Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 17


Part 17

Mrs. Prasad spoke to Mrs. Pathak after all the rituals “Thanks mam for helping us save our home & accepting Geet as her grand daughter in law mainly for believing in Geet even without knowing anything about her.”

“Geet being Sunitha’s daughter itself is enough to accept her into my family Vindhya.” Replied Mrs. Pathak

“Maam I have a request, this marriage all of a sudden would be too much responsibility on so can just be little lenient on her ignore her mistakes.” Asked Vindhya.

“Geet is my grand daughter now, so you don’t have to worry about her now I will make sure she is comfortable with us.” Assured Mrs. Pathak.

“Well I guess you don’t have to hide anything with Geet about the last clause nor fear what if she choose death over this marriage.” spoke Mrs. Prasad.

“I will make sure all these details will be known to her but not now. Infact I haven’t even told about the land case to even my grandson. I just told him that it is his mother’s last wish to see him married with her on this specific date & he just obliged. I didn’t want him to show any pity on Geet & marry her. They have to know each other let them choose what they want to share with each other” mentioned Mrs. Pathak

There conversation went on with discussion of the case & the following legal proceedings and formalities which has to be followed next. This conversation was heard by none other than Maan Singh Khuranna, who was way beyond shocked to hear so much his Geet had to bear & he couldn’t help her. He knew there was a miss but still he didn’t do anything but after hearing the talks of these ladies he was sure that she was forced into this marriage may not be by any person but the situation led her to accept this marriage. What if she chooses to part away as the problem is solved now.


 Geet locked the room in which she was asked to stay making sure no one interrupts her in her work. She held a bottle of poison in her one hand and was looking for something around. On the study table had a small notepad and a pen, without a second wasting she started to write her last testimony on that expressing the reason for her death & what will be the state of her estates after her demise. She loved someone else whom she rejected only to save everyone but she can’t hold herself more in this pain of hurting her love betraying her heart wish and wants to end it as soon as possible. She couldn’t be his than she can’t be anyone else’s too.

She also asked sorry from that man whom she married but had not even cared to see him face to face, reason was simple she didn’t even what to involve him in her life issues but she was compelled by the situation to save the Orphanage but even now he can move on in his life after her death. Now that the Orphanage is saved, she can peacefully choose to leave this world.

With that she opens the bottle & gulps down the entire poison to free her soul from this pain for ever.



Vibration of his mobile brought him back to the reality; it took a minute to realise that it was just his imagination. He told himself Geet is strong and mature enough not to make any of these kinds of acts. She would not choose a cowards path to end this but will endure the pain. But still his heart didn’t allow him to keep quite and stay there. He has to sneak into the room to see what she is doing. It’s going to be tuff to go undetected but he has to manage to pull this without any disturbance.


He waited till the right time and then sneaked into the room only to witness Geet standing all lost in thoughts her look told him she wasn’t happy with all these things happening around. He was glad to see her safe and sound nothing like what he had thought was happening here. He stood against the door crossing his arms around his chest waiting for her to look at him but she made no efforts to know what is around her after a while he thought to gain her attention so he spoke “Remembering me”.


She looked at him but reaction was not what he had thought of; she would either run into his arms or she might scream and gain attention of others or just pushing him out of this room. She didn’t do any of those but stood numb there; her face reflected the pain. He couldn’t look at her so broken with layers of tears coming out of her eyes while she didn’t make any efforts to move. He thought to comfort her pull into his embrace but he backed off when he heard some noise of ladies coming into the room so he went inside the dressing room attached to the room.


Geet sat on the bed as the ladies suggested her; there teasing didn’t even effect her as she didn’t know what she was supposed to expect from this marriage. Person whom she has not seen or knows eachother, it was not only her fault but also the grooms as even he didn’t initiate to know her; she could only conclude that even he was compelled into this marriage.


Geet turned her heart into stone and thought to move on with the relation as she couldn’t give happiness to Maan but that wouldn’t mean she should betray her husband. She has already given pain to one and didn’t wish to give that to anyone else now.


She was in her own world of thoughts when she heard the click sound of the door announcing the arrival of her groom. There was slight shift in the bed making her aware that he sat next to her on the bed but she didn’t dare to lift her head. Slowly he took her veil off from her face and placed it on her head but she didn’t want to move even an inch. Next his attention was taken by her jewellery which was off her in no time; her jewellery was added on the side table while his lips gave a return kiss at the place from where it was removed.

His lips were not leaving an inch to of her skin. Then what followed was something even she had never thought of lost in those kisses “Maan” came out of her mouth halting the passion which was overpowering his mind. Moment those words were spoken she couldn’t do anything but to close her mouth with her hands and lash out more layers of tears from her.



12 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 17”

  1. Bingo! !!!
    Kya guess mara! !
    I’ve guessed it was Maan in the prologue
    N that Geet isn’t going 2 marry Maan!
    this is all my guessing ends! !
    Now waiting 2 know how ur going 2 justify the title!!

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