Pyaar Ke Liye – Epilogue



Maan sat in his room, no in their room working with his laptop trying to complete all his work as early as possible as he had to make himself free for his wife for this weekend. They are supposed to leave for a dinner date tonight celebrating their first anniversary of their meet in rain outside the library. This time he wasn’t nervous or worried about how to plan it, he thought to complete their interrupted lunch date only difference this time it is a dinner one.


He was in the hurry to complete all his files which he had earlier planned to complete on this weekend for his upcoming meetings on Monday. He was engrossed in his files when he saw his wife moving into the dresser to get ready for the outing. She had seen him & gesture towards the watch indicating him to be ready on time. Well she had not known his plans that he had actually told her a time which was well in advance as he had this feeling that they are bound to get late. He chuckled at his thoughts & was back to his work.


He was so engrossed in the file that he didn’t see the time, but he was working in his normal pace still he didn’t get any reminder from his wife that in fact was little strange. When he checked it now it time had flew and by this time she should be out of the dresser cribbing him about being late but today this was not happening. Maybe today she needs more time thinking so he started to complete his little more work. He finished another file but still madam has not come out of the dresser.


No use in thinking as he can always go in and check but he didn’t want to go there as he truly wanted to go out not just get struck here celebrating in an altogether different manner. Now that he didn’t have any other choice he stepped up to get in and get his dress too for change.


“Geet what are you doing how much more time you are going to take to get ready” He spoke as he entered the dresser. What he witnessed made him stop his words in his throat.


She stood in her underskirt & blouse, red sari in her hand quite irritated too. Seeing him she pouted cutely and told “Maan this Sari is troubling me a lot. This is too short I cannot tuck in enough to tie it properly.”



“Geet wear something else.” He suggested as he didn’t want to stay here any longer making it difficult for himself.


“No, I want to wear this one only.” She complained looking at the sari in her hand thinking it might agree to her words & oblige by staying in its right place.


“You & your sari are one always showing tantrums.” He tried to tease her but she was in no mood to take them, he sensed that she might just spill her tears any moment. So he suggested her while picking his change of dress. “Try once again let’s see this time it might not show tantrums to you.”


He turned to other way & got himself changed but his wife was now getting more irritated with this & was in a verge to break her mood. Once he was done she asked her “Choose some other one.”


“No, you bought me with so much of love & I couldn’t wear it.” She replied looking down at her state.


“Okay, let me help you. Why is it creating a problem at the first place.” He asked


I told you “Sari’s length is short; I am unable to tuck in more than a quarter inch that’s why it is slipping.”


How he wished she had understood why this sari was short of length, but now he had to explain it her thinking about it he had a smirk on his face. He replied “Give me I will try.”


He pulled the sari which was already tucked in while he stood right in front of her with a gap not more than a quarter inch between them. “Geet come closer” saying so he pulled her more into him. Geet who was losing her patience said “How will you help me if I am on you.”


“Shh…” He stopped her placing his finger on her lips and next his fingers were replaced with his lips devouring every corner of hers. She was melting in his assault; her hands went behind his neck while his was in her waist both pulling the other more into them. Her hands were heading towards his hair when she felt his hands running on the rim of her skirt. She knew what was coming and as she thought in next second her strings were pulled but then what happened was something she never thought. He tied the strings of the skirt which was now below her navel; his hands were now back on her navel slightly pinching it with one hand while the other still made patterns. He broke the kiss for want of air & rested his forehead on hers. “Now shall we try it?” He asked. He got down on his knees placing a kiss on her navel while his hands tucked the sari in slowly making her pant for breathe. His hands skilfully worked on her while tucked in the fleets of the sari his fingers lingering at the rim for more than required. Then he pinned the pallu on her shoulders placing a kiss right behind her ears. She was already flushed and wanted to hide herself in him, he had never dressed her up till now. And doing that today made her turn more red enhancing her beauty.

“Stop blushing so much or else we have to cancel our outing tonight.” He whispered in her ears and her reaction to that was exactly opposite as she turned more red.  


He steps away from her to check her from top to bottom & extend his left hand in front of her. She placed her right hand in his making a way out to their dinner date.


Car pulled in front of the restaurant bringing back so many old memories how an almost a year back they had suffered. Both were silent remembering what they had encountered that day when they were walking towards the entrance her attention went towards the park where she had felt him consoling her heart. Seeing her lost he nudged her raised his eyebrows asking what’s wrong earning himself a warm smile in return while she entwining his arms in hers. “I had spent whole 15 mins out here to gather strength that day and you know who console me that day.” She said with a large smile on her face.


“You were feeling me beside you even at that time.”   He asked her wondering she was so madly in love with him at that time itself.


“Yes” She replied smiling sheepishly.


“Let’s go in, we are already late.” He added with a wink reminding her of the reason for getting late.


There was no hesitation or any nervousness but held a little sadness of last encounter here, but now was not the time to remember them but to replace them with a new one. The arrangements were also similar to the last time but this time it was illuminated with lights all-round them.

They were led to their table, Maan pulled out a chair asking her get settled there while he brushed his fingers on her arms slightly while pulling out his arm off her hand but not before replacing a red rose to hold on to it. She was still lost in that rose when the food was served to them as Maan had pre-ordered the food this time he knew what his date liked. It was a wonderful time to spend talking all the topics from relevant to irrelevant. They were lost in each other eyes, forgetting the world around.


They came out of the restaurant hand in hand to get back to home when Geet suggested going for a walk at this moon lit night. Well this was the pending walk to the cliff of the mountain next to it. What could be more delightful than spending the night with your love next to you. Things don’t go always as planned & that’s exactly how did they encounter as drops of water started to pour from the sky above, Geet ran to take shelter nearby while Maan stood in the mid of the pathway spreading his arms welcoming the rain.


“Geet don’t run come here.” He said trying to bring her out in the rain. “See it is raining today too.”


Geet was finding it difficult to stand out there & not feel anything. She so much wanted to enjoy like him but the rain always brought so many painful memories with it. Before the rain drops fell on her face tears spills out of her eyes. She backed off till her back hit the pillar of the shelter. Seeing her non responsive he ran to her while she just cling to him pouring tears. 


He had to bring her out of this sorrow, first thing she should remember about rain would be them nothing else. Good thing was they were alone at this time of the night and also raining so no one will come here giving the much needed privacy for them. Still in the hug he started to place kisses on her neck & shoulder making his way down, his hands kept her stable against the pillar, within seconds she was calm & feeling him as her hands went back to him pulling her into him. Slowly when she was still lost in his spell he moved her out of the shelter to drench her in rain. She was already drenched in his love that she didn’t feel anything other than him on her. His hands were moving on her waist which was heading above to quench his thirst, while her hands had made way to his chest feeling him & placing desperate kiss on his lips returning in his full favour.


They would have gone beyond that had she not felt him caress on her stomach that she had to tell him something that’s why she had asked for this walk. Now all her attention was to tell him that the rain didn’t affect her, she cupped his cheeks in her hand and said “Maan… Maan, I wanted to tell you something very important.”  She tried to gain his attention but he was still lost in her reaction as she was still soaking in rain but her eyes were showing the happiness not a sign of sadness in it. “Did she forget her pain?” He thought.


She placed his hands on her stomach & whispered in his ears “congrats Maan, you are promoted.” He didn’t understand at first but then realisation dawned upon him he pulled her in his embrace & whispered back “Congrats Geet, even you are promoted.”  As blessings of the heavens above the rain poured on them which brought them back to reality that they were standing in the rain. Both didn’t want to drench anymore & got into the cover, before her mind wandered over her past Maan said see Geet even our parents are happy with this news that’s why rain which was about to stop increased the moment you shared it with me. From now on whenever you see the rain, remember today not any other things. “Yes Maan, you are right, but today is special in many ways now, I wouldn’t forget that ever. Thanks Maan, for being with me.” With that they waited for rain to reduce Maan took her in his arms and headed back to the home.  

After 6 years

What seems as bliss can change into a depressing too and reasons are many for it. First one is Netra’s engagement today she will be soon going to be married & leaving this home. I would definitely miss her, she has become more like a friend to me helping me to understand the needs of the family & sharing secrets of everyone to impress & win everyone hearts at the initial part of my stay here then when I gelled into them even I don’t have any idea. And in another 2 months she will be a newlywed bride, her groom Karthik is a well settled in his life.


Next reason is Riju, She is still not in talking terms with me, and well she is angry with me because she thinks I lied to her about getting married to Maan. When she herself didn’t know that it was her misunderstanding that she thought she is getting married to Vicky then how was she going to tell her that. She had tried so many times but she not only ignores her now but also doesn’t spare a look at her.


Last one is Maan, He doesn’t love me anymore, and just a week back we shifted Jiya, our cute 5 years daughter to the next room. But not one day did she woke up there, every night Maan would get her & both would snuggle into each other sleep peacefully totally ignoring me. Two three days I felt it so cute to see him miss her but now he is not letting her grow up alone. Maan would get her in night once I would have slept off, once even I thought she might got scared but the door was closed from inside so Maan would get her here every night. Okay she was sleeping before too here but she used to sleep between us not on him. Now also he sleeping on his stomach & Jiya is on his back.  Before she used to coming running to me for any problem now I don’t see her anywhere near me. Neither Maan love me nor does Jiya need me now.


She turned the other way hiding her tears & nowadays her sleep is also not with her, it always troubles her she would get up in odd hours and then sleep wouldn’t come at all how much ever she tried. She so much wanted to be in his arms so that she would fall asleep in his embrace, but now she can’t have the delight of him too. That’s when her eyes felt on the time, it was time to get up and carry on the preparations. So she left to get the things started for the engagement.  

I was looking into the last minute things when I thought to check Jiya, the sight made my heart broken, Jiya ran towards Maan to help her with the dress. She used to come to me, looking at them I feel they make the world without me, more than happy together without me. Not able to stand there I made my way out to the hall. When I reached Maa was asking Riju to get the rings from Maan, well Maa did know about she being angry on us so she might be just wanting to help to cover the distance. Having no other choice she made her way towards our room. I followed her keeping a safe distance to see what she does, she knocked the door even the door was ajar to see Maan making Jiya ready for the function.


“Come in.” Maan said


“Jiju, Can you give me the rings Aunty was asking to get it from you.” Riju asked.


“Riju, it’s on the dressing table, you can take it.” He said.


“How can I? Geet di may not like me to intrude into her privacy.” Riju suggested.


“Why will Geet have any problem?” He questioned.


“She was not ready to tell me with whom she was getting married and today if she sees me then will not like it.” She replied


By that time Jiya was ready “Jiya, check what your mama is doing.” Maan said & once Jiya left he continued “Riju, you know I & Geet didn’t meet before the wedding nor did we see each other nor did we know each other’s name, it was just her misunderstanding which non thought existed. I thought you knew her more than this.”


“I am sorry Jiju, I never gave this a thought, when I got to know she lied to me I was just angry on her and didn’t want to talk to her, I thought she didn’t want me to meet you. That’s why I never came to meet you nor Geet di.” Riju told the truth while tears were pouring for hurting everyone with her action.


“No more tears, you need to apologise to someone else. Now get the rings from inside & give it to Maa.” Maan said walking out of the room to receive the guest for the functions.


Geet who stood outside hiding let her breathe now in relief finally she could manage to get this thing to her. Riju came to her saying sorry to her and their relation was back on track. Geet felt on burden off her. She so much wanted to run to maan & say thank you for clearing the air between us but then she was angry at him for ignoring her so she kept quite.


The function started with full zeal, Geet was very happy today for her, she sat next to Netra giving her company actually she would miss her more but then she had to move in her life too but her mind was going back to that one point that Maan & Jiya’s are distance from her & it was breaking her. She felt her head was heavy & she felt darkness surrounding her as she her eyes were drooping, she tried to keep them open & sit there but she that was just not in her will to keep them open. And next when she did open her eyes she was in their room, Maan all tensed rubbing her hands caressing her hairs. “Maan” my call made him look at me. “Geet, I know you won’t listen to me see how pale you have become, why did you take so much stress we are here to take care of everything. I even asked Jiya not to bother you. But no you are not going to hear to anyone right”  


“I am sorry.” She made a cute face that would melt him.


“Let’s got to doctor, you need a complete check up.” He made his words clear.


“Maan all the guests are there here today. And we don’t need to go to the doctor now. It is fixed for tomorrow.” She told him.


“You took the appointment and didn’t bother to tell me.” He questioned her trying hard not to show his anger on her.


“You were ignoring me so I didn’t get any chance to tell you.” Geet replied in same tone.


“When did I do that.” Maan said confused with her allegations.


“You are ignoring me, how much I wanted to be in your arms but no every night you get Jiya here.” She complained like a cute baby.


“Geet, if you scare the poor kid she is bound to come to me. And I didn’t get her every night she herself used to sneak into the room” He cleared his stand.


“Maan, I am not that fool, how Jiya can come inside the locked room.” She cribbed.


“Oh gosh, Come I will show you.” He took her to the dresser where the cupboard’s backside there was a door which would lead to the next room. “I thought you knew this door. You know this how I had sneaked into the room on our SR night” He continued winking at her.


“I am sorry” she again told him for misunderstanding him.

“You know you are actions are reminding me about your mood swings.” He added pulling her into his embrace, that’s what she needed & he could gladly oblige that demand.

“Well even I doubt that, so only I took tomorrow’s appointment.” She said hiding herself in him.

“Geet, I have no problem to keep you like this. But I think guests need our attention.” Maan said.


Geet was in his embrace when they heard “Mama… how are you now” Jiya asked still peeping in behind the mirror of the dresser.


“Jiya, why are you sneaking in from here?” Maan asked


“Papa, No one was allowing me to come near mama, but I wanted to see how she is so I came from here.” Jiya told showing her toothy smile.


“Don’t worry your mama is all fine.” Geet assured her.


Geet understood Jiya got scared seeing her unconscious, she got down to pick her up but before that Maan picked her in his arms as she should not be carrying heavy things now. But before Geet could tell anything he took Geet in his embrace not to let her fell down.


“Come let’s go down.” She agreed  


“But you will just sit not run around.” He orders her, which she had to oblige without any argument while both were back in the ceremony.



Life is full of beauty.

Notice it.

Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces.

Smell the rain, feel the wind.

Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.

Love is our destiny.

We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.



Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 22


Part 22

Sun made its way to the sky trying to peek into the room of the newly wed through the balcony. Maroon & cream curtains shone in bright sunlight giving a vibrant look. Scented candles melted, Jasmine flowers dried but still made its presence. Look, smell didn’t matter to the two souls which had fused into one slept in each others embrace. Peace & happiness filled in their hearts, but life can’t be so calm & stable. It is always with mad & unstable.


Exactly as these two were in a peaceful sleep others didn’t want to spare them with such a cosy treat. Just outside the room stood three people who wanted to disturb there calm & peace. Well they did deserve some fun after all the hardwork. Everything was planned but now the question came who is going to bell the cat, for sure all the three knew one thing messing with Mr. Maan Singh Khuranna will cost them more but still all the three were ready to be mess as the hope of saviour was there in their life, Mrs. Maan Singh Khuranna.Devil was Mr. where as Saviour was Mrs. Just adding a “s” can turn a devil into saviour. Taking the name of the saviour all the three jumped into the battle field with the mission only one ie trouble Mr. MSK.


Step One: Knock the door

Outcome: No reponse.

Conclusion: Step One Failed.

Step Two: Make noise but how??? Oh Yes… They have to play music. But again the question how? Ajay got the idea. All the three Ajay, Jeet & Vicky pulled up the songs that they wanted to play arranged it in the sequence. Playlist was ready for attack. The slim mobile was slided under the door while it was operated with the laptop which was synced. Within no time the song was played.

Chanda mama so gaye sooraj chachu jage

Dekho pakdo yaaron, ghadi ke kaante bhage

Ek kahani khatam to dooji shuru ho gayi mamu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, manu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, re manu


Kitne sikke jode sabko yeh chinta hai

Jeevan hai ik bank pal pal ko ginta hai

Dekho apne pyaar ki saving

javan ho gayi mamu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, mamu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, re mamu


Outcome: Loud sound of the music broke the sweet sleep of Maaneet but both had different reactions to it. Maan was angry at that and wanted to kill that sound while Geet just snuggled more into him bit closing her ears with the quilt. Maan was trying to get out of the bed to find when Geet had snuggled into him. This took away his attention towards her far away from the sound.


Here the three were left thinking what the result of there Step 2 was but the loud sound only made them wonder what was happening inside. So they had to stop the sound to hear whether any response is there from the other end.

“There is no sound inside” complained Jeet

“That’s impossible that Maan Bro not getting up at this sound.” Remarked Vicky

“Then why is it so silent.” Questioned Ajay

Like a bulb enlightened all there naughty minds started to think could that be the reason and next a change in the sequence of playlist was done.


“Geet, wake up I can stay with you all day night like this but if we don’t show up downstairs these friends of mine will grill us with teasing.” Said Maan trying to wake her up and also want to spare her from any embarrassing moment.

Geet slowly opened her eyes to watch her hubby cutely admiring her but what caught her attention was the song which was playing. She just hugged him more to control her desire. Neither of them wanted to part but if they didn’t leave now there was no turning back.


Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin       Tera Nashila Badan

Baahon Ne Chhoda Nahin          Aankhen To Kholi Magar

Sapna Woh Toda Nahin  Haan Wohi Woh Wohi

Saason Pe Rakha Hua Tere Hoton Ka            Sapna Abhi Hai Wahi

Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin



Tere Gale Milne Ke                       Mausam Bade Hote Hain                       Janmon Ka Vaada Koi

Yeh Gham Bade Chhote Hain    Lambi Si Ek Raat Ho        Lamba Sa Ek Din Mile

Bas Itna Sa Jeena Ho       Milan Ki Ghadi Jab Mile  Haan Wohi Bas Wohi

Saason Pe Rakha Hua Tere Hoton Ka                        Sapna Abhi Hai Wahi

Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin


Conclusion: Unclear to all of them as they could not hear anything but yet again failed to trouble Mr. MSK and concluded Step 2 failed.

Before they could thing of Step 3 Mrs. Pathak came towards them and warn them not to tease the newly wed, dejected they left the place.


Geet & Maan came down after an hour to greet the members in family & friends. They took the blessing of the elders as the younger ones eased the situations with their teasing & making Geet comfortable in the new family.  Maan didn’t bother to give attention to the trio leaving them in a dilemma whether they were successful in troubling MSK or not. 

Netra brought a cake to celebrate Geet’s birthday. None wished her yesterday being more occupied in the wedding but today they didn’t wanted to leave a reason to celebrate. She got gifts from each & everyone.


All sat together after the small party Geet asked “Maa, can I go and visit VO once today.”


“Sure Geet, You can visit when ever you want. Maan you can accompany her & also get her things shifted to here.” Mrs. Pathak replied. “Geet come I will get you some gifts to be given there.”


Both moved out of the crowd & once out of reach “Geet, I know this marriage was done in a hurry & you both were forced into it but I want you to make sure this marriage works. Not only because your parents wished this but also because they loved you both. It was there love that led them take such action & also fate has played a part in it too. It was all for love they held it for you guys.”


“Maa, you don’t worry. We will never let there love be disgraced. We will be happily living with all your blessings.” Geet replied.


“I knew Maan has accepted this but just wanted to confirm it from you. Confused how I got to know about his acceptance.”


Geet just nodded wanting to know this silent communication between the granny & her grand child.


“Geet you are wearing those bangles which belong to me, I had given this one to Mamatha & one to Sunitha when they got married & today both bangles adores your hands means Maan has given Mamatha’s bangle to you which he treasures it. These bangles reached its rightful heir.”

Everyone took the other for granted but was only for one reason that was love. Maan took decisions to stop this wedding for his love. Geet took decisions to keep quiet for the love she harboured for her home & save it. Mamatha & Sunitha took decisions to keep there kids as one & bound them with love. Mr. Khuranna took decision for the love he held for his estates & to keep it safe under his name. Love what’s meant to be will always find its way.


Yesterday she was cursing her fate and today she is thanking the heavens above for this marriage. She couldn’t have asked for more than this a loving husband, who supports me at every step; a caring mother, who guides us the right path; a friend like sister-in-law, with whom all secrets can be confined and naughty brother-in-law, who lighten any burden off your shoulders. This new family has accepted her as she is & has no problem with her working with library or with taking care of the orphanage.


When she just turn around to look at their room, she could remember how they had spent all evening in arranging her things in their room more than arranging they would have ended up with something else had not been to the knock on the door by Vicky, Ajay, Jeet & Netra to help me settle or rather say wanting to tease us not only with there words but also with there presence. I was still lost in them when I felt a pair of cold hands on my waist pulling me into his embrace. “Maan” came out of my lips as a whisper. “Yes… Geet, you want to tell me something.” I hear him say it in my ears. My mind was still processing his words when i felt myself in air. I just nodded not able to voice it as he placed me on the bed. “I can hear you all night, all day, every second of my life always by your side.” “Maan” That’s all I could speak as I closed the tiny proximity between the lips which was left. I sealed the pact to be his side every second of my life. What appeared to be an end was really a new beginning. Just for love… Pyaar ke liye…Sirf Pyaar ke Liye…


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 21


Part 21

Geet pulled him making him to look at her “You knew it all along still you let me suffer like this. Do you know what I had to go through reject my own love? To see you hurt because of me” She accused him for hiding it for so long.


He couldn’t see her in pain then how was he see it now “How I wish I had known everything from the beginning, then things would have been so different we never had to get married like this.”


“You are confusing me now” She complained


He wanted to clear the air “Where do I start from?”


“Start it from our lunch date, that’s when all this started. What happened after I left.” She asked.

He settled next to her & started “That day when I had came back home on our lunch date I was heart broken didn’t know how to fix this. Only thought coming in mind was I cannot let you out of my life. I decided to talk to maa and ask her to speak to your family. The word Family made me realise I don’t know anything about where you leave, who are there in your family. Actually nothing. But fate had something else in store for us. Before I could ask my maa, she came and told me that my mama’s wish was to get married to this girl on that girls 23rd birthday (That is Geet). And that was just in another 3 days.

I wanted to tell maa that I can’t but then I dropped the idea to tell her anything and to deal this my self.  I had to find everything about you and your marriage details and a way to stop my marriage & that too faster.  I wanted to do this myself didn’t want to gain unwanted attention but time factor was there and I had to hired the detectives to find all the details about you and also about my hurried marriage. I could have easily asked Maa but I couldn’t have raised doubts in her mind for this marriage.

When I checked in library I was told that you were off for a week’s time for some personal issue. That raised doubts in my mind were you just giving me false reason to get rid of my proposal. But then you could have made any excuse why of marriage.


Problems were not getting any solution even by the detectives at the expected timeframe and reason I was not aware of it at that time but now I know why there was a delay in extracting information about these things were. Anything related to Khurana’s or Pathak’s could not be disclosed so easily. Time never stopped its pace actually it felt it was running in double speed so I had to plan for backups. Next morning the wedding was scheduled & still I didn’t have any info about you nor this wedding. So I decided to break this marriage in a different way I asked Jeet (Maan’s friend refer to part 8) to get a man who would cook up a story get me out of the altar.


Life gives us unexpected surprises. That day when I sat there waiting for Jeet’s men I saw you descending down the stairs head bowed down not even looking at anything not even at me. I waited atleast once you will look at me but alas you didn’t. I felt your cold demeanour emitting even when you didn’t let a word out of your lips. I was still coming to the terms when I heard a man’s voice to stop this marriage. When I looked at Jeet he gestured that it was the man who was there to interrupt this, but now I didn’t wanted this disruption. So quickly I asked Jeet to cancel this arrangement with this intruder. Actually Jeet hadn’t seen you & Ajay was there and they made up this story of some guy, sister & all & left from there. And marriage happened without any other intrusion.


When you were taken to this room I was anxious to know what was running your mind; what was it that this marriage was to be held in such a short notice that’s when I got all the details from the agency that cleared my thoughts & then I overheard Maa’s talk & came to know about the remaining parts too. I couldn’t have waited to see you a fear gripped my heart what if you did something to yourself. I sneaked into my own room only to find you all lost & looking at things indifferently even my words didn’t effect you; that frighten me before I could come near you I heard some people coming towards us so I had to leave unnoticed. And then when I again came in here you know what all happened.


Actually this is all because of my father’s fear he made this clause in this agreement he never intended to give away any property out of the Khuranna league and this land is worth more than anyone can give away in charity. He never trusted people will take care without his supervision so always he would think to keep everything for himself. He always made sure things would be under his control even when he was not there. So he made sure this land came back to Khuranna’s with this marriage. If the age bar was not included he thought the kids could go away from his access. So he made sure we got married & land is also safe.”


He completed the entire story looking at the ceiling & their fingers entangled but still Geet didn’t utter a word and first thought what came to his mind was did his sleepy beauty resumed her sleep. But he was relieved to see her still absorbing the things which he has just finished. “Geet, I thought you went back to sleep.”


“Not when you were telling me all these things” She came towards him while replying back.


“What was that when you dosed off earlier.” He questioned her bringing her more closer to him, there breathes falling on each others lips.


“Well I was tired with last 3 days of tension & also …” She lowered her lashes while a red adored her cheeks remembering those close moments.


“So that means now you are back with your energy.” His voice came out more of a whisper making her raise her lashes to look into those deep black eyes which waited her one approval.


She closed that small distance between there lips approving his desire and submitting herself for another round of love. Taking the cue Maan made her moan his name till they had reached there peak.


Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 20



Part 20

Geet stood in the middle of the room but only one thing surrounded her darkness but she was not afraid of it, she was used to this place she never needed light to see through this place it was engraved in her. She could feel the warm breeze on her face while drums beat fell on her ears making her want to dance on those beats. Even in that darkness she didn’t had a sense of fear but a sense of happiness, a smile playing on her lips. But her happiness was short lived the moment she sensed the smell of the rain coming her way. She had to run away from the rain which brought so many sad memories to light but to her dismay she could not even move an inch. Something so strong had gripped her that she was unable run away from this rain, this pain of hers. Tears were just at the brim of her eyes when next second she felt a kiss on her forehead and not the rain drops   & her restlessness disappeared in thin air.


It also broke her sleep she had always woken up with the rain consuming her or with her running away and there was only pain & loneliness but today she held the containment of being in the arms of her love. She was still sleeping on him; his arms protectively holding her safe in his embrace. His breath fell on her face tickling her senses add to her misery was the beats of his heart so close to her ear that she could hear till eternity. She could only think how far this man has immersed his essence into her that everything has his mark. Even her loneliness was not there; she felt a kiss on her forehead; her eyes weld up with tears of joy for having him in her life. How could she even think of living without him.  She held him more securely wanting to hid herself in him. Instinctively his sleep got disturbed & he pulled her in more comfortable position to sleep but then he couldn’t have slept seeing tears in her eyes.


“Geet” He called out to gain her attention concern was quite evident in his voice.

Sensing his concern she wanted to erase his worry & replied “I love you Maan. I Love you.”

Feeling her high with emotions he thought to light up the mood “You are crying because you love me” He made a hurt face.

She pouted hearing him say that wacked him and continued “you are supposed to say I Love you too Geet.” And wriggle to get out of his grip. But was that really possible…

“Ok. Ok. I love you too Geet. Now tell me why these tears are flowing now.” He questioned while wiping them off.

Sensing his action she too replied “it is all because of You.”

“What did I do now?” He got worried

“You mere presence is enough for these joyful tears to flow.” She replied happily teasing him.

Hearing her okay he wanted to get back to his sleep as it had been days he had peaceful nap. “Lets sleep Geet we can talk tomorrow; there is still time for dawn.”

But Geet had other plans “No, before that you have to tell me everything.”

“Geet I was ready to tell but you had to sleep at that time now I am sleepy go to sleep.” Maan replied while tucking her in his arms. He pressed another peck & pulled the quilt upon them.

Poor Geet wanted to hear everything but he was sleepy now, she tried to get back to her sleep but now it betrayed her. With no other thing to do she started mumble sweet music while making her fingers to dance on his chest according to the beats of his heart. She was enjoying thoroughly but Maan was having a tough time, he wanted to sleep & here madam is singing & giving him sweet torture. He waited for sometime thinking she will stop in a while but she was no where near the end.  

In next second he pinned her on the bed and started to tease her with his looks. Here Geet wondered what happened & asked “I thought you were sleeping.” “I wanted to but you are not letting me do that.” Came a hoarse voice which was enough to create a fluttering sensation in pit of her stomach.   

He started to nibble on her jaw line while she replied “First tell me how we ended together.”

He didn’t leave her but still managed to reply her “we were meant to be together.”

It took her time what he was saying “But how…”

“You were supposed to me marry no one other than me…” replied Maan while his focus was wavering on other things now.

“But … I had to marry grand son of Mrs. Pathak…” replied in between his tortures.

“So you did marry him only” replied Maan looking into her eyes.

She was shocked to hear that but then she wondered how that was possible “You are Khuranna not Pathak” replied confused Geet.

Just above her lips he mumbled “Who told you only Pathak’s can be her grandchildren’s….” Maan winked at her understanding her point of confusion.

Then…ho.. before she could speak more he had closed the distance between. After what seemed to be time to feel some air they parted.

“You know who my mother is…?” Questioned Maan resting his forehead on hers.

“If we were meant to be married from the beginning then you should be Mamatha Aunty’s son.” Replied Geet connecting the dots of the facts she has known till now.

“Smart girl, And who would be her mother.”

“How I would know” she replied still confused with what has her mother to do with this.

He smiled & replied “None other than Mrs. Mahesh Pathak, my nani maa fondly called by us as Maa.”

Geet mouth opened as big O earning her a quick peck on her cheeks.

“That means Mamatha Pathak was her maiden name.”  Realising the truth.

“Yes.  She didn’t change her name after marriage she always preferred to be called as Mamatha Pathak.”