Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 12


Part 12

She left the VO to meet Maan supposed to be her date, first date even the last one too, how she wished he had not loved her. Till morning she was thanking babaji for bringing him in her life and now she was wishing the contrary. Thinking of morning she was reminded of the morning conversation.

Geet sat there all confused why she was here between them but sat quietly as they would have not called her without any reason that’s when Mrs. Pathak started Geet you know how this VO was formed. It has its own story.

There were two girls one Sunitha and another Mamatha both were very good friends from school days. They used to spend there maximum time together. They were termed as friends only because they belonged to two different families or else they could be said as sisters. Both were lucky as they had two families, they got everything double love care gifts home parents. Both as a team were the best, individual they had there own issues but they never had trouble since the other would help in overcome that issue.

Ever happy thing comes to an end exactly the same way these two were separated from one other. How much painfully the separation may be there was happiness too reason was Sunitha had started a new phase of life. Being in same city they used to meet but still the distance did come in because of time and now both had different priorities. 5 years had gone by but Sunitha didn’t have any kids which was affecting her mentally. Years passed by but still it was Mamatha was the only one to whom she could open up. At that time she was a new married one. It was not an issue which both could have sat and solved it still Mamatha gave her the emotional support at that time. 

There was nothing wrong in Sunitha or her husband doctor had said that but still the wait was something which Sunitha could not bear. They had even gone to orphanage to adopt but that was not approved by Sunitha’s husband so the pain only increased.

To protect her from break down Mamatha diverted Sunitha to seek divines grace. It was in one of these visits did they were sitting at the steps and that’s when Sunitha had mentioned how unfortunate I am that I don’t have anyone who can call me maa. How I wished I had so many kids. I cannot go against his words I cannot adopt them but one day I want to build a place where all these kids would get a home.

That day Mamatha had decided to help her fulfil this dream.

In midst of helping Sunitha, Mamatha had got her share of wish but how could she to tell this to Sunitha she was scared for her reaction. But when news had reached her, she was the happiest and started to leave in her happiness.

Things changed drastically for both from there on as kid was expected in one family. As the time passed Sunitha also got the light to cherish her dream.

With the bundle of joy in both of them arms they didn’t forget to build a place for those children who didn’t have parents. Sunitha had a girl and Mamatha had a boy.

Sunitha used to always tease Mamatha that had she delivered her prince before itself then she would have had her princess too earlier without this much wait.

Mamatha was nothing less in teasing too she always replied that she will keep both of them with her only.

On asking how she can do that, she used to proudly say my princess will be my daughter in law.

One day Sunitha had put her wish to open a orphanage to her husband for which he had said that building it is a big responsibility that would require huge capital but today he has not saved that much. Sunitha didn’t lose hope here but told her plan to Mamatha & then the plan was set. Mamatha’s family were to provide the land & Sunitha’s family decided to build the home there and also to take care the functioning of the homage.


Geet wondered why the history was revealed to her now; she had never known her mother had a best friend then where is she now did she leave her the moment her mother left this world. Were all those words of care & love just a myth. It was not she ever expected that anybody who had known her parents will be with her but knowing someone was there too close to her mother had never visited her did hurt her.


As she was heading towards the restaurant her foot just stopped thinking the pain she was going to give him today. She sat outside in the park gathering all the strength to face him. But it is said than done; she closed her eyes and let those tears out of her silently. She felt someone sitting next to her and pulling her in to a hug, even with those closed eyes she could feel him consoling her with just his presence but she knew that this was just another illusion of her heart. She smiled at her self that with every emotions she could feel him. He could never part himself from her, hurting him will her heart too but he is the only one who would cure this pain too.


Once she felt light she looked up to his face which was just as calm and smiling at her as usual not to miss that admiration on seeing her. Finally when she gathered to face him in real, she stood up but her heart her maan jerked her veil to stop her when she turned to look at him he just nodded his head for a no indicating her not to let go him but she just walked letting her veil slip out of his hands.


4 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 12”

  1. some times the word love possesses such strong emotions within it!
    Once again u have put it with at most beauty!
    I think I can now guess the future story
    let’s see how much I’m right! !

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