Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 9


Part 9
His anger rose on seeing Geet talking to those ladies without giving heed to his presence. Well he was unknown to the fact that even though Geet was with them her sense was following his every step from his shirt color to the papers in hand to the mobile in hand. She quickly made excuse of work & followed him.

“Hey Maan how are you” Asked Geet once she reached his temporary desk to handle the papers.

He felt delighted to see her fine & coming towards him but then his mind was clouded with the thought of making him wait for so long. The moment she came to meet him, he started to shout on her for being so irresponsible to her work. Any girl would have been in tears by now but she is Geet who was not going to fall for this accusations.

“Geet where were you yesterday. Don’t you know you have to report to me? You have to ask me before you take leave. Your one mistake could cost me heavy to meet the deadlines.”

“Excuse me… Why I should ask leave from you Maan I am not your employee, you asked for the help so that it is easy for you to complete this project soon. And what were you doing here yesterday when everyone was there in the meet. Oh yes I get it. You are too big a celebrity to visit your friend’s right.”

“You were there in the meet but I didn’t saw you there.”

“You were also there yesterday.”

“Yes till some kids show…then I came here.”

“Oh I was helping someone till that kids show backstage.”

Both broke into big laughter on realising the truth, both controlled there laugh once they become conscious of the stares of the people around reminding them about the decorum of the library.  This didn’t go unnoticed by the sharp eyes of the two ladies who decided to keep track of these two movements.

“Shall we get back to work” suggested Maan.

“Gladly but what should I do” questioned Geet

Maan began with his explaination of the project planned and how he needed her support in organising the library without hampering his or library’s.  


“Mam I need to talk to you urgently” came a worried voice on the other end of the line.

“What happened? Tell me.”replied the other lady

“Can you meet us today, this is really urgent.”

“I am actually out of station Vindhya we can meet when I return tomorrow.”

“Well I don’t know what to do? What will happen to us?”

“Calm down nothing will happen we will make arrangements to Delhi reach tonight itself” replied Mrs. Mahesh Pathak.


Unknown to the storm two hearts were getting close to one another. Everyday meeting for work was just becoming an excuse to see eachother, to be near, know & understand the other. Both were amazed to see the in depth how they spent their time for so many activities. Maan would always be busy in calls answering the queries of the projects he was handling to his employees & also managing the clients at the same time bring in so many ideas into the work to help in getting things to move on track. She watched him delivery work with precision & absolutely on time.


If he was good she was nothing less too, even in his busy schedule he didn’t miss following her routine being helping him when ever required or arranging the books so that they are easily accessible, reading through the literature of arts, making notes of them & preparing reports. He didn’t know what she would exactly do but still never were they far away from their view.


Everything was going really well until Ajay came to meet Maan in the library on some business proposal & was surprised to hear from Maan to visit him here & not in his office. Well he sensed something fishy but shrudged it off thinking about the workaholic nature of his. It didn’t go unnoticed by Ajay the constant follow of his buddy’s eyes on one pretty lady at far. There constant interaction through eyes.

 “Who is that pretty girl in green.” Asked Ajay when they were in the mid of some discussion.

“Geet” came the prompt reply from Maan getting caught in his friends trap so easily. But when did brain work when it came to the hearts job.

“When are you introducing her to us” questioned Ajay for keeping this little secret.

“Not so soon I don’t what to hurry up with these things.”

“Whom are you fooling Maan, I haven’t known any other girl you have noticed, but coming to think about that, there was one girl whom you did notice before in college. Right Maan. What was her name?” He started to think hard when Maan replied lost in his world.


“Geet… Geet… the same Geet…. Maan then what are you waiting for you should take it next level Man.”


“Atleast take her out, get to know each other well, understand what she feels for you.”

 “Will try”

“The great MSK saying will try.” Laughed Ajay

Maan just ignored his remarks and got back to work but actually he wasn’t thinking about the work but about how to approach her. What should I ask her or tell her. How will she react? Ajay left seeing him deep in thoughts. After a long time he decided to take her out for lunch tomorrow as Saturday’s are half day for them & that will give a very good opportunity to speak up to her.

He booked a place for a quite lunch for the two in a nearby place, as he knew she may object if that is too far from her place. And next big task in hand was to ask her out, he was feeling a bit. By now he knew her schedule so it was not difficult for him to find her in this huge library. He head towards the literature section where she was keeping a book in front of her but she was lost in something else and suddenly she was back into her book. May be she might have sensed my presence he thought.



“Are you free tomorrow, can I take you out for lunch” he asked hestating a bit.

She had a serious face making it difficult for him to read her but not impossible as he could see the glow in those eyes finally she smiled & replied “Yes but can we not go too far from this area.”

“Sure mam as you say.”



18 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 9”

  1. abhi thoda beech mein yeh Mrs. Pathak waala confusion hai….
    interesting update…
    Maan is trying to come close and know Geet better…
    waiting for their lunch date….
    thanx for pm…

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