Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 16


Part 16

Everyone’s attention was on the person who raised a voice against this marriage. He came under the scanner of inquisitive peoples eyes but the man stood there determined not to let the others win over his intensions. Before he could speak anything his mobile beeped indicating an incoming message, seeing the name on the screen he couldn’t ignore it. When he read the message he was shocked beyond words. But then he composed himself and continued with his demeanour and with confidence he repeated again “This marriage can’t happen, stop it.”  


When he was repeating those words panic began to settle in the altar, all the ladies started there gossip doubting the integrity of the bride as a man was objecting it which in turn enraged groom & its family. While the next set of words actually bought more confusion “Yash cannot marry anyone other than my sister”.

Who is Yash? Questioned Mrs. Prasad.

“My sister loves him and I can not let him marry anyone else” replied the intruder.

“There is no groom whose name is Yash” replied Mrs. Prasad checking her register

“He might have given some other name to save himself from us.” Suggested the intruder

“Okay you can check every groom face” suggested Mrs. Pathak.

Vicky asked his friends “Make sure this intruder leave this premises as soon as possible. I don’t want any interruption in this marriage.”

The intruder checked each & every person present there to find Yash & to his bad luck there was no Yash in this hall. Before anyone could say anything else he expressed his sorry to everyone present there left with heavy heart to find his sister’s love.

Once this unwanted person was bid bye there was no obstacles for this marriage. Mr. & Mrs. Prasad did the kanyadanna handing over the responsibility of Geet.

Geet sat there numb just following every order blindly but to her dismay she could only link Maan with every ritual. She came back to reality when she was adorned with vermilion in the partition and what else could she do other than close her eyes and surrender. She could feel the cold metal touch her neck binding her in the shackles of this relation. Like that cold metal even she became cold to everything, she didn’t know what was happening around her nor did she want to feel anything.  


There was a little happiness of saving the lives of so many of them. A lone tear still made is way from the corner of her eye onto his hand which he was pulling out after tying the mangalsutra around her neck. When he looked up to see another drop of tear all set to fall from her closed eyes and her lips curved showing a small smile. He was confused but this was not the time to question her either he should have faced her before or when they will be alone but definitely not now, he had to wait for her response.


Manzilon Pe Aake Lut-Te Hain Dilon Ke Caravaan

Kashtiyaan Saahil Pe Aksar Doobjate Hain Pyaar Ki


She stood in a room where maroon and cream curtain adored the windows at the right side and light was penetrate slightly through the balcony doors at the foremost corner; while the whole place was illuminated with scented candles; jasmine flowers left a pleasing fragrance everywhere. But she was far from all these aesthetics around. Everything was done; this marriage was done, but the new problem was in front of her these aesthetics were scaring her. How could she just give in to someone else other than her love, if getting married was piercing her within then this was burning alive.  Now she had to live in this darkness until she chooses to back off this life.


Only thing still ran in her mind that was the disappointment, pain and the hurt she witnessed in those eyes, which always had so much love and care. How could she give pain to him the one whom she loved so much but we hurt the person whom we love the most because we believe that we have right over them not only to love them but also to hurt them.

She came out of her world when she heard him again saying “Remembering me”. She could see Maan again with his hands crossed over his chest leaning on the door frame of the dressing room. She said to herself No this just another illusion. She didn’t move nor responded just stood there looking at him only drowning in the pool of guilt which she was already in struggling to come out of it. She didn’t had  to reply as this was yet another figment of her mind, which was the same she had been witnessing from past few days. When she couldn’t bear the acquisition look anymore on his face she closed her eyes and repeating in her mind please go please go please please.

She was startled with some ladies barge into the room. Her first reaction was to look at the direction where he stood and was glad that he was not there. What an irony she needs him and still doesn’t want him here. She was led to the large decorated bed and was helped to settle there comfortably. One of them pulled her veil so as to cover her face full properly. They tried to give some advice some tried to tease but when she didn’t react to anything but sit like a doll devoid of any emotions they gave each other a disappointed look at each other and left her alone to face her husband.

She sat there wondering….

Kyun pyaar ka mausam beet gaya

Kyun humse jamana jeet gaya

Har ghadi mera dil gham ke ghere mein hain

Jindagi dur tak ab andhere mein hain

Andhere mein hain, andhere mein hain



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