan & his friend’s talks the other day and got to know what he felt for me that was the moment I had questioned myself what I feel for him. Do I also love him, is he the one who could be my life partner with whom I could share every deep secrets of my life.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t know when Maan came to me but when I realised I just looked into the book hiding my confusion. I wasn’t surprised when he asked me out well even I wanted to give this thought a chance, he is really a good guy and somewhere even I did want the same. So I readily agreed with his offer that smile on his face was really marvellous, his eyes held that spark of gaining some lost treasury. The small walk from library to VO was a long one today as I just comprehended what I really want in my life. Am I ready for that phase of my life, but then it looked so appeasing to just think about them as together. She could feel him around her the instant her mind went back to the day when he had taken her in his embrace; she could just melt in those arms loose herself in them. Tired of thinking so much she just decided to go with the flow of the things.


But her heart was fluttering with the thought of having lunch with him; she was grining at herself like a fool, she just wanted to dance feel the music & well her imagination had no bounds. She ran to her practice place and switched on the music, the one which was her favourite she could not have stopped after hearing that beautiful piece of music either. She was swirling as per the beats lost in that happiness when she just stopped to see him watching her leaning to a pillar folding his hands across his chest with that smile playing on the lips. She thought it as a dream & closed her eyes for a second and indeed it was her dream as he was not to be seen. Shaking her head she again lost herself in the music it turned in to a slow number that’s when she felt a cold hand pulling her into his embrace her back glued to his chest while the other hand cupped her cheeks and both swaying in the music. As the song went on he made her turned into him; his hands didn’t leave her to go far away from him, he turned her lifted her moulded her into him and she just obliged every intiative he took. She didn’t even know when she gave him this right to rule her; it just was not in her will to stop herself melting to his wishes. 


Music came to a halt that’s when she opened her eyes to come to reality that she was indeed dreaming about Maan. He was no where here, he didn’t even know where she stays then how would he be here. She hit her head coming out of her dream world; it felt so real him around her. A slight blush adored her cheeks just thinking about her wild dream, she couldnot even dance without him in her thoughts. So she does really love him is what she concluded bring a lot of excitement for tomorrows date. The word date itself made her blush, now how was she supposed to wait till lunch. Forget about the lunch how is she going to spend this night sleep was no where near her. She pouted & complained to her babaji how time is going to pass now. She checked out all the dresses in her cup board and rejected almost everything for one or the other reason; nothing could actually please her with every dress she only thought what he would say to her, will he like her in this. What she had not realised is how ever she dressed up it was her own individuality was what had made him notice her, like her & love her. She had drifted to sleep after a long time.


Morning she just wanted to run to the library so that she could get her love’s glimpse. She had just stepping out of her room when Mrs. Prasad summoned her, for which she only cribbed to her babaji looking at the ceiling & twisting the veil in her hand “why she has some work for her that too morning itself.”  Geet entered the office to meet her but along with her was another elegant lady dressed in cream silk cotton saree both were discussing something & kept quite when they saw me. I went near them to see who she was I was surprised to see Pathak aunty here. It had been a long time she had paid us a visit; she did seem to have grown so many grey hairs. I greeted her and they both made me sit & told me the problem in hand, I just felt like someone just took the life out of me. They both asked me what my decision is; they couldn’t have taken anything without my consent too.


How was I supposed to say no to them, it was the last resort nothing else could have been done now other than walking the path which was laid for me. I could have never built my dream castle at the cries of so many of them. It was them whom she had it all these years how can she not think of them put her self before them. There happiness is what she always wanted; every saving of her was spent for them. Nothing else ever mattered her not even her happiness, her wish. She didn’t have to think but readily agreed to the left option & walked out of the office. If it was not her reminder which she had set only to make sure she didn’t forget to miss in her excitement she would have forgotten about the entire date thing. Now she knew what she had to do.


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 10


Part 10
There was a new zeal of happiness excitement and anxiety in the heart of both of them looking forward to the next day. Maan didn’t want to lose this opportunity and make use of it in full. But now the biggest problem was how to arrange a lunch date – flowers, gifts, cuisine which place would suit, whether he should place the order before itself or should he ask her to place it. Confused with some many things he decided to finalise one by one.He made arrangements for there date booked a quite place very no one can intrude into their time surrounded with nature’s calmness. Where they could speak up what they have in their heart without any hesitation.It was a small restaurant where each table was set in a way to give privacy to each family. A round table in the middle of each cabin with roses adoring in the mid. Curtains hanging at the four ends of the cabin so that one can enjoy the outside view while they had their time. He arrived early to make sure all his specifications were met or not more than that he was anxious to meet her. He was so much excited about this that he actually cancelled his morning meeting anyways from afternoon it was kept free for her. Even thought to prepone this lunch date into breakfast date but then that was not reasonable too.  

He planned for lunch then a walk in the park next to it leading to a cliff of the small mountain where they could watch the city at one side and this same restaurant’s glory at the evening at the other side but what was more beautiful was the hue when sun leaves the sky and leaving its presence on every thing around it then he would drop her home. He guessed this much time is enough to express his view to her and to get her consent.

Till he had judged her, she does get affected with his presence. He had seen her watching him with that smile on his face, while he had caught her sometimes lost in some thoughts. When questioned she would have smiled and nodded her head in negative saying as it is nothing.

He had messaged her address of this place when she had refused to his request to pick her. He would have never obliged them but then had let her decide as he didn’t want to be rude. It was about time she should be here any time he thought but when he looked at the watch it was just been 5 minutes. “Why was this time not moving today” he wondered. Keeping his eyes fixed to the entrance. What seems to as an eternity he saw her walking in bit nervous he could guess that with her veil being crushed in her hand. She was curiously looking around the place scanning through the mass of people to find him. Just then he saw her walking towards the reception to enquire and in a minute he guided her to him. The moment she turned to the booked cabin he saw her watch him intently but then she got conscious with that gaze so looked down and walked towards the booked cabin…no no towards me he corrected himself. He waited for her to talk something once she settled on the chair but she looked around everything other than him. She had some water making him realise may be she is tensed with coming out for a date.

He tried to ease the situation with starting a conversation and asked her to order. But then she couldn’t even order anything as she just turned on the pages looking somewhere else.

“Geet… Geet” he called out

She looked up to him and replied in a low tone “I don’t know what to order.”

“Shall I order for both of us” Maan asked for that she just nodded slightly.

He noticed that she is still not comfortable, her beautiful hazel eyes held some confusion in it. He tried to speak with her but she was unusually quite and tensed, her replies in monosyllable was making him nervous to speak up his heart. May be she is nervous with this entire date thing Maan concluded. Chuckled within he thought the girl who could beat up anyone was scared of a date.

Gathering all his courage Maan called her Geet Geet… but she was looking at all the places than him. He took her hand which she had kept on the table & nudged her to look at him. She turned towards him but didn’t dare to look at him straight into his eyes. “Geet I wanted to tell you something, I know you are not comfortable here; you can share it with me.”

“Maan oh… I mean… I…” she couldn’t speak anything from where would she start she wondered.

 Maan had never seen her with loss of words, she was even struggling to even speak as if she dreaded something but what could that be.  He gave her a glass of water so that she can calm down; he spoke again “Geet you know why I called you here not for just lunch, but I wanted to tell you something more” Seeing her still quite he continued “Geet we have been friends from the day you had come in to our practice session and had solved our problems in just minutes. I still cherish the way you had just swept me away and those 2 days when we had practiced together. That day I hadn’t understood that feeling but when I saw you the other day in the rain I realised what I feel for you is something more than friendship” Hesitantly he continued “Geet I wish to take our little friendship into next level. After hearing me can you now tell me what’s bothering you?”  

In response to his confession she couldn’t tell him anything tears were freely poured from her eyes. Those tears scared him; he thought did he hurry up with the relation. He came next to her cupping her face in his hands and made her look into his eyes to know what was running in her mind but she just closed her eyes making him wondered why is she crying bitterly. Finally after a while she composed herself & pulled out from his grip “Maan off all the people I never thought you will every think of me like that. I always considered you as a friend but today you made me realise you are no exception.”

“Geet you can give a chance to us.” He added hopefully

“I am getting married this week Maan.” Saying this she ran away from there leaving baffled Maan.


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 9


Part 9
His anger rose on seeing Geet talking to those ladies without giving heed to his presence. Well he was unknown to the fact that even though Geet was with them her sense was following his every step from his shirt color to the papers in hand to the mobile in hand. She quickly made excuse of work & followed him.

“Hey Maan how are you” Asked Geet once she reached his temporary desk to handle the papers.

He felt delighted to see her fine & coming towards him but then his mind was clouded with the thought of making him wait for so long. The moment she came to meet him, he started to shout on her for being so irresponsible to her work. Any girl would have been in tears by now but she is Geet who was not going to fall for this accusations.

“Geet where were you yesterday. Don’t you know you have to report to me? You have to ask me before you take leave. Your one mistake could cost me heavy to meet the deadlines.”

“Excuse me… Why I should ask leave from you Maan I am not your employee, you asked for the help so that it is easy for you to complete this project soon. And what were you doing here yesterday when everyone was there in the meet. Oh yes I get it. You are too big a celebrity to visit your friend’s right.”

“You were there in the meet but I didn’t saw you there.”

“You were also there yesterday.”

“Yes till some kids show…then I came here.”

“Oh I was helping someone till that kids show backstage.”

Both broke into big laughter on realising the truth, both controlled there laugh once they become conscious of the stares of the people around reminding them about the decorum of the library.  This didn’t go unnoticed by the sharp eyes of the two ladies who decided to keep track of these two movements.

“Shall we get back to work” suggested Maan.

“Gladly but what should I do” questioned Geet

Maan began with his explaination of the project planned and how he needed her support in organising the library without hampering his or library’s.  


“Mam I need to talk to you urgently” came a worried voice on the other end of the line.

“What happened? Tell me.”replied the other lady

“Can you meet us today, this is really urgent.”

“I am actually out of station Vindhya we can meet when I return tomorrow.”

“Well I don’t know what to do? What will happen to us?”

“Calm down nothing will happen we will make arrangements to Delhi reach tonight itself” replied Mrs. Mahesh Pathak.


Unknown to the storm two hearts were getting close to one another. Everyday meeting for work was just becoming an excuse to see eachother, to be near, know & understand the other. Both were amazed to see the in depth how they spent their time for so many activities. Maan would always be busy in calls answering the queries of the projects he was handling to his employees & also managing the clients at the same time bring in so many ideas into the work to help in getting things to move on track. She watched him delivery work with precision & absolutely on time.


If he was good she was nothing less too, even in his busy schedule he didn’t miss following her routine being helping him when ever required or arranging the books so that they are easily accessible, reading through the literature of arts, making notes of them & preparing reports. He didn’t know what she would exactly do but still never were they far away from their view.


Everything was going really well until Ajay came to meet Maan in the library on some business proposal & was surprised to hear from Maan to visit him here & not in his office. Well he sensed something fishy but shrudged it off thinking about the workaholic nature of his. It didn’t go unnoticed by Ajay the constant follow of his buddy’s eyes on one pretty lady at far. There constant interaction through eyes.

 “Who is that pretty girl in green.” Asked Ajay when they were in the mid of some discussion.

“Geet” came the prompt reply from Maan getting caught in his friends trap so easily. But when did brain work when it came to the hearts job.

“When are you introducing her to us” questioned Ajay for keeping this little secret.

“Not so soon I don’t what to hurry up with these things.”

“Whom are you fooling Maan, I haven’t known any other girl you have noticed, but coming to think about that, there was one girl whom you did notice before in college. Right Maan. What was her name?” He started to think hard when Maan replied lost in his world.


“Geet… Geet… the same Geet…. Maan then what are you waiting for you should take it next level Man.”


“Atleast take her out, get to know each other well, understand what she feels for you.”

 “Will try”

“The great MSK saying will try.” Laughed Ajay

Maan just ignored his remarks and got back to work but actually he wasn’t thinking about the work but about how to approach her. What should I ask her or tell her. How will she react? Ajay left seeing him deep in thoughts. After a long time he decided to take her out for lunch tomorrow as Saturday’s are half day for them & that will give a very good opportunity to speak up to her.

He booked a place for a quite lunch for the two in a nearby place, as he knew she may object if that is too far from her place. And next big task in hand was to ask her out, he was feeling a bit. By now he knew her schedule so it was not difficult for him to find her in this huge library. He head towards the literature section where she was keeping a book in front of her but she was lost in something else and suddenly she was back into her book. May be she might have sensed my presence he thought.



“Are you free tomorrow, can I take you out for lunch” he asked hestating a bit.

She had a serious face making it difficult for him to read her but not impossible as he could see the glow in those eyes finally she smiled & replied “Yes but can we not go too far from this area.”

“Sure mam as you say.”


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 8


Part 8

Today morning seemed so refreshing but it had nothing to do with the gentle breeze coming from the balcony. A new spirit was there to go to office and finish the work. I was all set to leave when I received a call from Ajay and Jeet reminding me about the meet today. I usually avoided these functions as it would only hamper my schedules, it had taken a lot of efforts of maa to keep this company running in profits & even for me it had taken a long time to put the company on right track but today my friends were actually shocked to hear a yes from me as today I wanted to attend it.

So now I was driving to the meet than to my work may be there I would find Geet too. When I reached the venue everyone’s attention was on me. I could recognise many known faces as it had been a long time and my work never left me with any time for me to meet any of them. The face I was searching was still not found. I was getting excited to meet her here may be she is running late or was she coming here. What if she hasn’t taken leave for this. Or maybe she didn’t know about this at all. I could have asked her yesterday but what’s the use I myself didn’t remember.

Program started but still I didn’t see her. My eyes were constantly searching her but where was she. After a long time I concluded she isn’t here, well that conclusion only made my every second miserable. I wanted to go back to my work now, all the excitement had gone in the drain but then I consoled myself that I was here for my friends and not for her. It is easy said than done, next moment my BB beeped indicating a new mail. And I was back to checking my mails then what can be done in this 4 inch device.

It wasn’t that I tried to enjoy the programs but nothing could gain my attention for a long time. Next second I was out making an excuse of work to my friends but they did understand as my presence here was itself a surprise for them and had I spent the whole day of mine here then it would have been an eighth wonder for them.

With new zeal I made my way towards library but I was first welcomed by the empty seat at her station. May be she is with those ladies I thought. I expected her to come to me well she is assigned to assist me I am the boss here nothing wrong in it. If she doesn’t shows up then I can always summon her and show her who the boss is. After a long wait I enquired about her only to know that she is on leave and for reason was not disclosed to me. That left me in the pool of questions.

Was she ok?

Was she ill?

Yesterday she looked fine. Looks like everyone is testing my patience today that even Adi took half day leave and the work is not moving in desired speed.

My day had ended with a foul mood and to add my misery even Netra & Maa had gone to some relatives wedding & were going to spend a week there leaving me alone in this big mansion. Alone was not the issue, problem was how to calm my anger with no one to distract my thoughts from Geet.  


“Geet you look really happy what is it, how was your weekend meet, did you have fun or was just busy the kids” bombarded Jaya on Geet the moment she entered her work place.

“You forgot to take breathe in between. Anyways my weekend was superb had fun with the kids, Mrs. Prasad was saying we got lot of donations too so that was a rocking & successful show.” Replied Geet

“Uff nothing can change you, that was your alumni meet didn’t you meet any old friends, didn’t you hangout with them, you must have met them after such a long time” asked Vijaya leaving a sigh

“Whose said I didn’t, after the performance Mr. Prasad took charge of the kids & I was having fun with all the friends. We had a whole day of blast, just like how we were there in college days forgetting everything for a while.”   Replied Geet as she was having a million dollar smile plastered on her face.

“Now you are acting normally. Lucky you had fun yesterday & now also will work with that hot boss, but be careful he is more rude & arrogant than he looks. Yesterday He doesn’t even look at us, as if we don’t exist.” Complained Vijaya

“Think of him here he shows up” Showed Jaya towards the big doors.

Geet was excited to work with him as she will be a part of something big. So she bid bye to these two ladies and went in his direction.


Two men dressed in black formals got down from their bikes and red file in one of them hand to visit the officer in charge of this place. On enquiry they were led to the chamber of the incharge. The duo put across the issue in hand only to witness the lost and broken look on the OIC face. But think of the matter in hand she was enraged and was ready to even kill them for bringing this devastation on them.

Finally breaking the silence OIC enquired “where were you guys sleeping these many years. According to this you guys were to disclose this to us 3 years back.”

Mr. Mehra expired 5 years ago the person who was handling this case leaving this unattended. This file was submerged in store only, it was found yesterday evening and today we are here with the news. Look at the brighter side you have still another week to avert the storm.

What would have happen if these was not found. As none knew this can’t you do something so that this is submerged forever?

If this is not done now then life long you will be living in the uncertainty that any day could be last day here. We suggest you face it now than to run from this for life long.

It is not me who can take these decisions. Our fate now depends in the hands of Mrs. Mahesh Pathak and her grandson.

Who Mrs.Mahesh Pathak?  The Pathak family. She is now survived by her son Mr.& Mrs. Anand Pathak and 2 grand sons and a grand daughter. Offered one of the lawyer

Yes now it in their hands to help us save our lives. Give me your contact numbers will call after I speak to her.

With that these two lawyers made there way out of the place.

I have heard it is difficult to even get an appointment with Mrs. Mahesh Pathak. God save these people. 


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 7


Part 7 

After the introduction Geet moved out still avoiding the confrontation with him but still muttering curses under her breath to have been forced.  Anger was rising in her for losing into that moment with a heartless person. She was packing in a rush to leave for the day before she loses her temper. Only a step she had taken away from her place when she heard “Geet” her name that her legs froze at the same place. After a while she took a deep breath calming her self and gathering all the courage to face him & question him for his actions.

She turned around to see him advancing towards her in small calculative steps; she wanted to run away from there but didn’t back off & stood there but when he was not stopping; she waited for him to come as close then she will show him with whom he has messed with. The instant he was close to her reach she planned to stomp her feet as hard as possible and in a split second raised her feet but was surprised when he successfully saved his feet from any harm. Her eyes & mouth opened wide astonishing her were the next set of words he spoke

“I know you are strong but that doesn’t mean you have to prove it by hurting me. Did you really think I would not know your move.”

“What do you want? Why are here?” asked Geet all set to fight him

“Project Geet … did you forget so soon” Maan replied smirked

“But now I am leaving; we can talk about that tomorrow.” She replied and walks past him but was stopped by her veil caught in his hands.

 “Geet… I….” he was searching words to explain his action the day before.

“Why are you stopping me; Why are you behind me; what do you need from me; I have to leave now.” Geet told while looking at time.

“Yes, before it starts raining again today.” He seconded her decision.

“I don’t want to give any chance to anyone to take control of mine ever again.” Replied Geet.

“Geet … You were about to fall. I just supported you & when you were shivering I just cocooned you in my embrace to sooth you; I don’t have any other intentions.” Replied back Maan pulling her to face him.

“You want me to believe this; hugging any stranger without any wrong intentions is not a gentleman’s action” answered Geet

“I am no stranger Geet”

“Oh… Yes we were just introduced to one other by Mr. Patil. But we are talking about yesterday not today” Added Geet

“You didn’t recognise me but I did.” Came his reply shocking Geet

“Who are you?

“Maan..Maan Singh Khurana”

“Maan from college?” asked geet wanting to confirm it again

“Yes same Maan with whom you helped to win the trophy” said Maan while giving his cute smile.

That made Geet to look at him from top to bottom analysing how he has changed from last time they had met.

“You have changed a lot, I really couldn’t realise this is you only. You know the two aunties who work with me were checking you out.”

“Well I noticed that but I choose to ignore them. That’s the attention I get after building my muscles & this slight beard adds to that.”

“Oh. Yes I see you have gained lot & that beard makes you look like some heartbroken chap.”

Maan was getting offended by her talks & replied “Aren’t you now getting late”

That reminded her about the kids & there preparations, “oh Yes… I have to run now or else I will surely be slayed today.”  She turned & ran to leave when Maan suggested “Come will drop you; it might rain today also”

Rain word bought back that prickly sensation between the two. A moment of silence prevailed remembering the events of the night as it flashed in front of them; a bit embarrassed but still contented at the reduced guilt of her heart brought a slight smile on her lips. Then realizing the need of the hour she walks passed him replying “I will reach early if I go by walk”      

Anticipating tomorrow’s meet he closed his day at the serene feeling of having someone back in your life. He felt like celebrating this sweet moment & got some ice cream to fulfill Netra’s demand also.


While these two were sailing through these sweet emotions there was a storm rising for them. Long back four men dressed in black attire were sorting some old files in the store room as the new retirement of the partnership concern as brought the change of the location to there Law firm. These men were fighting to divide the cases which they will handle going forward. In this fight one important red file which held the storm which could shatter many life’s with it if that event didn’t occur within that duration got buried under the stack of files of one man.

But today after 20 years of that incident the new face of the firm ordered for a revamp of the whole interior these files caught the attention. In turn giving rise to team of 2 members to go in search of these people so that the storm that awaited could be minimize the effect of the rising blizzard but who could stop the impeccable destiny’s play to create a havoc in the life of many. But the point in discussion was the red file which was in front of them how to locate them delivers that news.