Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 17


Part 17

Mrs. Prasad spoke to Mrs. Pathak after all the rituals “Thanks mam for helping us save our home & accepting Geet as her grand daughter in law mainly for believing in Geet even without knowing anything about her.”

“Geet being Sunitha’s daughter itself is enough to accept her into my family Vindhya.” Replied Mrs. Pathak

“Maam I have a request, this marriage all of a sudden would be too much responsibility on so can just be little lenient on her ignore her mistakes.” Asked Vindhya.

“Geet is my grand daughter now, so you don’t have to worry about her now I will make sure she is comfortable with us.” Assured Mrs. Pathak.

“Well I guess you don’t have to hide anything with Geet about the last clause nor fear what if she choose death over this marriage.” spoke Mrs. Prasad.

“I will make sure all these details will be known to her but not now. Infact I haven’t even told about the land case to even my grandson. I just told him that it is his mother’s last wish to see him married with her on this specific date & he just obliged. I didn’t want him to show any pity on Geet & marry her. They have to know each other let them choose what they want to share with each other” mentioned Mrs. Pathak

There conversation went on with discussion of the case & the following legal proceedings and formalities which has to be followed next. This conversation was heard by none other than Maan Singh Khuranna, who was way beyond shocked to hear so much his Geet had to bear & he couldn’t help her. He knew there was a miss but still he didn’t do anything but after hearing the talks of these ladies he was sure that she was forced into this marriage may not be by any person but the situation led her to accept this marriage. What if she chooses to part away as the problem is solved now.


 Geet locked the room in which she was asked to stay making sure no one interrupts her in her work. She held a bottle of poison in her one hand and was looking for something around. On the study table had a small notepad and a pen, without a second wasting she started to write her last testimony on that expressing the reason for her death & what will be the state of her estates after her demise. She loved someone else whom she rejected only to save everyone but she can’t hold herself more in this pain of hurting her love betraying her heart wish and wants to end it as soon as possible. She couldn’t be his than she can’t be anyone else’s too.

She also asked sorry from that man whom she married but had not even cared to see him face to face, reason was simple she didn’t even what to involve him in her life issues but she was compelled by the situation to save the Orphanage but even now he can move on in his life after her death. Now that the Orphanage is saved, she can peacefully choose to leave this world.

With that she opens the bottle & gulps down the entire poison to free her soul from this pain for ever.



Vibration of his mobile brought him back to the reality; it took a minute to realise that it was just his imagination. He told himself Geet is strong and mature enough not to make any of these kinds of acts. She would not choose a cowards path to end this but will endure the pain. But still his heart didn’t allow him to keep quite and stay there. He has to sneak into the room to see what she is doing. It’s going to be tuff to go undetected but he has to manage to pull this without any disturbance.


He waited till the right time and then sneaked into the room only to witness Geet standing all lost in thoughts her look told him she wasn’t happy with all these things happening around. He was glad to see her safe and sound nothing like what he had thought was happening here. He stood against the door crossing his arms around his chest waiting for her to look at him but she made no efforts to know what is around her after a while he thought to gain her attention so he spoke “Remembering me”.


She looked at him but reaction was not what he had thought of; she would either run into his arms or she might scream and gain attention of others or just pushing him out of this room. She didn’t do any of those but stood numb there; her face reflected the pain. He couldn’t look at her so broken with layers of tears coming out of her eyes while she didn’t make any efforts to move. He thought to comfort her pull into his embrace but he backed off when he heard some noise of ladies coming into the room so he went inside the dressing room attached to the room.


Geet sat on the bed as the ladies suggested her; there teasing didn’t even effect her as she didn’t know what she was supposed to expect from this marriage. Person whom she has not seen or knows eachother, it was not only her fault but also the grooms as even he didn’t initiate to know her; she could only conclude that even he was compelled into this marriage.


Geet turned her heart into stone and thought to move on with the relation as she couldn’t give happiness to Maan but that wouldn’t mean she should betray her husband. She has already given pain to one and didn’t wish to give that to anyone else now.


She was in her own world of thoughts when she heard the click sound of the door announcing the arrival of her groom. There was slight shift in the bed making her aware that he sat next to her on the bed but she didn’t dare to lift her head. Slowly he took her veil off from her face and placed it on her head but she didn’t want to move even an inch. Next his attention was taken by her jewellery which was off her in no time; her jewellery was added on the side table while his lips gave a return kiss at the place from where it was removed.

His lips were not leaving an inch to of her skin. Then what followed was something even she had never thought of lost in those kisses “Maan” came out of her mouth halting the passion which was overpowering his mind. Moment those words were spoken she couldn’t do anything but to close her mouth with her hands and lash out more layers of tears from her.


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 16


Part 16

Everyone’s attention was on the person who raised a voice against this marriage. He came under the scanner of inquisitive peoples eyes but the man stood there determined not to let the others win over his intensions. Before he could speak anything his mobile beeped indicating an incoming message, seeing the name on the screen he couldn’t ignore it. When he read the message he was shocked beyond words. But then he composed himself and continued with his demeanour and with confidence he repeated again “This marriage can’t happen, stop it.”  


When he was repeating those words panic began to settle in the altar, all the ladies started there gossip doubting the integrity of the bride as a man was objecting it which in turn enraged groom & its family. While the next set of words actually bought more confusion “Yash cannot marry anyone other than my sister”.

Who is Yash? Questioned Mrs. Prasad.

“My sister loves him and I can not let him marry anyone else” replied the intruder.

“There is no groom whose name is Yash” replied Mrs. Prasad checking her register

“He might have given some other name to save himself from us.” Suggested the intruder

“Okay you can check every groom face” suggested Mrs. Pathak.

Vicky asked his friends “Make sure this intruder leave this premises as soon as possible. I don’t want any interruption in this marriage.”

The intruder checked each & every person present there to find Yash & to his bad luck there was no Yash in this hall. Before anyone could say anything else he expressed his sorry to everyone present there left with heavy heart to find his sister’s love.

Once this unwanted person was bid bye there was no obstacles for this marriage. Mr. & Mrs. Prasad did the kanyadanna handing over the responsibility of Geet.

Geet sat there numb just following every order blindly but to her dismay she could only link Maan with every ritual. She came back to reality when she was adorned with vermilion in the partition and what else could she do other than close her eyes and surrender. She could feel the cold metal touch her neck binding her in the shackles of this relation. Like that cold metal even she became cold to everything, she didn’t know what was happening around her nor did she want to feel anything.  


There was a little happiness of saving the lives of so many of them. A lone tear still made is way from the corner of her eye onto his hand which he was pulling out after tying the mangalsutra around her neck. When he looked up to see another drop of tear all set to fall from her closed eyes and her lips curved showing a small smile. He was confused but this was not the time to question her either he should have faced her before or when they will be alone but definitely not now, he had to wait for her response.


Manzilon Pe Aake Lut-Te Hain Dilon Ke Caravaan

Kashtiyaan Saahil Pe Aksar Doobjate Hain Pyaar Ki


She stood in a room where maroon and cream curtain adored the windows at the right side and light was penetrate slightly through the balcony doors at the foremost corner; while the whole place was illuminated with scented candles; jasmine flowers left a pleasing fragrance everywhere. But she was far from all these aesthetics around. Everything was done; this marriage was done, but the new problem was in front of her these aesthetics were scaring her. How could she just give in to someone else other than her love, if getting married was piercing her within then this was burning alive.  Now she had to live in this darkness until she chooses to back off this life.


Only thing still ran in her mind that was the disappointment, pain and the hurt she witnessed in those eyes, which always had so much love and care. How could she give pain to him the one whom she loved so much but we hurt the person whom we love the most because we believe that we have right over them not only to love them but also to hurt them.

She came out of her world when she heard him again saying “Remembering me”. She could see Maan again with his hands crossed over his chest leaning on the door frame of the dressing room. She said to herself No this just another illusion. She didn’t move nor responded just stood there looking at him only drowning in the pool of guilt which she was already in struggling to come out of it. She didn’t had  to reply as this was yet another figment of her mind, which was the same she had been witnessing from past few days. When she couldn’t bear the acquisition look anymore on his face she closed her eyes and repeating in her mind please go please go please please.

She was startled with some ladies barge into the room. Her first reaction was to look at the direction where he stood and was glad that he was not there. What an irony she needs him and still doesn’t want him here. She was led to the large decorated bed and was helped to settle there comfortably. One of them pulled her veil so as to cover her face full properly. They tried to give some advice some tried to tease but when she didn’t react to anything but sit like a doll devoid of any emotions they gave each other a disappointed look at each other and left her alone to face her husband.

She sat there wondering….

Kyun pyaar ka mausam beet gaya

Kyun humse jamana jeet gaya

Har ghadi mera dil gham ke ghere mein hain

Jindagi dur tak ab andhere mein hain

Andhere mein hain, andhere mein hain


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 15


Part 15

Night before the day of wedding when everyone had slept but for one person sleep was far away from her eyes. She just stared into the photo of her parents standing in front of them, complaining them that it is unfair how they could think of making so many lives depended on her marriage, they are her only family she is ready to burn herself to light there lives. All those memories of her life in this same home just flooded in front of her eyes. When her emotions were too high to control within herself she took assistance of her dance her every move depicted her disappointment, helplessness. She complained it is unfair unfair but who was there to listen to her plea. They made her a doll in the name of the love which her heart is paying now for.    

Ek lau hai sau parchhai hain

Duhaai hai, Duhaai hai

Aankhon ne aag barsaai hai

Duhaai hai, Duhaai hai

Chahat ki zara koi poochhe

Duhai hai, Duhaai hai

Keemat kya dil ne chukaai hai

Duhai hai, duhai hai


Tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollable; her face showed how wrecked state she was turned into. She couldn’t blame the family now she is living with nor could tell them about her condition. It is unfair on her part. She no longer wished for any thing only cry at fates play.


Apno se koi shikwa nahi

Bas Duhaaiyan, Duhaaiyan

Apno se koi gila nahi

Bas duhaiyan, duhaiyan

O.. o..Hothon pe koi dua nahi

Bas Duhaaiyan, Duhaaiyan


She had gone through so much to live in this world followed her heart’s wish still abided by the rules of this society, it was not first time they were in a situation where she had to live in anguish but never was she in a phase where her yes or no made live of so many of them. She desired to come out of this only if he was there to get her out of this where there was only happiness, friends & love, his love, where in every moment life had a meaning, love ran in her veins.  



Bandishon mein jiya kiya

Jiya kiya main to

Ranjishon mein jiya kiya.. aa. aa.

Yaaron mujhe le chalo, le chalo

Le chalo tum wahaan

Yaaron mujhe le chalo tum wahaan

Ho jahaan har khushi, dosti pyaar ki

Ho jahaan zindagi har lafaz mein basi


She fell on the ground sobbing when she felt a hand wiping off her tears; even with close eyes she could sense it the person who did that. She didn’t want to open her eyes as she knew the moment she did that he will no longer be infront of her. She wanted to get out of this cage, wanted to run away where she could be free from this burden. She never thought letting go was so difficult this heart will remain devoid of his love. As she decided her next course for freedom she left to her room, one thing which still didn’t leave her mind was it is unfair. It is not fair. Unfair  


Ab main chala hoon wahaan

Jahaan bas rihaai hai, rihaai hai

Khaali rahegi jagah

Jo dil mein banaayi hai, duhai hai o..



Geet sat with all the girls’ ready waiting for their call to go to the altar composing herself looking as calm as possible not giving away the inner turmoil going on in her heart. Some girls came asking everyone to move to the altar where their respective grooms were waiting for them. Geet led the whole lot of brides, she descended from the steps as an angel dressed in light pink lehnga, she was an epitome of beauty everyone eyes were struck on her and her eyes were not even looking at anyone but the ground. She could sense him around like a shadow but as she neared to the altar that feeling only increased, it wouldn’t have taken a second to search him & be in his embrace but she could not fail at the last moment.


Vicky saw the Angel from the heaven; they would make a heavenly pair. He had waited for this moment to come in his life. He was already getting naughty ideas to trouble her, how he would make her laugh. He had so much to say to her, he was excited like a small kid to give report to his mother about the day’s achievement.


Mrs. Pathak watched her to be granddaughter in law descending she could only remember her kids wish to see this pair getting married, turning the friendship into relation making their bond powerful. Her one of the problem will be solved with this marriage. She always feared who would take care of her grandchildren after her but having Geet her problem is solved because she trusted the values of her Sunitha’s blood.


There was another pair of eyes who watched her every move, her every hesitance with every step towards the altar. He could feel her coldness even when she was far away from him. But still he was mesmerized with her this look too. No matter in which mood she was he could only love her. Yes he loves her till the last breath. As she moved towards the groom his heart was beating fast.  what could he do she was not even looking at him nor anywhere as if it didn’t matter what or who were around her.


All these thoughts of everyone came to halt with the sudden commotion happening when some one objected “This marriage can’t happen, stop it.”


Mrs. Prasad got scared with the abrupt interferes from someone as she had witnessed Geet’s state last night. Did Geet have someone else in her life and had she just sacrificed her life for this Vatsalya Orphanage. If it was true then they were not wrong in hiding the last clause from her. As it said in case of death of either of the pair by the time Geet turns 23 the land could be saved by payment of lease. If this was known to Geet, she wouldn’t have thought a second to choose that path.

Geet didn’t want any interruption in this ritual but wanted to end this as soon as possible as her will was breaking she feared if it prolonged a bit more she might quit this fight and ran away from here putting others in spot.


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 14


Part 14

Same moment Mrs. Pathak got a call mobile was in front of Geet she looked into the screen it said Vikram Pathak. She passed it to old lady who had a million dollar smile on her face & she exclaimed “That’s my grand son”


“Vicky I have good news, guess what that could be.” Mrs. Pathak spoke the moment she spoke to him


“Dadimaa what is this you are not even asking me how I am, how my trip was or telling me how you are. Did you take your medicines today? How is your BP nowadays?” complained Vicky


“Forget all those and guess it.” Excited dadi replied


“Dadimaa you are telling as if you just saw your daughter in law and fixed the marriage too in 2 days.” Vicky replied as his dadimaa was really worried with marriage topic.


Mrs. Pathak just muffled her laugh and replied “you hit the jackpot son.”


“Dadimaa is that really true, you got me a partner. It is not a joke of you both ladies right.” asked Vicky


“No Vicky it’s not a joke we will soon have someone who would take care of us just like how my daughter used too.”


Vicky just rolled his eyes, seeing his dadi starting the old debate daughter vs. Daughter in law. He thought he should not let her see sans bahu serials. And also wished that who ever will be the new person in his family should not have to hear these taunts.


“Vicky, are you hearing me you should be in home by the time I reach home. There are so many things that should be taken care.” ordered Mrs. Pathak


“Dadi are you really serious marriage in two days.” Asked Vicky shocked


“Meet you in another 2 hours in home, there I will tell you everything in detail.” Said Mrs. Pathak and went inside to decide others things.


Mrs. Pathak came back to speak with Mrs. Vindhya prasad about the wedding arrangements.


Mrs. Pathak we have another problem in hand after 3 days is the auspicious day that is on Geet’s birthday on same day we have organised for a samuhika vivaah for some of them in the temple and we have made all the arrangements for it. We can’t be in two places so we thought of arranging Geet’s also there only.


Vindhya we know time is very short and both are getting into a relation without knowing each other also, they too need time and we also. So we will go ahead with the wedding now and when they are a bit comfortable then we could go for reception and announce there wedding to the world. You know how media people are behind us for each and everything, that event will actually help us doing things in a peaceful manner.


Geet sat all gloomy alone in her room trying to make her believe with the reality when she heard a knock on the door. And two girls came in even before that could be answered

“Geet Di we are here to get ready. You are getting married; i am very excited we will have fun” exclaimed Mahi from orphanage.


“You start preparing the packs; you can talk along with it.” Commanded Riju the other one


“Yes Di… as you say… Geet Di you didn’t tell the name of our jiju…”asked mahi trying to tease her.


Geet without any emotions just replied Vikram Pathak. But the pain which she was feeling at the mention of some other person name was unfathomable.


Unknown to these thoughts the two girls were busy in discussing on the make up stuff that should be applied on there Geet Di. For them it was marriage of there Di, they wanted to contribute there share of efforts to make sure she looked nothing less than an Angel.


Geet was made to sit, while these two girls started to do facial to her and trying to probe why the marriage was arranged so early as Mrs. Prasad had not mentioned the real reason for the hurry. They wanted to know more about the groom. Geet Di, did you meet jiju asked Mahi




So you must have seen his snap… show us also… pouted Mahi




“Then how did you say yes” asked confused mahi.


“I trust the elders to decide for me.” Replied Geet.


Mahi was still not convinced about all this. Looking at the turn of events Riju suggested why we don’t search for the snap in net. They are from a very eminent family we will surely get a snap.


That just lit Mahi’s enthusiasm and she ran to start the computer system as by now Geet was asked not to move nor speak anything as that will hamper their hard work.


Mahi was just dumbfounded seeing a hot jiju. She wanted her Di to know too but she was adamant enough to go with elders wishes. She got an idea and started to describe his features to her.


Di jiju is about 6 feet tall.


Geet thought Maan is 5’7″

Mahi continued Small black eyes

Big dark black eyes in which she can drown herself

Short hairs

She wanted to thread her fingers those thick hairs

Clean shave added Mahi

Geet could only imaging how it would feel when she would trace her hand on those L shaped stubble & those lips in m shape.

Di Jiju has built muscles too, look at his biceps…

That just brought in the memories of her hug how she could still feel that thudding heart against her chest. Geet had not given a thought at that time but when Mahi mentioned them she could only imagine how that would feel when her hands will stroke those well built muscles. She could feel the heat rushing through her veins, this uncontrollable desire to see him & experience this desire.

When it became irresistible she told her mind to stop playing games with her wasn’t the fate enough that even her mind & heart are not in control of her.

Geet yelled stop it almost scaring poor Mahi.

Riju thought maybe Geet di is not comfortable in speaking all those things & even Mahi is still young who did not know where she was leading this to. So she let Geet be alone to calm her senses & pulled Mahi out with her.


Meri Biwi… Kho Gayi

partner oSMeri Biwi… Kho Gayi

Maan Singh Khurana big business man in the field of Construction hot & dashing bachelor in town till he met his love of his life & got married to Geet Khurana 6 months back. He who rules the whole world is ruled by his Geet. He could manage n number of projects at once without any pressure but today he is really frustrated and making everything difficult for his staff too, reason being his Geet not picking his calls from morning. After it seems like eternity he gets call from Geet to the relief of his or should I say all his staff but who knew that it would turn into worst.

MSK: Hello Geet where are you?? I have been calling you from long time

Chindi Don: MSK

MSK: Who is this….How did you get this phone…

CD: aap ke liye ek ChiDi (CD-ROM) beji hai … dekhlena

MSK: Who are you

CD: what’s so hurry… Jaldi ka kaam shaitaan ka hota hai

MSK: No…. The sooner the better.

Same time there is a knock on the door

Adi: Sir Sir … we have a received a CD.

MSK: ok play it

And in the wide screen video starts & in the phone CD repeats the same lines

  Duniya mein logo ne    Phir apne dil thaame

Aaya hoon lekar main   Phir kitne hungaame

Phir maine socha hai    Main jeetu sab haare

                                              Darwaaje khul jaaye   Gir jaaye deewarein

Mujhse takra paaya hai     Mujhko pehchan lo

Main Hoon Don


Adi : he he he he he  yeh tho SRK hai in DON…Sir aapne yeh movie nahi dehki thi isliye CD mangavi hai par abhi tho meeting hai… aap please baad mein dekhlena

MSK: stop it…what’s this non sense….Is this a joke…

CD: Yeh wait wait  … haar ache kaam shuru karte waqt hum Don Sir ko yaad karte hai jaise aap logo Ganeshji ki puja karte ho vaise hi…2 min aur hai phir bata tha hoon

Duniya mujhe jo bhi kahe    Iski mujhe parwah kya

      Mujhe toh ye dekhna    Jeetnay ki hai raah kya

  Jo mujhe rokna chahe   Unko hai kya yeh pata

Don ko pakadna mushqil hi nahi

Namumkin hai

Duniya phir jeetne aaya kaun

Mujhko pehchan lo

Main hoon Don


MSK: Hogaya drama…ab jaldi batha Yeh phone kaise aya tumare paas

CD: Sirf phone nahi uski malkin bhi hai mere paas….

MSK: What…

Same time in the screen Geet is shown lying unconscious

MSK: Geeeet … What do you need?

CD: badi jaldi hai apne biwi se milne ke… Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai…itni hi jaldi hai tho 500 cr dedo hume aur ise lejaov

MSK: 500 cr… kab aur kaha deni hai…

CD: kya yeh itni jaldi mangaya…socha tha yeh abhi bolega …. thoda kaam nahi ho saktha …. yeh bina bargain kiye hi mangaya… 500 cr itni choti rahkam hai kya…I thought of getting 5 crs… par mera tho lottery lagayi

MSK: Hello … kab aur kaha deni hai batha do …

CD: haan hello …aap paise tayar rahko … hum address bolte hai…aur kabhar dar jo police ko phone kiya tho…

Thud goes the line…


CD: Ladki pe nazar rahkna….aur woh hosh mein aye tho muhje bathana…

Chela 1: Yes Boss…

C1 to C2: Go to that room & keep a watch on her…

C2 to C3: ja us kamre main aur gadi rahkna uspar

C3 to C2: kaunsa room hai…

C2 to C3: hare wali mein hai

C3 turns to pass the message to next chella but not finding any hits his head … uff Why should I be the last one here… ab muhje hi karni padegi… Mehnat hum kare aur yeh unke mazze lute…

After a while

C3 to C2: waha pe woh nahi hai

C2 to C1: waha pe nahi hai

C1: What…

C2: aapne kaam diya na abhi woh waha nahi hai

C1: How did she escape from here? Follow me… let’s see how she escaped

C1, 2 & 3 goes to room

C1: She is still lying here unconscious … you all scared me

C3: par maine puri karma search kiya par woh nahi mili thi

C1: Don’t you see she is lying on this bed…

C2 & C3: kaha kaha kaha

C1: wait …what are you both searching

C2 & C3: Gadi

C1: what …why are you searching a watch

C2: aapne kahana gadi uspar rahkne ke liye

C1: not that watch… I was saying …tries to remember the right word….boss did mention … yes nazar

C2 & C3: woooooo… teek hai

C1: One of you wait here till she wakes up

C2 stays there … while C1 & 3 leaves…. after sometime….

GK: ouch …my head …why is it so heavy …she looks around…but there are only walls and before she could figure out someone just runs outside seeing her.

GK: where am I? … Who was that? … Why did he run away seeing me? Am i looking like ghost… where is my mirror? …Looks around to find her favourite pink bag…. not finding it around her anger rouse in her veins …She marched out of the room and banged the door, gaining everyone’s attention.

Only to find mens dressed in design lungi with purple coat unbuttoned to show their green inners with purple shoes. They were all standing with a gun in their hand at every pillar seeing them GK burst into laugh. In between her laugh fits…she asked

GK: Are you all here for my today’s entertainment? What to do of my MSK, how many times I have said not to make these arrangements I just wanted to spend a day all alone with my friend in the city …. But no he would do one or the other bookings for me…. Where am I now tell me? Who are you all? Give me proper introduction… you all are dressed like this for any show or what? I always wanted to watch serials & films shooting… but I never got a chance …Koi tho jawab do… chodo… First tell me how did I come here? Arey I have seen you…. you were the one na who gave me that tissue paper? And you …why did you run away seeing me? And where is my bag?? I have to set my face.

CD: shut your mouth girl… I will become deaf with your nonstop laugh & questionnaire…Kis tote ko pakad laye ullu ka patto. Aur Ladki tu chup chap beti reh …ek aur shabd nikla na tho teri moo mein pura ka pura is banduk ki goliya teri through & through nikal jayega…

GK: Oye chup kar chidiya ka gonsnla … seede seede aapna entertainment shuru karo…mera dimag karab mat kar…

CD: Chup … hum sab ne tuhje kidnap kiya hai kidnap

GK: (shocked)….. tum log aur …. Kidnappers…shakal se tho kisi sade huve comedy show ke actors lagte ho…

CD: Tum …. tum…. tum  humare mazak uda rahe ho.. yeh hamara uniform hai

GK: Kidnappers ke bhi uniform hoti hai

CD: Haan…in an authoritive voice

GK: Kisne banayi … head mistress ne kya

CD: nahi….humari CCC ki guidleines hai


MSK: GK maine araha hoon … tum daro mat…speaks to the screen…

Adi: Siiiiir….. Siiiiiir…

Coming out of his revive MSK: Yes Adi

Adi: mein cheque bandu 500 cr ke liye…

MSK: You can make it but if I sign then Police will put us behind bars for fraud case

Adi: frrrrraud case

MSK: Mere paas itne paise kaha hai… Sare tho geet ke naam pe hai…woh sign nahi karegi tho bank se paise kaise nikalo ge…

Adi: ohhhh…. tho phir hum kya kare siiiirr … police ko phone karte hai…

Adi picks his phone & calls 100…

MSK: Nahi ruhko … marvaoge kya muhje… we can’t inform police… they may hurt my GK

Adi : phir kya kare…. Sir Idea…I had seen a ad in the newspaper of Akhri Pasta’s New High Tech Detective Agency … they take case through calls & solve it

MSK: You have their number…

Adi: Yes Sir…here it is…

Adi dial’s it & handover it to MSK…

MSK opens his mouth to speak but he is stopped by the wacky voice of a man at the other end…



||| Akhri Pasta’s Hightech Detective Agency |||

Kiski janam kundli nikal ne ho

Ya kiski gair samband ki shak ho

Koi gayab hogaye hai ya gayab hona ho

kiska piche karna ho ya chudana ho

Chori, jalasaji, gabana, ya katl ho

Sab mushkil ka ek uttar

||| Akhri Pasta’s Hightech Detective Agency |||


Trust us & you will forget to trust others

I am a joking….


Maan trying to be patient for his Jaan…. As it is the matter of life & death for him


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Civil crime service: Press 1

Criminal crime service: Press 2

For help in selecting the before menus: Press 3

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In case of theft/burglary/break-in: Press 1

In case of Murder: Press 2

In case of Kidnapping: Press 3

For any other issues: Press 4

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You have selected Kidnapping

Choose the person who has been kidnapped

Self: Press 1

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Invalid selection

Free advice: Never select your choice before given a chance..

Thank you for availing the services of

||| Akhri Pasta’s Hightech Detective Agency |||

Trust us & you will forget to trust others

I am a joking….


Maan gets irritated…& instructs

MSK: Adi… get this basic intro done… then I will take it forward….

Adi: Yeeees siiiiir & takes up the phone & puts on the speaker & the same records starts again to boil Maan’s anger….



||| Akhri Pasta’s Hightech Detective Agency |||

….. Blah…

You have selected Kidnapping

Choose the person who has been kidnapped

Self: Press 1

Spouse: Press 2

Sibblings: Press 3

Friends: Press 4

Others: Press 5


And then suddenly Adi is shocked & the next moment scared with the glares he was getting from MSK

Adi: Siiiirrrr Maine galt press nahi kiya…yeh aapne aap start huvi hai…

Aao na gale lagalo na lagi bujha do na O Jaane Ja

Dekho Seene mein kaisi hulchul machi hai O Saajna

pa pa pa..

MSK mock: Thoo kya humare liye free add-on FM service hai …jo mil rahi hai

Adi: Siiir maine phele try thodi kiya tha…..

Dekho Seene mein kaisi hulchul machi hai O Saajna

Maana ki Life bohat busy hai parkabhi kabhi break lo

kitkat kaov kya patha aagle pal tumare liye kya leaye

Kitkat break bantha hai

Adi: Siiiir yeh tho commercial break tha … maine tho darr gaya kahi maine sach mein FM ka button tho press nahi kiya tha…

MSK: Shut up & continue with it Adi…

Adi: Yes Siiiirrr..

Thank you for your patience

Precap of your selection:

English=> personal Services =>Criminal=>Kidnapping=>Spouse

And now select the detective category for your case

Local: Press 1

National: Press 2

International: Press 3

Adi: Siiiirr Kaunsa choose karunu…

MSK starts thinking…well National & International ke liye paise bhi zyaada lagenge aur advance mange tho nahi de saktha main ab … waqt bhi lagega une yaha tak ane mein…

Adi: Siiiirrr kaha ko gaye…jaldi boliye …warna yeh call bhi cut ho jayega…

MSK: Local … press 1

Adi: Please Please please call cut mat hona please please please


Currently all the local detectives are busy please try after some days

Free Advice: Try calling us again … you may get a detective available next second…

We solve cases in seconds

Thank you for availing the services of

||| Akhri Pasta’s Hightech Detective Agency |||

Trust us & you will forget to trust others

I am a joking….


Adi: Siiirrr Meri galti nahi hai…phir se ek baar try karoon

But MSK was lost in his own misery…. Seeing him so lost Adi starts to give another try…

<><><> Flashback <><><>

Today Morning

MSK: No means no GK…you are not going alone…

GK: Mr. MSK… If I have decided once means I won’t hear mine too… understood or should I make you understand.

MSK: GK pls yaar kuch tho samaj neki koshi karo… you are Mrs. MSK & you want to explore the city all alone in that metro.

GK: Yes Yes … jane dona jaanu…I am really tired of going with all this security… nothing will happen to me aur waise bhi you very well know how to track my whereabouts too na…

MSK: But…

GK: Chup bilkul chup!!! And & don’t act smart …you are not sending my security behind me without my knowledge like last time … agar kuch aisa huva na … aapki kehar nahi.

MSK: Jo hukkum mere akka… par Jaan be careful & yes I know how to keep track of you.

GK: Chalo bye me leaving…sham ko milte hai… till then be busy with your clients… metro here I come.

MSK: Give me a call anytime… I will be at your service.

<><><> Flashback Ends <><><>

Adi: Siirrr Siirrr…

MSK coming out of his thoughts: Yes Adi… what happened to the call?

Adi: Siiir… woh… no detective was available

MSK: What… we wasted so much time on this record…

Adi: Nahi Siir… I tried again … and found one of them is available & he will be here in a while … you can brief him everything.

MSK: Is that detective good… how is his track record…

Adi: 100% hai sir…ek bhi case hare nahi hai…sab solve karde the hai…

S: Heeeellllooo…

Both turn to the new intruder … both are shocked to see the person in the cabin who was trying to stabilise himself from falling as his head was spinning… MSK gets some water for him and helps him sit on the couch… Thud…Adi fell with the shock.

M: How can I help you Sir…

S: well …coughs in between …I am here to help you son

M: Me…

S: Yes son … I am the detective you called for

M: But…

S: yes yes I know what will be your next Q… Why am I working in this age… But after my Geeta left me my bad luck started… and even my health started to deteriorate  … I put on weight…I lost my speed with that… and the production house who use to follow all my adventures left me saying the TRP’s are less… & my commission which I use to get from the telecast band hogayi … ab pura din main sirf criminals ko pakadtha rahonga tho … aapne pet ke liye kya karonga… So had to stop my free service to the people & joined this detective agency for my earnings.

By that time Adi wakes up

Adi: Siiir sir…. yeh tho tho tho tho woh woh woh…. Adddbhut……  Adddhamya Saaaahas Ki Paaribhasha Hai….Yee Mit Ti Maaanavta Ki Ek Aaaasha Hai ……..Ye Srrrushti ki Shhakti ka Waardaan Hain…..Ye Avvvtaar Naahin Hai …Ye Innnsaan Hai …. Yeh … Yeh…. SSShaakktimmmaaan

Yee Attmashhakti Haai ….Duuuniya Baddal Sakkti Haai ….Phhhoolon Mein Dhhhal Saaakti Hai …Shhholon Si Jjjjal Sssakti Hai …Hoooota Hai Jaaab Aaaadmi Ko Apppna Gyaaaan ….Keeehlaye wo….Shhhhakttttimaannnn

S: Teek se bolna tho seeklo beta…. is tara bolege tho kya samaj ayega sab ko… Yese bolte hai use…

Adbhut, Adhamya Saahas     Ki Paribhasha Hai    Ye Mit Ti Manavta        Ki Ek Aasha Hai

Ye Srushti ki Shakti ka  Wardaan Hain     Ye Avtaar Nahin Hai   Ye Insaan Hai

Shaktimaan Shaktimaan Shaktimaan

Ye Atmashakti Hai    Duniya Badal Sakti Hai    Phoolon Mein Dhal Sakti Hai

Sholon Si Jal Sakti Hai   Hota Hai Jab Aadmi Ko Apna Gyaan   Kehlaye wo….Shaktimaan

Shaktimaan ….Shaktimaan ….Shaktimaan ….Shaktimaan

S starts coughing by the time he ends this: Kitne din ho gaye the yeh sun kar… kabhi kabhi muhje youtube mein browse kar ke suna padega ise phele ki mein ise bhool javooo…I feel so energetic after hearing this theme of mine.

MSK: What’s going on… are you telling me that you will help us in getting my Geet

S: I am here for that itself son… now let’s make a plan & solve it… Now tell me how everything happened … who has been kidnapped … from where?

Adi:Uff… mera kya hoga … ab shuru hoga meri geet …meri geet ka jap

MSK: Meri Geet … She wanted to go out alone in metro without guards so morning we had a discussion about the same but as always she won & Meri Geet went all alone after that I came to Office… & when I tried calling her after my first meeting but her mobile was switched off

S: Don’t worry when I am here… I will search her soon

MSK: how sir…

S: I have my own communication lines, but don’t tell anyone about this if the government gets to know they will encroach my space & will ended with another scam of 5G

MSK: how much time will it take…

S: I take 5-10 mins…

MSK: That will be great

After 10 mins

MSK: Sir…

S: Don’t disturb me in between, once my connection breaks I will have to start it from the beginning

MSK: ok but your 10 mins are over…

S: Yes but now with so many other networks obstructing my flow 5 will become 15 sometimes

MSK: where are you GK

MSK: Adi … you take care of the meetings … and postpone which ever needs my attention

Adi: Yes Sir…


GK: Yeh CCC kya hai

CD: Central Criminals Council

GK: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yesi bhi hoti hai kya

CD: hume yeh regulations sab follow karna padtha hai..aap log ko kabar nahi kitni mushkil hoti hai hume unki requirements puri karna…humari license cancel ho sakthi hai… har saal hume report deni padthi hai humane kithna kaam kiya hai…humare performance ko dekh kar humare territory expand karte hai …. aur tho aur achi locations bhi allot hoti hai…tak ki maal dara party mile…

GK: Par aapko yeh rules aur regulations samjatha kaun hai… aapko dehke kar lagtha nahi ki aap pade like ho

CD: Is liye tho yeh angrez jadne wale rahka hai

GK: Mera bag kaha hai… muhje apni mobile chaiye

CD: Nahi milegi

GK: Kyuuuu meri mobile nahi dogi tho maine kise baath karungi…

CD: tum kise se bhi baath nahi karo gi

GK: Maine GK … kise se bhi baath kiye bagair kaise rehsahkthi hoon.. aur waha MSK bhi tho pareshan ho raha hoga…

CD: hone de … hume use kya… hume tho sirf paisa chaiye paisa… woh bhi tumare MSK ke se…

GK: kyu loan baki rehgaya tha kya

CD: loan nahi lodging charges … thuje yaha rahkne ki…

GK: Yeh le muhje yaha rehne ki kya zarrorat hai … aur maine thodi apne marzi se ayi hoon … muhje tho aap log ne yaha leke aye ho … ohh teri …maine yaha kaise ayi


<><><> Flashback <><><>

In the Metro

GK: Uff… finally I could grab a seat… babaji kitni beed hai yaha… sans lena muskil kardiya hai… how am I supposed to spend some quality time with my friend…

Metro stops at a station & when the door was about to close a guy enters in & bump into GK spilling water on her.

Guy: Sorry …I am so sorry… Take this tissue…

GK: It’s ok…

Guy: let’s use the washroom

GK: Uff… washroom aur yaha ….we are in ……a…..mee…ttrooo naa.a…..& she falls uncousious

<><><>Flashback ends<><><>

C1: I suggest you reduce your weight… It was quite a difficult job to get you here…

GK mouth opens as big O…: You are not fit enough… You know my MSK carried me all along the camp site last time…

C1: Shhh… Don’t talk… my boss will get angry

GK: par mein bore ho rahi hoon… mera bag tho dona

C2: tho teri bag mein entertainment hai kya

GK: time pass karne ka samgri tho hai

C2: par mobile…

GK: haan haan… mallom hai nahi dogi

C2 => C3: bag de iska par mobile nikal de

C3: maine phele he nikal diya hai guru.. boss ne mangi thi na to call MSK

GK: Aap ko sharma nahi athi ladies bag ko haath lagte huve…. chi … kaisa rules aur regulations banathe ho aap log…

C1: There is no rule in our Guidlines that we can’t touch any ladies bag

GK: but why isn’t there, added it in this time budget…

C1: What budget we don’t have anything like that. This is in’t the Government where we increase the value by 4 bucks all of a sudden & then decrease it by 1 cent to eyewash the people. Once a rule is made there can’t be any deviation or reservation.

GK: Ok… give me your group kya naam tha… haan CCC ka address I will personally sit & draft all my suggestions & complaints in it.

C1: Get this thing straight lady… It isn’t any movie where the hero writes letter after letter to get an approval from the government to build a post office in his village. These are top secret councils we can’t be just letting everyone know about these things.

GK: uff ek cheez keliye itni mehnat… mera sar chakara raha hai… uff mera bag tho do phele…

C3 gets GK’s bag

Everyone looks into that to know what is there in it to time pass…. GK takes out her mirror n starts setting her hair then takes out all her makeup accessories to correct herself as she had woken up just now…. ie after her sedition sleep… while everyone around her presume her to be another mad of the makeup and leaves from there.

Once she gets ready…  she takes out the camera and starts clicking the pictures and uploads it in Facebook and with the default setting of tagging all her friends in the pictures.


In the Front Office of KC:

Pinky, receptionist as usual munching her chips & replying to the calls with the same as per MSK orders that MSK is not available & would revert back to you at the earliest… Tired she opens the facebook

Pinky: which place is this…. It has such a beautiful backdrop.

P to Adi: this weekend yaha chalte haina

Adi: phirse karcha … kaha…

P: yeh dekho na GK ma’am ne pictures add kiya hai FB Maine…woh bhi abhi

A: really … dekhavo muhje… oh yes … I have to inform Sir… aur late hogaye tho woh devdas banjayenge..

P: kyu undono ka mein fight huvi hai kya

A: bad mein bolunga… bye


Adi comes running into the MSK cabin (i.e. without knocking) making a huge sound & breaking the revive of Shaktimaan & thereby receiving a deadly glare from MSK

MSK: Adi why are running around like this can’t you see he is trying to locate GK… ab inka dyaan bang kar diya….

Adi: Siiiir … aap tho yese keh rahe hai ki Menak ne Vishwamitr ki tapasya bang kardiya waise mein Shaktimaan ka kar diya he he he he he he

MSK: shut up Adi… Sir aap ko kuch pata chala kaha hai meri GK

S: Son I was so close to……..

MSK: to find my GK location…

S: Let me complete it son … I was so close to get a glimpse of my Geeta

MSK: What… you are searching your Geeta

S: Relax son I was searching everywhere but when I reached the place where Geeta is living I couldnot stop my heart to have atleast a look at her

MSK: Sir just find my GK’s location…

Adi: Siiir you have to see this first…

MSK: Adi I am busy … come afterwards

Adi: This is also important just open your facebook.

MSK: Adi have you gone mad… here I am going mad for not able to find my GK & you want me to login into FB & what should I do there … update my status…. Meri Biwi… Kho Gayi…

Adi: sir please check it once … you will be proud of me

MSK: Ok get my laptop

After waiting for some seconds… which felt like decades to MSK, his wall opened to be greeted by security question update… after skipping it…  he could see lovely wife’s pictures in different angles… uploaded just 30 mins before…

MSK: she must have escaped from kidnappers….he picks up his phone and tries GK’s number but it came as switched off

Adi: Sir… It seems like a jungle… Do you know which one this is

MSK: No Adi… I have no idea about this place

Adi: how come you don’t know this… you are supposed to be well versed in all jungles….

MSK: oh really… but these are trees not buildings with signboards so that I can identify that easily

Adi: But putting signboards are compulsory

MSK: I wish there was a law for putting up the signboards in jungles too… neither I would get lost nor it would be difficult to track GK

S: I may be able to help you in this… it looks like the G1A forest … I can locate the exact location too…

MSK: that’s great… then what are we waiting for … let’s get her

Adi: Sir… She isn’t lost in a trip that you can just go and pick her up. We need a plan

MSK: don’t tell me you have one brilliant plan

Adi: actually I do Sir… we can all go there in disguise … just like in Amar Akbar Anthony film climax… & can rescue Ma’am

MSK: let me get this straight… you think we three will go there in disguise and dance in front of those bandars … and we will sing Maan Shakthimaan Adi the superman…

Adi: he he he he sir main superman…

MSK: shut up Adi…

S: why are you guys even thinking…. we can just go & nab them… then hand them over to Police…. let’s move in our own transportation and meet at G1A forest… Saying so he zooms out…

MSK: Adi where are you going

Adi: to catch metro whose last stop is near our destination?

MSK: why are you going to catch a metro … you can accompany me in car

Adi: but S told to use own transportation

MSK: shut up and come with me.

G1A forest

Adi: Sir how are we going to find where is there hideout

MSK: Let’s check with the forest inspector here

Adi: Why haven’t you been here before Sir

MSK: I always thought I should but never got a chance to… you find where the inspector is

Adi: Yes sir…  but don’t you think we should wait till the kidnappers call back

MSK: I have forwarded all my calls to Office landline so if he tries again then Pinky will just ask them to give their number & tell them that I will call back … so in no situation we can get there call connected to me.

Adi: But why you don’t want to talk to them

MSK: To buy some more time… they will do some or the other mistake

Adi: Yes Sir … It has to work… Kidnap film mein yesa hi huva tha

MSK: what… ok forget it… but they have not called back yet as I had specifically instructed Pinky to tell me if she gets a call from GK’s mobile


Shrill shrill…

C1: run run run police police… we have 10 mins by that time we need to escape

GK: woh phoh phoh … yeh tho meri MSK ki siren hai…

Hearing her words everyone stopped…

CD: police lekhe agaya kya… C1 check cameras…

GK: arey nahi … meri MSK ke gadi mein siren lagi hai… to make everyone alert

C1: No only cars are there…

GK: nothing is mission impossible for my MSK… show her thumb like a kid who won the toffee from her elder sibling. He found me…


3 Mercedes black car comes to a halt… making everyone know of their presence… the left door opens… a man in formals with black glasses comes out of the middle car while his security guards from the other cars cover him and after a while right door flung open.

MSK: oye gadho… you are guards of me not of Adi…you were supposed to open the door for me…now wait for me here itself…

MSK makes an entry in full attitude oozing out in his walk… Here GK sensing MSK’s presence runs towards a direction like iron pulled towards the magnet.

C2: C1 rok ise kahi baag rahi hai…. par ise darwaza kis taraf hai kaise pata chala

But before anyone could react GK was in her MSK’s arms

GK: what took you so much time… missed you

MSK: sorry… I was so lost in your pics ki I forgot what was happening around.

GK: oh… you forgot to check my pics and were lost ki you didn’t know what’s happening around.

MSK bites his tongue getting caught in his lie…

GK: enough of your lies….

MSK: ok ab bache ki jaan loge kya …chalo chalte hai

CD: Rukho… yaha atho gaye aapne marzi se par humare ijazat ke bina bhaar nahi ja pavoge

GK: aapke bodyguard’s kaha hai

MSK: woh car ke pass

GK: kyu

MSK: agar koi phirse tyre chori ke legaye tho hum wapis kaise jayenge… yahi reh jani hai Adam aur Eve banke

GK: tho ab aapko fight karke mujhe lejana padega

MSK:  mujhe fight karna nahi atha

GK: tho yeh dole shole aur yeh tai chai kisske liye hai

MSK: woh tho anger management ke liye hai… ab mein insaano pe aapna gussa nahi nikal saktha na…

GK: ab humara kya hoga … ok main bolti hoon kaise karthey hai

MSK: meri hote huve tum fight karo acha nahi lagega

GK: woh ho … main sirf bolungi karna tho aapko hi padega… sab log meri baath teek se suno … MSK ke saath sab one on one fight karenge… no guns no other weapons… jab tak yeh bandar log katam nahi hote tab tak yeh fight chaltha rahega…

CD: par yeh tho nainsaafi huvi na… hum char aur yeh 1 … waise hum tumare baath kyu manye

GK: paise chaiye… tho meri kehna mana padega…

CD: na tumara na humara… hum in 2 loandonko haraenge aur yeh hum 4 ko

MSK: par mein akhela in 4 ko marunga… tum meri biwi ho

Adi: sir sir main bhi fight karunga … GK meri…

MSK gives his famous angry glare

Adi: Bbbehan sir

MSK: nahi sirf main

GK: teek hai… aapaas mein nahi ladthe… phele MSK fight karenge uske baad Adi…

MSK & Adi: done

MSK: Maine insab ko hara dunga tho… tho Adi ka number hi nahi ayega

GK: 30 mins hai fight ke liye ready hojavo

MSK: GK ab bolo kaise fight karni hai

GK: aapne dono hatho se ek saath kan ke neech marna aur uske baad sar pe marna jaise nailing on their head…ise 3 baar repeat karna ok …

MSK: teek hai… par kuch familer lagthi hai

GK: haan na woh Rowdy Rathore mein haina chintha tha chitha chitha chintha tha … bus vahi karni hai bus un bandaro ka sar hai bech mein… waise saath mein aapna sar bhi hilana tab perfect hoga…

Adi: itna sab kuch main nahi kar saktha par end mein fullstop tho dal saktha hoon na…

Adi: sir aap yeh sab karna uske baad meri pass bejna mein unke pichwade pe lat marunga

MSK: Done…

Round 1: MSK vs C3

Both step inside the ring… and start circling analysing how to begin… finally C3 raise to punch MSK but when he was about a mere an inch away… he freezes there and taking advantage of this MSK starts beat him exactly how GK had mentioned before and after 3 times C1 just crumbles down…

Round 2 & 3 went the same way but one thing none understood is after some time how did the Chela’s have freezed to their place.

CD: Is he playing statue statue with my chela’s… I should be careful… before he say’s it I will freeze him…

thinking so he enters the ring…

CD: Freeze… Statue…

MSK: What… what did you say?

CD: This is cheating… you made my chela’s freeze but now you are not following that…

Before he could think what was happening MSK beats him up & falls down…

Adi: Sir this is cheating… you didn’t let me beat anyone… they all have fallen down before I could kick them…

GK: Kyu tension le rahe ho Adi sir… jab yeh log utt jayenge na tab mar lena…chalo phele hum yaha se bhaag chalet hai…

MSK: par phele ek insaan ka shukriya karni hogi… unone hi tho in logo ko freeze kar diya tak ki main mar sakhu aur fight jeet javu

GK & Adi: Kisne…

MSK points out to an old person sitting on a chair, who was not noticed by anyone till now. GK rubs her eyes twice to believe who was there infront of her was real or a dream… then screams

GK: Shaktimaan… mera phela superhero… MSK yeh kaha mile aapko… Mein aapki bohat badi fan hoo… mein na humesha school se bhaag kar athi thi to watch the episodes… mein ne na ek bhi episode nahi miss kiya… aur tho aur repeat telecast bhi miss nahi karti thi…. MSK meri friend kho lo aur yeh moments ko golden moments bana do…

MSK: tumari friend… tum hi samalo… baad mein tum complain karogi… isme light nahi hai… isme shake huva hai… isme angle sahi nahi hai… in sab se tho acha hai tum hi setup karo aur photo shoot karlo…

GK: aap mere saath photo shoot karoge na

S: Mera photo shoot… kyu nahi aapne purane fans ke saath tho offcourse yes… avo beta… tume yaha koi taklef tho nahi huvi haina…

GK: kiski majal hai GK ko taklef de…

MSK: tab tak mein in Bandar ko unki jaga puchatha hoon… par sabut doond na padega…

GK: arey koi CCC naam ka council hai waha se inka hi nahi sab criminals ka record milega… the end of all the criminals.

MSK: wah meri GK…


MSK: Police kab tak yaha honge…

Guard: 5 mins sir…

MSK: ok.

G: Siir ek problem hogayi hai

MSK: what now…

G: All tyres of the cars have flattened… they had put nails on the way…

MSK: but that one tyre looks fine… use the Stepney from all the cars to fix one car & get the remaining tyres fixed.

G: yes sir…

Guards leave to fix the tyres, after photo shoot GK comes out searching MSK, who will be looking around the place…

GK: Oh teri … phir se chori hogayi kya sab tyres

MSK: no just puncture… where is Shaktimaan Sir & Adi..

GK: both left… I thanked Shaktimaan again and Adi wished for a ride with him.

MSK: hope Adi survives the ride…

GK: why did you say that…

MSK: I meant he might become ill after super speed ride.

GK: Ok… I got so many pictures…. can we stay here for more time… I want to capture more moments in my Friend aka Camera

MSK: yes we have time till our cars are back… let’s go for a walk around…If you want we can put up a tent too & stay for the night…

GK: really… I can get night pictures of this place too… she pecks him

MSK: Raho aapni pictures ki duniya mein… sare romance ka kachra kar diya…

GK: oh… Poor baby…gussa hogaye… chalo aaj aapki sunti hoon…

MSK: tumara ya mera… woh farak nahi padtha… bus Meri Biwi mil gayi bus…

MSK: And from now on you are not allowed go alone anywhere…

GK: tho aap meri hutch dog banogi…

MSK: nahi tum

GK: aap

MSK: tum…

& there tu tu mein mein continues…


Meri Biwi…Kho Gayi…Phirse

Meri Biwi… Kho Gayi Phirse


Maan set the tent & camp fire, both were happy to be together after a daylong roller coaster. They took their own sweet time to prepare their food as often they both were getting lost in each other eyes. Then they started to feed each other & also feast on the features of the person in front of them. By the time the ended with the feast the moon & stars made their presence in the sky. Maan couldn’t wait to just lie down with Geet in his arms & consol his soul that indeed she was next to him.

Everything was wrapped & the bed was set; waiting for the couple to be lost in their world. Geet settled herself next to him not leaving anything in between them while he had other plans. His fingers slowly made their way on her back gently making patterns; he knew even that was not required; his slight touch itself was enough to make her dance to his tunes. Her reaction for his advances was just like ripples you notice when a pebble is dropped in calm water. His gaze went to her almond eyes which was dropping indicating her tiredness with the adventure she had. That made him thinks Why to leave the cosy bed in his mansion and take her here in this hard ground & that to when you are clinging to one another in a sleeping bag.

But the temptation in his arms was hard to resist and his lips did the honours of adoring that drooping eyes. While her hot breathe fanned his chest and next his attention was taken by nose. She slightly parted her lips anticipating his next claim and with this thought itself her cheeks turned red but he surprised her by taking the cheeks next. Only to hear a disappointed “ummm” from her this guided him to bless the crock of her neck. In turn she twisted her lips making him chuckle at her cute antics & claim them.After a long time when both realised air is also required to survive they parted slightly & Maan brushed his lips on her forehead before taking her on him & whispered “Sleep well Geet… It was a long day”.

She was in a deep slumber when she felt something was moving on her legs like fingers and murmured “Chodiye na maan…. Muhje neend arahi hai”. But to her dismay after legs now it was her waist & next it was on her stomach “umm Maan” moan escaped from her lips. Somehow she managed to open her eyes half only to be stunned. Sleep left her drooping eyes & now her eyes were wide open. What took her attention was the petronum, a rabbit petronum which was sitting on her. It looked so cute & adorable, she can sit & watch her forever, suddenly realising she should capture these moments in her friend; her camera. But alas that was far & safe in the bag pack.


Now she was scared to move as if she did that then she would lose this spectacular sight to capture. As if the rabbit heard her thoughts it jumped on Maan; grabbing this opportunity she ran to get her camera. Rabbit was frightened with her sudden movement & started to run far away from them. Geet just followed the light trail & ran to get the snaps of the rabbit. While the rabbit was all set to give a tough time to our Geet running from one place to another. It was not hard to follow; hard was to get those pics as she was breathing heavily with running and couldn’t steady the camera even after trying different settings that she could think of.  And whenever she was left behind or lost the way rabbit gave its glimpse and they were back in the chase again; after a long run she came to a place where she could see everything as if in daylight. She was left thinking how that was possible when she again saw the rabbit dissolving into bushes of Simbelmynë plants.

[IMG] [/IMG]

Those flowers gained her attention; she plucked a flower and inhaled the aroma of it.  That actually made her dazed for a while; she kissed the flower and pinned it to her hair and sat on the rock to analyse the surroundings while she catch up with her breathe. The next second she witnessed something which she could never have dreamt of. Lights started to emit from all sides of those bushes where rabbit had vanished. Frightened she stepped back but her eyes were struck to the illuminated place.

A small boy no no not a boy what is it no… who is he … Is it true… No it can’t be… But he looks exactly like him.

“Thank you my lady… You freed me from this grave…”

“Did I… Is this a grave yard…”

No but this is where I was buried by Harry Potter and his friends. I got my freedom 2nd time once Harry now from you lady. May I know the name of the person who let my soul free. I had always wished to be in this world & serve every kind soul here.

Geet jumped in front of him & she introduced herself “Hi Dobby I am Geet Maan Singh Khurana… but you look different now…”

“Yes now I am only a ghost not a house-elf…”

“Geet I would like to take your leave now. The gates of Hogwarts will be closed at sharp 6, so I have to leave now to reach on time.”

“You will leave me here in the middle of the forest and in the mid of night. What if a lion comes and kills me.” Asked Geet feeling scared of this mystique place now. Who knows if she waited here more she may encounter many other species here.

“You weren’t scared before I came out of the grave.”

“Well I was supper lost in rabbit. Oh yes rabbit can that rabbit give me company.”

“Rabbit… That can’t stay at one place for more than a minute.”

“Ok you help me find my way back to Maan, after that you can go anywhere.”

“But I don’t know where he is.”

“You know magic na then what’s the problem. In just a click I can be next to him.”

“Now I don’t have any magic left. But yes since you have freed me, you can wish for a boon which I can grant.”

“Only one can’t you make that 100.”Complained Geet

“You can wish for 100 but only one I can fulfil, so think wisely.”

With that Geet put on her thinking cap and thought I should ask something which is a boon to both Maan and me. So that we can be there for the other in the hour of need. After a long thought she said “whenever I or Maan are lost in our path make the other find the former and bring them on the right track in the shortest of time.”

“Ok granted. Now I would take your leave.”

“Thank you. But I am not letting you go before I take some pics with this camera.”

“Who knows I may never be able to see you again or not.”

“But what is the use we are ghosts nothing can catch us not even this camera.”

“Let me try may be my camera is capable to catch you won’t you fulfil my little wish. Geet asked showing the little with her fingers like a small kid.”

“No. I already told you I can grant only one wish.”

“Where are your manners? Don’t you know how to show some courtesy I should not have kissed that flower.” Shouted Geet on him.

“But I can’t grant this, my hands are bound. You only suggest what I can do.”

“Don’t treat this as boon but treat it as a request.”

“Ok as you say give it a try. Still I say it as a waste of time and make it fast I am getting late.”

“Sure how will you reach Hogwarts it’s so far from here.”

“Well this is mystical G1A forests these trees which you are seeing are also portals through which we can reach to dark forest outside the Hogwarts.”

“So can I come along with you to Hogwarts?”

“No only dead can use this way.”


And Geet started to click the pics and to Dobby’s surprise he was seen in those photos. Geet was so lost in checking the pics that she didn’t hear Dobby bidding her bye & leaving in this forest all alone. But when she realised she just sat on that rock waiting for her Maan to find her. She knew he will find her & that to now they are bound in an eternal bond of the boon.


While Geet was busy with making acquaintance; her Maan was going crazy searching his wife. He had woken up missing the warmth next to him & when he found Geet’s best buddy too missing he wanted to bang his hand for thinking to spend the night with her here in middle of the G1A forest. The camera craze which had helped him to find her became the cause for losing her here in this forest. Having no other way he started to search for his torch & started his expedition of find his wife as Uski Biwi Kho Gayi Na Phir se.

Now the bigger problem in hand was how to search someone in forest with no traces no trails as darkness had surrounded the place exactly the same way the darkness was filling his heart now. Fear was gripping him thinking in what situation Geet might be in; there could be wild animals in the forest who hunt at night times. What if it comes to hunt her, he couldn’t even want to think on those lines but couldn’t wander off that thought too. He closed his eyes to remove all those thoughts from his mind and a small smile stated to play on his lips as he could see her face & feel Geet near him. He started to think like how Geet would do & she would of thought about SRK’s song in this situation. Exactly same way even he did hoping to find her at the end of the song.

Whom to ask where she is; only things present in here was trees, plants, creepers, reptiles, wind, water, and even apes. Looking at place around where both had settled the tent he started his song asking them making puppy dog faces hoping to get answers.   

Gumshuda Gumshuda

Koi Hua Kahan Hua

Kal Tha Main Yaha Woh Bhi Thi Yahi

Main Hoon Phir Yaha Lekin Woh Nahi

Ho Kal Tha Main Yaha Woh Bhi Thi Yahi

Main Hoon Phir Yaha Lekin Woh Nahi

Gumshuda Gumshuda


He stood in front of a tree and started to explain her features to them along with that he continued to tell them his state without her. Apes saw him doing actions in front of a tree & joined in mimicking him. As if understanding his state the apes spread the news to everyone in the tribe. Suddenly as if getting some hope he was dragged by the apes to a direction. He saw them helping him to take the creeper to move using that swing & reach his destination.

 He being not an expert in travelling using creepers fell some times, banged himself against the trees and was soaked in the mud & couldn’t catch his counter parts but learning things from them he too caught up with them like how they were copying him he was doing the same now. After a long while he could sense her scent as if she was very near to him, looking around the place he could only see darkness but his senses alerted him about her presence near by. Finding water in the oasis he found her sitting on a rock looking around and waiting for him may be. He was so happy to see her finally that he silently landed next to her & was lost in her. He didn’t make his presence felt just like another rock sat beside her in that little brightness soothing his heart.


She sat there waiting for Maan to come trying to distract her mind to pass time so that she might not fall asleep her itself. Suddenly she started to hear noises of some animals making her a bit frightened by that. Slowly she turned to the sound only to find two eyes staring at her intently in that darkness. For a second she was scared but then realising the owner of those eyes she could only blush forgetting the rest of the world. Still as his gaze didn’t waiver from her only made her lower her gaze but still she could feel the heat with that intense stare. She could only be saved by that look when she hid herself in the embrace of this man.


When she was safely hid in her armour she felt cold breeze hitting her making her to snuggle into him. She thought he would take her in his arms and walk the distance but was surprised to see herself moving so fast. She looked up and pressed her self more on to him scared to see him use the creepers to move. “Maan have you gone mad can we please walk. Maan Maan please” she pleaded making all kind of faces but he didn’t reply back or squirm to her complains. And what surprised her more was the batch of apes following them.


She complained complained and complained but only received an intent gaze which was from him which expressed the happiness, relief and full of love concern, a bit of anger. And not to miss the royal silence which actually hurt her. He who would atleast shows his anger was not even uttering a word.


Maan put her on feet once they reached there camp site. She tried to pull him so that they can sleep peacefully atleast now. But he didn’t accompany her, she felt her eyes wet with his ignorance and just tucked herself in that sleeping bag.


When she was lost in her own misery, he was searching madly something but when he didn’t find any he thought of making one now. And took some creepers in his hand checking there strength and some big big leaves. He tied the ends of the creepers to two adjacent trees making it like a swing and placing the leaves on them giving it a cushion like effect. Once satisfied he came back to her only to find her cribing to her babaji. He poked her on her arm but that didn’t have any effect on her. He tried again o receive the same result, seeing her not listening he lifted her as a sack and placed it on his shoulders and made her comfortable on the swing. She was shocked to be lifted like that but then was awed by the special swing on which she was lying. She pulled him onto the swing making way so that she could feel him as close as possible.


He didn’t as much as flinch with her wishes and obliged every bit of it. Finally to sleep in one other arms to witness something more surprising to her. “Maan why are so muddy” she felt her hand wet “Maan are you hurt”. She questioned but there was again the royal silence from him. By now sun was peeping out of his den to lighten the forest with his light. Geet got to see the full view of his state. He was bruised at few places and a cut in his right shoulder mud covered all over him and even her but he was sleeping as she was beside him brining the much needed peace to his heart after his night long adventure.


She frantically started to search first aid kit in the make shift tent & ran to him to clean & nurse his wounds. After applying the medicine she slowly blew air to reduce the pain only making him tug her into him & moan her name. He slowly opened his eyes with this continous assault of his personal sudector but still his anger was something which had not subsidised so he cooly ignored her & started to pack the stuffs which were all spread in a hapzard way. Sensing the condition he is in she ran behind him trying to making talk to her but was that so easy. No this time she had really scared him off to put him really tuff spot.

“Maan I am sorry please speak with me” she pleaded. “I promise not to do any such things again.” She made all kind of faces which would melt him. And finally it did melt him and pulled her to him “you are never ever going away from me” he declared. To which she only obliged giving him her beautiful smile. “Come lets leave from here we could reach home soon before the traffic starts.” Maan took all there things while Geet followed him silently when Geet realised in a hurry yesterday night she forgot her camera on that rock itself making her run towards that direction praying her babaji for the safety of the camera. Maan turned to see why she is so silent and was shocked beyond wits to lose her again in the forest looking up he cribbed “Babaji why can’t she be with me always rather than getting lost each time. Meri Biwi Kho Gayi Phirse.”

Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 13


Part 13

Geet had broken his heart brutally and also her’s too but that was all worth it. She could not have sat there in front of him & put a brave face; she had to get away from him but was that really possible he resided in her. For her he lived in her, every breathe she took held his scent, every step he was with her don’t know when he just became a part of her. The look in his face told her the story of his hurt heart, the pain she just injected into it, disappointment on facing rejection of your love that too without giving a chance haunted her. She wanted to run away but that would have not solved the issue in hand, how much time can she just look herself in her room but that only reminded the morning incident.   

Everything was going on smoothly; the VO was built and was even managed well until that dreadful night which took away the happiness of everyone. It was raining heavily while Sunitha and Mamatha along with there family were returning from a day long trip and had met with a bad accident. All my kids just left me at once had it not been for my grandchildren I could have never been able to overcome the grief.


When Mrs. Pathak was telling her grief Geet was getting that glimpse which she still remembers the rainy night which devastated her life. She was too small but still remembers that one sight of blood mixed with water flowing on road & she couldn’t know what to do but just cry witnessing that. Every time she notices the rain flowing away this was the thing which haunted her.  She only knew her parents died that night but never did she know that her mother’s best friend’s family also left this world at the same time.  


“Geet you would be wondering why we are telling you these things now” said Mrs. Prasad

She just sat there expecting something worst because her instincts said to her that it was just the beginning of the storm. Mrs. Pathak gave her the red file which she had study today morning when she came to VO. Geet got curious seeing that different file in front of her & opened it to find out those were the land papers of VO.

“This file was to be given to us 3 years back when you turned 20 years but the lawyers who were handling these have messed it up & now we are left to face the catastrophe.” Said Mrs. Prasad


Those papers said that the land on which the VO is given on lease and would expire on the 23rd birthday of Geet. Her hands shivered to go on further & read it but that was necessary to see the solution overcome this issue. She went ahead & read that there were three ways which could be chosen. One was to pay the extended lease instalment payments before the 22nd birthday, which could not be possible as she was turning 23 in 3 days. Next was to do nothing but let the government to take over this land under compulsory acquisition scheme where in they will be given a amount for it but that was also not possible as the amount will be received only after 5 years of the transfer, where will they go in 3 days.


Before she could read further she thought about the life’s that were depended upon this orphanage. They were 46 members in this orphanage ranging from 6 years to 20 years, girls, boys & other 12 members who used to take care of the proper functioning of this. In just 3 days all the 58 of them would be left on street. Just because of me what is it with me turning to 25 that all these 60 odd people would loose the roof off there head.

She turned to next page to receive the biggest shock it said that only way to avert this was her marriage with Mamatha Aunt’s son that too before she turned into 23 years of old. Was this a joke, how was she going to marry someone else; she is only Maan’s but how can she let these many people suffer for no mistake of there’s. She had make the last call & accepted the fate that was already laid in front of her and that was what she did accepted the left option.

“I am ready for the marriage you can make all the arrangements” said Geet


Maan sat there numb and devoid of all the emotions as he saw her retreating figure. What was he supposed to do now, should he just believe her words? Had she said a no a day before when he had asked for the lunch it would have been justified but now when she came here accepting his offer for this lunch. Or did she felt it was just a lunch and nothing more to it was another question in his mind. Was he wrong in reading her feelings towards him; was he just a friend for her. He cleared the bill and thought to follow her but he didn’t even know where she stayed, he had to speak to her. He tried reaching her but she never picked his call, dejected he entered his mansion and was greeted by Netra. She made him sit next to him and started to tell him how was the days she spent, her talks which usually made him relax was also not giving him the peace his heart needed. Finally he asked “Netra, where is maa.” She replied “Maa has gone to meet her friends & their kitty parties. Leave her, you talk to Me.” but then she got a call from her friend & just left him there to ponder upon the issue which was heading no where. Just as he thought his mind will burst out with all these things he saw his Maa coming back giving him the little hope that everything would be fine.