Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 13


Part 13

Geet had broken his heart brutally and also her’s too but that was all worth it. She could not have sat there in front of him & put a brave face; she had to get away from him but was that really possible he resided in her. For her he lived in her, every breathe she took held his scent, every step he was with her don’t know when he just became a part of her. The look in his face told her the story of his hurt heart, the pain she just injected into it, disappointment on facing rejection of your love that too without giving a chance haunted her. She wanted to run away but that would have not solved the issue in hand, how much time can she just look herself in her room but that only reminded the morning incident.   

Everything was going on smoothly; the VO was built and was even managed well until that dreadful night which took away the happiness of everyone. It was raining heavily while Sunitha and Mamatha along with there family were returning from a day long trip and had met with a bad accident. All my kids just left me at once had it not been for my grandchildren I could have never been able to overcome the grief.


When Mrs. Pathak was telling her grief Geet was getting that glimpse which she still remembers the rainy night which devastated her life. She was too small but still remembers that one sight of blood mixed with water flowing on road & she couldn’t know what to do but just cry witnessing that. Every time she notices the rain flowing away this was the thing which haunted her.  She only knew her parents died that night but never did she know that her mother’s best friend’s family also left this world at the same time.  


“Geet you would be wondering why we are telling you these things now” said Mrs. Prasad

She just sat there expecting something worst because her instincts said to her that it was just the beginning of the storm. Mrs. Pathak gave her the red file which she had study today morning when she came to VO. Geet got curious seeing that different file in front of her & opened it to find out those were the land papers of VO.

“This file was to be given to us 3 years back when you turned 20 years but the lawyers who were handling these have messed it up & now we are left to face the catastrophe.” Said Mrs. Prasad


Those papers said that the land on which the VO is given on lease and would expire on the 23rd birthday of Geet. Her hands shivered to go on further & read it but that was necessary to see the solution overcome this issue. She went ahead & read that there were three ways which could be chosen. One was to pay the extended lease instalment payments before the 22nd birthday, which could not be possible as she was turning 23 in 3 days. Next was to do nothing but let the government to take over this land under compulsory acquisition scheme where in they will be given a amount for it but that was also not possible as the amount will be received only after 5 years of the transfer, where will they go in 3 days.


Before she could read further she thought about the life’s that were depended upon this orphanage. They were 46 members in this orphanage ranging from 6 years to 20 years, girls, boys & other 12 members who used to take care of the proper functioning of this. In just 3 days all the 58 of them would be left on street. Just because of me what is it with me turning to 25 that all these 60 odd people would loose the roof off there head.

She turned to next page to receive the biggest shock it said that only way to avert this was her marriage with Mamatha Aunt’s son that too before she turned into 23 years of old. Was this a joke, how was she going to marry someone else; she is only Maan’s but how can she let these many people suffer for no mistake of there’s. She had make the last call & accepted the fate that was already laid in front of her and that was what she did accepted the left option.

“I am ready for the marriage you can make all the arrangements” said Geet


Maan sat there numb and devoid of all the emotions as he saw her retreating figure. What was he supposed to do now, should he just believe her words? Had she said a no a day before when he had asked for the lunch it would have been justified but now when she came here accepting his offer for this lunch. Or did she felt it was just a lunch and nothing more to it was another question in his mind. Was he wrong in reading her feelings towards him; was he just a friend for her. He cleared the bill and thought to follow her but he didn’t even know where she stayed, he had to speak to her. He tried reaching her but she never picked his call, dejected he entered his mansion and was greeted by Netra. She made him sit next to him and started to tell him how was the days she spent, her talks which usually made him relax was also not giving him the peace his heart needed. Finally he asked “Netra, where is maa.” She replied “Maa has gone to meet her friends & their kitty parties. Leave her, you talk to Me.” but then she got a call from her friend & just left him there to ponder upon the issue which was heading no where. Just as he thought his mind will burst out with all these things he saw his Maa coming back giving him the little hope that everything would be fine.


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