Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 7


Part 7 

After the introduction Geet moved out still avoiding the confrontation with him but still muttering curses under her breath to have been forced.  Anger was rising in her for losing into that moment with a heartless person. She was packing in a rush to leave for the day before she loses her temper. Only a step she had taken away from her place when she heard “Geet” her name that her legs froze at the same place. After a while she took a deep breath calming her self and gathering all the courage to face him & question him for his actions.

She turned around to see him advancing towards her in small calculative steps; she wanted to run away from there but didn’t back off & stood there but when he was not stopping; she waited for him to come as close then she will show him with whom he has messed with. The instant he was close to her reach she planned to stomp her feet as hard as possible and in a split second raised her feet but was surprised when he successfully saved his feet from any harm. Her eyes & mouth opened wide astonishing her were the next set of words he spoke

“I know you are strong but that doesn’t mean you have to prove it by hurting me. Did you really think I would not know your move.”

“What do you want? Why are here?” asked Geet all set to fight him

“Project Geet … did you forget so soon” Maan replied smirked

“But now I am leaving; we can talk about that tomorrow.” She replied and walks past him but was stopped by her veil caught in his hands.

 “Geet… I….” he was searching words to explain his action the day before.

“Why are you stopping me; Why are you behind me; what do you need from me; I have to leave now.” Geet told while looking at time.

“Yes, before it starts raining again today.” He seconded her decision.

“I don’t want to give any chance to anyone to take control of mine ever again.” Replied Geet.

“Geet … You were about to fall. I just supported you & when you were shivering I just cocooned you in my embrace to sooth you; I don’t have any other intentions.” Replied back Maan pulling her to face him.

“You want me to believe this; hugging any stranger without any wrong intentions is not a gentleman’s action” answered Geet

“I am no stranger Geet”

“Oh… Yes we were just introduced to one other by Mr. Patil. But we are talking about yesterday not today” Added Geet

“You didn’t recognise me but I did.” Came his reply shocking Geet

“Who are you?

“Maan..Maan Singh Khurana”

“Maan from college?” asked geet wanting to confirm it again

“Yes same Maan with whom you helped to win the trophy” said Maan while giving his cute smile.

That made Geet to look at him from top to bottom analysing how he has changed from last time they had met.

“You have changed a lot, I really couldn’t realise this is you only. You know the two aunties who work with me were checking you out.”

“Well I noticed that but I choose to ignore them. That’s the attention I get after building my muscles & this slight beard adds to that.”

“Oh. Yes I see you have gained lot & that beard makes you look like some heartbroken chap.”

Maan was getting offended by her talks & replied “Aren’t you now getting late”

That reminded her about the kids & there preparations, “oh Yes… I have to run now or else I will surely be slayed today.”  She turned & ran to leave when Maan suggested “Come will drop you; it might rain today also”

Rain word bought back that prickly sensation between the two. A moment of silence prevailed remembering the events of the night as it flashed in front of them; a bit embarrassed but still contented at the reduced guilt of her heart brought a slight smile on her lips. Then realizing the need of the hour she walks passed him replying “I will reach early if I go by walk”      

Anticipating tomorrow’s meet he closed his day at the serene feeling of having someone back in your life. He felt like celebrating this sweet moment & got some ice cream to fulfill Netra’s demand also.


While these two were sailing through these sweet emotions there was a storm rising for them. Long back four men dressed in black attire were sorting some old files in the store room as the new retirement of the partnership concern as brought the change of the location to there Law firm. These men were fighting to divide the cases which they will handle going forward. In this fight one important red file which held the storm which could shatter many life’s with it if that event didn’t occur within that duration got buried under the stack of files of one man.

But today after 20 years of that incident the new face of the firm ordered for a revamp of the whole interior these files caught the attention. In turn giving rise to team of 2 members to go in search of these people so that the storm that awaited could be minimize the effect of the rising blizzard but who could stop the impeccable destiny’s play to create a havoc in the life of many. But the point in discussion was the red file which was in front of them how to locate them delivers that news.



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