Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 19


Part 19

Maan didn’t want to hurt her in his anger so he turned away from her but unknown to him his words were giving her the same. He continued his questions “You have any idea what I felt when you refused my love. How easy was it for you to just push me away and walk away saying you thought me as a friend only but Geet that is not truth you didn’t even term me as your friend, if you had then you would have atleast invited me to your wedding. Did you feel I would become any obstacle to your wedding? By the way where is your husband I could say hello before I leave and tell him today you suddenly realise that you love me and not him.”

His mocking made her reply “I thought you are my husband.”

Maan turned back to her & pinned her to the bed rest “Oh… really then why did tears made their way when your partition was filed” while he took her mangalsutra tied around her neck in between his fingers as if playing with it and continued “why did you turned cold when this chain was tied to your neck. If you really loved me and were marrying me then you should have been happy & smiling not filed with tears & regret.”

She didn’t know how to tell him but it was not the time to be silent “I only knew that I was going to get married to Pathak aunty’s grand son & his name is Vikram Pathak. It didn’t matter to me what he is or who he is. Only thing I was sure was that it is not you whom I am going to live my remaining life with. Then how am I going to be happy with all this so called marriage, it was just a compromise from my end.”  

“You could have always refused to marry him at first place forget about refusing you didn’t even bother to tell me that you even liked me nor did you try to fight for our love.”

“I had to for saving all the lives of Vatsalya orphanage depended on this wedding. I would have never fallen silent if it was not for everyone’s lives at stake.”

“You could have atleast let me know about all this issue so that we could have come up with a solution.  But no you had to take the decision on our lives & get away from me. Or is it that you never trusted my love.”  Maan questioned.

“I took the liberty to take decision on both our lives and walk away from your life. That was the best option for us for everyone. But now I don’t know how to face everyone after… ” she couldn’t continue.

“After what Geet… ”

“Maan if you didn’t marry me then why you did get close to me like this.”

“You didn’t leave me a choice Geet, I stood in front of you but you were so ignorant of my presence that I had to do something more than just wait for you to come of your own world.”

“Maan tell me the truth, don’t scare me you married me right” pleaded Geet

“What do you think Geet I would have felt to see you sit in that altar & become someone else’s.” He took her hand placed it on just above his heart “It hurts here Geet to see you go away from me, it hurts to see your tears falling from your eyes I could still feel them on my hand which fell when I filled your partition with my name making you, marking you as mine. I could never let go my love. I will never let go. I took the liberty to take decision on both of our lives and walk together for all through the life.”

His words brought only tears in Geet eyes but this time it was of happiness & not of pain. She hugged him shedding the pearls finally reducing burden off her heart. As the weights of the guilt was washing away the love surfaced to calm both their wounded hearts. After a while she spoke when reality hit her “Maan I got my happiness at the cost of ruining the lives of my loved ones, they are the only persons for whom I had always thought to live for and I have myself destroyed there lives & built my dream castle on them. I am not worth of your love nor any happiness they all will be startled on streets and I would not be there beside them to save.”

Maan settled her in the bed while he trailed his love to comfort her. It pained him to look at her defeated look “You don’t have to worry Geet.” He wanted to hide her from all the problems never let any shadow of pain on her.

“Yes, I have to as we can’t save that place there is no solution to save it. All there hopes were on me & today I failed to protect them. That’s my home, my last possession related to my family I don’t want to lose it. I couldn’t handle one responsibility properly” Geet cribbed hiding her self in his embrace.

“Geet nothing will happen to any of the things which is yours, I wouldn’t let anything wrong to come in your way.”  

“I never lost my fight but this time I really don’t have any choice. I can do anything to protect them.”  Geet was still blabbering while her mind had already started thinking on what else options can be used to atleast to give them shelter. Whom she could contact to search a new place, she decided if she couldn’t save the place atleast she could provide an alternative solution for there stay.

“Geet” Maan called her when he felt her silent suddenly but then realised she had fallen asleep. She looked tired but still there was a glow after all the ups & downs they had faced in 3 days. He let her sleep as revelations can wait till she wakes up tomorrow and drifted to sleep soon having her in his arms.



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