Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 15


Part 15

Night before the day of wedding when everyone had slept but for one person sleep was far away from her eyes. She just stared into the photo of her parents standing in front of them, complaining them that it is unfair how they could think of making so many lives depended on her marriage, they are her only family she is ready to burn herself to light there lives. All those memories of her life in this same home just flooded in front of her eyes. When her emotions were too high to control within herself she took assistance of her dance her every move depicted her disappointment, helplessness. She complained it is unfair unfair but who was there to listen to her plea. They made her a doll in the name of the love which her heart is paying now for.    

Ek lau hai sau parchhai hain

Duhaai hai, Duhaai hai

Aankhon ne aag barsaai hai

Duhaai hai, Duhaai hai

Chahat ki zara koi poochhe

Duhai hai, Duhaai hai

Keemat kya dil ne chukaai hai

Duhai hai, duhai hai


Tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollable; her face showed how wrecked state she was turned into. She couldn’t blame the family now she is living with nor could tell them about her condition. It is unfair on her part. She no longer wished for any thing only cry at fates play.


Apno se koi shikwa nahi

Bas Duhaaiyan, Duhaaiyan

Apno se koi gila nahi

Bas duhaiyan, duhaiyan

O.. o..Hothon pe koi dua nahi

Bas Duhaaiyan, Duhaaiyan


She had gone through so much to live in this world followed her heart’s wish still abided by the rules of this society, it was not first time they were in a situation where she had to live in anguish but never was she in a phase where her yes or no made live of so many of them. She desired to come out of this only if he was there to get her out of this where there was only happiness, friends & love, his love, where in every moment life had a meaning, love ran in her veins.  



Bandishon mein jiya kiya

Jiya kiya main to

Ranjishon mein jiya kiya.. aa. aa.

Yaaron mujhe le chalo, le chalo

Le chalo tum wahaan

Yaaron mujhe le chalo tum wahaan

Ho jahaan har khushi, dosti pyaar ki

Ho jahaan zindagi har lafaz mein basi


She fell on the ground sobbing when she felt a hand wiping off her tears; even with close eyes she could sense it the person who did that. She didn’t want to open her eyes as she knew the moment she did that he will no longer be infront of her. She wanted to get out of this cage, wanted to run away where she could be free from this burden. She never thought letting go was so difficult this heart will remain devoid of his love. As she decided her next course for freedom she left to her room, one thing which still didn’t leave her mind was it is unfair. It is not fair. Unfair  


Ab main chala hoon wahaan

Jahaan bas rihaai hai, rihaai hai

Khaali rahegi jagah

Jo dil mein banaayi hai, duhai hai o..



Geet sat with all the girls’ ready waiting for their call to go to the altar composing herself looking as calm as possible not giving away the inner turmoil going on in her heart. Some girls came asking everyone to move to the altar where their respective grooms were waiting for them. Geet led the whole lot of brides, she descended from the steps as an angel dressed in light pink lehnga, she was an epitome of beauty everyone eyes were struck on her and her eyes were not even looking at anyone but the ground. She could sense him around like a shadow but as she neared to the altar that feeling only increased, it wouldn’t have taken a second to search him & be in his embrace but she could not fail at the last moment.


Vicky saw the Angel from the heaven; they would make a heavenly pair. He had waited for this moment to come in his life. He was already getting naughty ideas to trouble her, how he would make her laugh. He had so much to say to her, he was excited like a small kid to give report to his mother about the day’s achievement.


Mrs. Pathak watched her to be granddaughter in law descending she could only remember her kids wish to see this pair getting married, turning the friendship into relation making their bond powerful. Her one of the problem will be solved with this marriage. She always feared who would take care of her grandchildren after her but having Geet her problem is solved because she trusted the values of her Sunitha’s blood.


There was another pair of eyes who watched her every move, her every hesitance with every step towards the altar. He could feel her coldness even when she was far away from him. But still he was mesmerized with her this look too. No matter in which mood she was he could only love her. Yes he loves her till the last breath. As she moved towards the groom his heart was beating fast.  what could he do she was not even looking at him nor anywhere as if it didn’t matter what or who were around her.


All these thoughts of everyone came to halt with the sudden commotion happening when some one objected “This marriage can’t happen, stop it.”


Mrs. Prasad got scared with the abrupt interferes from someone as she had witnessed Geet’s state last night. Did Geet have someone else in her life and had she just sacrificed her life for this Vatsalya Orphanage. If it was true then they were not wrong in hiding the last clause from her. As it said in case of death of either of the pair by the time Geet turns 23 the land could be saved by payment of lease. If this was known to Geet, she wouldn’t have thought a second to choose that path.

Geet didn’t want any interruption in this ritual but wanted to end this as soon as possible as her will was breaking she feared if it prolonged a bit more she might quit this fight and ran away from here putting others in spot.


14 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 15”

  1. God the tumoil of Geet described in this part is unbearable.She jst cant stand what’s happening to her,yet she cant stop it.Its painful to see her like that.

    Do smthng to save her.That clause you mentioned at the end,may be that cud help her.

    Going great buddy.Congrats for d blog.You’ve designed it beautifully.


  2. still there is so much confusion/….

    I think Geet is going to marry Maan only and Vicky may be her dewar who want to have his bhabi as mischieve partner….
    so there was another clause also in that will and mrs. Pathak didn’t tell this to Geet….

    thanx for pm…

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