Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 8


Part 8

Today morning seemed so refreshing but it had nothing to do with the gentle breeze coming from the balcony. A new spirit was there to go to office and finish the work. I was all set to leave when I received a call from Ajay and Jeet reminding me about the meet today. I usually avoided these functions as it would only hamper my schedules, it had taken a lot of efforts of maa to keep this company running in profits & even for me it had taken a long time to put the company on right track but today my friends were actually shocked to hear a yes from me as today I wanted to attend it.

So now I was driving to the meet than to my work may be there I would find Geet too. When I reached the venue everyone’s attention was on me. I could recognise many known faces as it had been a long time and my work never left me with any time for me to meet any of them. The face I was searching was still not found. I was getting excited to meet her here may be she is running late or was she coming here. What if she hasn’t taken leave for this. Or maybe she didn’t know about this at all. I could have asked her yesterday but what’s the use I myself didn’t remember.

Program started but still I didn’t see her. My eyes were constantly searching her but where was she. After a long time I concluded she isn’t here, well that conclusion only made my every second miserable. I wanted to go back to my work now, all the excitement had gone in the drain but then I consoled myself that I was here for my friends and not for her. It is easy said than done, next moment my BB beeped indicating a new mail. And I was back to checking my mails then what can be done in this 4 inch device.

It wasn’t that I tried to enjoy the programs but nothing could gain my attention for a long time. Next second I was out making an excuse of work to my friends but they did understand as my presence here was itself a surprise for them and had I spent the whole day of mine here then it would have been an eighth wonder for them.

With new zeal I made my way towards library but I was first welcomed by the empty seat at her station. May be she is with those ladies I thought. I expected her to come to me well she is assigned to assist me I am the boss here nothing wrong in it. If she doesn’t shows up then I can always summon her and show her who the boss is. After a long wait I enquired about her only to know that she is on leave and for reason was not disclosed to me. That left me in the pool of questions.

Was she ok?

Was she ill?

Yesterday she looked fine. Looks like everyone is testing my patience today that even Adi took half day leave and the work is not moving in desired speed.

My day had ended with a foul mood and to add my misery even Netra & Maa had gone to some relatives wedding & were going to spend a week there leaving me alone in this big mansion. Alone was not the issue, problem was how to calm my anger with no one to distract my thoughts from Geet.  


“Geet you look really happy what is it, how was your weekend meet, did you have fun or was just busy the kids” bombarded Jaya on Geet the moment she entered her work place.

“You forgot to take breathe in between. Anyways my weekend was superb had fun with the kids, Mrs. Prasad was saying we got lot of donations too so that was a rocking & successful show.” Replied Geet

“Uff nothing can change you, that was your alumni meet didn’t you meet any old friends, didn’t you hangout with them, you must have met them after such a long time” asked Vijaya leaving a sigh

“Whose said I didn’t, after the performance Mr. Prasad took charge of the kids & I was having fun with all the friends. We had a whole day of blast, just like how we were there in college days forgetting everything for a while.”   Replied Geet as she was having a million dollar smile plastered on her face.

“Now you are acting normally. Lucky you had fun yesterday & now also will work with that hot boss, but be careful he is more rude & arrogant than he looks. Yesterday He doesn’t even look at us, as if we don’t exist.” Complained Vijaya

“Think of him here he shows up” Showed Jaya towards the big doors.

Geet was excited to work with him as she will be a part of something big. So she bid bye to these two ladies and went in his direction.


Two men dressed in black formals got down from their bikes and red file in one of them hand to visit the officer in charge of this place. On enquiry they were led to the chamber of the incharge. The duo put across the issue in hand only to witness the lost and broken look on the OIC face. But think of the matter in hand she was enraged and was ready to even kill them for bringing this devastation on them.

Finally breaking the silence OIC enquired “where were you guys sleeping these many years. According to this you guys were to disclose this to us 3 years back.”

Mr. Mehra expired 5 years ago the person who was handling this case leaving this unattended. This file was submerged in store only, it was found yesterday evening and today we are here with the news. Look at the brighter side you have still another week to avert the storm.

What would have happen if these was not found. As none knew this can’t you do something so that this is submerged forever?

If this is not done now then life long you will be living in the uncertainty that any day could be last day here. We suggest you face it now than to run from this for life long.

It is not me who can take these decisions. Our fate now depends in the hands of Mrs. Mahesh Pathak and her grandson.

Who Mrs.Mahesh Pathak?  The Pathak family. She is now survived by her son Mr.& Mrs. Anand Pathak and 2 grand sons and a grand daughter. Offered one of the lawyer

Yes now it in their hands to help us save our lives. Give me your contact numbers will call after I speak to her.

With that these two lawyers made there way out of the place.

I have heard it is difficult to even get an appointment with Mrs. Mahesh Pathak. God save these people. 



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