Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 14


Part 14

Same moment Mrs. Pathak got a call mobile was in front of Geet she looked into the screen it said Vikram Pathak. She passed it to old lady who had a million dollar smile on her face & she exclaimed “That’s my grand son”


“Vicky I have good news, guess what that could be.” Mrs. Pathak spoke the moment she spoke to him


“Dadimaa what is this you are not even asking me how I am, how my trip was or telling me how you are. Did you take your medicines today? How is your BP nowadays?” complained Vicky


“Forget all those and guess it.” Excited dadi replied


“Dadimaa you are telling as if you just saw your daughter in law and fixed the marriage too in 2 days.” Vicky replied as his dadimaa was really worried with marriage topic.


Mrs. Pathak just muffled her laugh and replied “you hit the jackpot son.”


“Dadimaa is that really true, you got me a partner. It is not a joke of you both ladies right.” asked Vicky


“No Vicky it’s not a joke we will soon have someone who would take care of us just like how my daughter used too.”


Vicky just rolled his eyes, seeing his dadi starting the old debate daughter vs. Daughter in law. He thought he should not let her see sans bahu serials. And also wished that who ever will be the new person in his family should not have to hear these taunts.


“Vicky, are you hearing me you should be in home by the time I reach home. There are so many things that should be taken care.” ordered Mrs. Pathak


“Dadi are you really serious marriage in two days.” Asked Vicky shocked


“Meet you in another 2 hours in home, there I will tell you everything in detail.” Said Mrs. Pathak and went inside to decide others things.


Mrs. Pathak came back to speak with Mrs. Vindhya prasad about the wedding arrangements.


Mrs. Pathak we have another problem in hand after 3 days is the auspicious day that is on Geet’s birthday on same day we have organised for a samuhika vivaah for some of them in the temple and we have made all the arrangements for it. We can’t be in two places so we thought of arranging Geet’s also there only.


Vindhya we know time is very short and both are getting into a relation without knowing each other also, they too need time and we also. So we will go ahead with the wedding now and when they are a bit comfortable then we could go for reception and announce there wedding to the world. You know how media people are behind us for each and everything, that event will actually help us doing things in a peaceful manner.


Geet sat all gloomy alone in her room trying to make her believe with the reality when she heard a knock on the door. And two girls came in even before that could be answered

“Geet Di we are here to get ready. You are getting married; i am very excited we will have fun” exclaimed Mahi from orphanage.


“You start preparing the packs; you can talk along with it.” Commanded Riju the other one


“Yes Di… as you say… Geet Di you didn’t tell the name of our jiju…”asked mahi trying to tease her.


Geet without any emotions just replied Vikram Pathak. But the pain which she was feeling at the mention of some other person name was unfathomable.


Unknown to these thoughts the two girls were busy in discussing on the make up stuff that should be applied on there Geet Di. For them it was marriage of there Di, they wanted to contribute there share of efforts to make sure she looked nothing less than an Angel.


Geet was made to sit, while these two girls started to do facial to her and trying to probe why the marriage was arranged so early as Mrs. Prasad had not mentioned the real reason for the hurry. They wanted to know more about the groom. Geet Di, did you meet jiju asked Mahi




So you must have seen his snap… show us also… pouted Mahi




“Then how did you say yes” asked confused mahi.


“I trust the elders to decide for me.” Replied Geet.


Mahi was still not convinced about all this. Looking at the turn of events Riju suggested why we don’t search for the snap in net. They are from a very eminent family we will surely get a snap.


That just lit Mahi’s enthusiasm and she ran to start the computer system as by now Geet was asked not to move nor speak anything as that will hamper their hard work.


Mahi was just dumbfounded seeing a hot jiju. She wanted her Di to know too but she was adamant enough to go with elders wishes. She got an idea and started to describe his features to her.


Di jiju is about 6 feet tall.


Geet thought Maan is 5’7″

Mahi continued Small black eyes

Big dark black eyes in which she can drown herself

Short hairs

She wanted to thread her fingers those thick hairs

Clean shave added Mahi

Geet could only imaging how it would feel when she would trace her hand on those L shaped stubble & those lips in m shape.

Di Jiju has built muscles too, look at his biceps…

That just brought in the memories of her hug how she could still feel that thudding heart against her chest. Geet had not given a thought at that time but when Mahi mentioned them she could only imagine how that would feel when her hands will stroke those well built muscles. She could feel the heat rushing through her veins, this uncontrollable desire to see him & experience this desire.

When it became irresistible she told her mind to stop playing games with her wasn’t the fate enough that even her mind & heart are not in control of her.

Geet yelled stop it almost scaring poor Mahi.

Riju thought maybe Geet di is not comfortable in speaking all those things & even Mahi is still young who did not know where she was leading this to. So she let Geet be alone to calm her senses & pulled Mahi out with her.


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