Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 11


Part 11

I’m a strong person, but every once in a while, I would like someone to take my hand and tell me that everything’s going to be alright. Today I wished my mother was there with me so that I could have confined my feelings with her and she would have guided me, but things never happen as planned. I never gave thought to what Maan is for me he was just a friend from college, yes he was special didn’t know why but he was. And when I had overheard Maan & his friend’s talks the other day and got to know what he felt for me that was the moment I had questioned myself what I feel for him. Do I also love him, is he the one who could be my life partner with whom I could share every deep secrets of my life.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t know when Maan came to me but when I realised I just looked into the book hiding my confusion. I wasn’t surprised when he asked me out well even I wanted to give this thought a chance, he is really a good guy and somewhere even I did want the same. So I readily agreed with his offer that smile on his face was really marvellous, his eyes held that spark of gaining some lost treasury. The small walk from library to VO was a long one today as I just comprehended what I really want in my life. Am I ready for that phase of my life, but then it looked so appeasing to just think about them as together. She could feel him around her the instant her mind went back to the day when he had taken her in his embrace; she could just melt in those arms loose herself in them. Tired of thinking so much she just decided to go with the flow of the things.


But her heart was fluttering with the thought of having lunch with him; she was grining at herself like a fool, she just wanted to dance feel the music & well her imagination had no bounds. She ran to her practice place and switched on the music, the one which was her favourite she could not have stopped after hearing that beautiful piece of music either. She was swirling as per the beats lost in that happiness when she just stopped to see him watching her leaning to a pillar folding his hands across his chest with that smile playing on the lips. She thought it as a dream & closed her eyes for a second and indeed it was her dream as he was not to be seen. Shaking her head she again lost herself in the music it turned in to a slow number that’s when she felt a cold hand pulling her into his embrace her back glued to his chest while the other hand cupped her cheeks and both swaying in the music. As the song went on he made her turned into him; his hands didn’t leave her to go far away from him, he turned her lifted her moulded her into him and she just obliged every intiative he took. She didn’t even know when she gave him this right to rule her; it just was not in her will to stop herself melting to his wishes. 


Music came to a halt that’s when she opened her eyes to come to reality that she was indeed dreaming about Maan. He was no where here, he didn’t even know where she stays then how would he be here. She hit her head coming out of her dream world; it felt so real him around her. A slight blush adored her cheeks just thinking about her wild dream, she couldnot even dance without him in her thoughts. So she does really love him is what she concluded bring a lot of excitement for tomorrows date. The word date itself made her blush, now how was she supposed to wait till lunch. Forget about the lunch how is she going to spend this night sleep was no where near her. She pouted & complained to her babaji how time is going to pass now. She checked out all the dresses in her cup board and rejected almost everything for one or the other reason; nothing could actually please her with every dress she only thought what he would say to her, will he like her in this. What she had not realised is how ever she dressed up it was her own individuality was what had made him notice her, like her & love her. She had drifted to sleep after a long time.


Morning she just wanted to run to the library so that she could get her love’s glimpse. She had just stepping out of her room when Mrs. Prasad summoned her, for which she only cribbed to her babaji looking at the ceiling & twisting the veil in her hand “why she has some work for her that too morning itself.”  Geet entered the office to meet her but along with her was another elegant lady dressed in cream silk cotton saree both were discussing something & kept quite when they saw me. I went near them to see who she was I was surprised to see Pathak aunty here. It had been a long time she had paid us a visit; she did seem to have grown so many grey hairs. I greeted her and they both made me sit & told me the problem in hand, I just felt like someone just took the life out of me. They both asked me what my decision is; they couldn’t have taken anything without my consent too.


How was I supposed to say no to them, it was the last resort nothing else could have been done now other than walking the path which was laid for me. I could have never built my dream castle at the cries of so many of them. It was them whom she had it all these years how can she not think of them put her self before them. There happiness is what she always wanted; every saving of her was spent for them. Nothing else ever mattered her not even her happiness, her wish. She didn’t have to think but readily agreed to the left option & walked out of the office. If it was not her reminder which she had set only to make sure she didn’t forget to miss in her excitement she would have forgotten about the entire date thing. Now she knew what she had to do.


2 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 11”

  1. loved the way the story is building up! !!
    But 2 tell u the truth 2 much suspense is actually killing my intrest which was holding 2wards the main plot! !!

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