Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 10


Part 10
There was a new zeal of happiness excitement and anxiety in the heart of both of them looking forward to the next day. Maan didn’t want to lose this opportunity and make use of it in full. But now the biggest problem was how to arrange a lunch date – flowers, gifts, cuisine which place would suit, whether he should place the order before itself or should he ask her to place it. Confused with some many things he decided to finalise one by one.He made arrangements for there date booked a quite place very no one can intrude into their time surrounded with nature’s calmness. Where they could speak up what they have in their heart without any hesitation.It was a small restaurant where each table was set in a way to give privacy to each family. A round table in the middle of each cabin with roses adoring in the mid. Curtains hanging at the four ends of the cabin so that one can enjoy the outside view while they had their time. He arrived early to make sure all his specifications were met or not more than that he was anxious to meet her. He was so much excited about this that he actually cancelled his morning meeting anyways from afternoon it was kept free for her. Even thought to prepone this lunch date into breakfast date but then that was not reasonable too.  

He planned for lunch then a walk in the park next to it leading to a cliff of the small mountain where they could watch the city at one side and this same restaurant’s glory at the evening at the other side but what was more beautiful was the hue when sun leaves the sky and leaving its presence on every thing around it then he would drop her home. He guessed this much time is enough to express his view to her and to get her consent.

Till he had judged her, she does get affected with his presence. He had seen her watching him with that smile on his face, while he had caught her sometimes lost in some thoughts. When questioned she would have smiled and nodded her head in negative saying as it is nothing.

He had messaged her address of this place when she had refused to his request to pick her. He would have never obliged them but then had let her decide as he didn’t want to be rude. It was about time she should be here any time he thought but when he looked at the watch it was just been 5 minutes. “Why was this time not moving today” he wondered. Keeping his eyes fixed to the entrance. What seems to as an eternity he saw her walking in bit nervous he could guess that with her veil being crushed in her hand. She was curiously looking around the place scanning through the mass of people to find him. Just then he saw her walking towards the reception to enquire and in a minute he guided her to him. The moment she turned to the booked cabin he saw her watch him intently but then she got conscious with that gaze so looked down and walked towards the booked cabin…no no towards me he corrected himself. He waited for her to talk something once she settled on the chair but she looked around everything other than him. She had some water making him realise may be she is tensed with coming out for a date.

He tried to ease the situation with starting a conversation and asked her to order. But then she couldn’t even order anything as she just turned on the pages looking somewhere else.

“Geet… Geet” he called out

She looked up to him and replied in a low tone “I don’t know what to order.”

“Shall I order for both of us” Maan asked for that she just nodded slightly.

He noticed that she is still not comfortable, her beautiful hazel eyes held some confusion in it. He tried to speak with her but she was unusually quite and tensed, her replies in monosyllable was making him nervous to speak up his heart. May be she is nervous with this entire date thing Maan concluded. Chuckled within he thought the girl who could beat up anyone was scared of a date.

Gathering all his courage Maan called her Geet Geet… but she was looking at all the places than him. He took her hand which she had kept on the table & nudged her to look at him. She turned towards him but didn’t dare to look at him straight into his eyes. “Geet I wanted to tell you something, I know you are not comfortable here; you can share it with me.”

“Maan oh… I mean… I…” she couldn’t speak anything from where would she start she wondered.

 Maan had never seen her with loss of words, she was even struggling to even speak as if she dreaded something but what could that be.  He gave her a glass of water so that she can calm down; he spoke again “Geet you know why I called you here not for just lunch, but I wanted to tell you something more” Seeing her still quite he continued “Geet we have been friends from the day you had come in to our practice session and had solved our problems in just minutes. I still cherish the way you had just swept me away and those 2 days when we had practiced together. That day I hadn’t understood that feeling but when I saw you the other day in the rain I realised what I feel for you is something more than friendship” Hesitantly he continued “Geet I wish to take our little friendship into next level. After hearing me can you now tell me what’s bothering you?”  

In response to his confession she couldn’t tell him anything tears were freely poured from her eyes. Those tears scared him; he thought did he hurry up with the relation. He came next to her cupping her face in his hands and made her look into his eyes to know what was running in her mind but she just closed her eyes making him wondered why is she crying bitterly. Finally after a while she composed herself & pulled out from his grip “Maan off all the people I never thought you will every think of me like that. I always considered you as a friend but today you made me realise you are no exception.”

“Geet you can give a chance to us.” He added hopefully

“I am getting married this week Maan.” Saying this she ran away from there leaving baffled Maan.



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