Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 20



Part 20

Geet stood in the middle of the room but only one thing surrounded her darkness but she was not afraid of it, she was used to this place she never needed light to see through this place it was engraved in her. She could feel the warm breeze on her face while drums beat fell on her ears making her want to dance on those beats. Even in that darkness she didn’t had a sense of fear but a sense of happiness, a smile playing on her lips. But her happiness was short lived the moment she sensed the smell of the rain coming her way. She had to run away from the rain which brought so many sad memories to light but to her dismay she could not even move an inch. Something so strong had gripped her that she was unable run away from this rain, this pain of hers. Tears were just at the brim of her eyes when next second she felt a kiss on her forehead and not the rain drops   & her restlessness disappeared in thin air.


It also broke her sleep she had always woken up with the rain consuming her or with her running away and there was only pain & loneliness but today she held the containment of being in the arms of her love. She was still sleeping on him; his arms protectively holding her safe in his embrace. His breath fell on her face tickling her senses add to her misery was the beats of his heart so close to her ear that she could hear till eternity. She could only think how far this man has immersed his essence into her that everything has his mark. Even her loneliness was not there; she felt a kiss on her forehead; her eyes weld up with tears of joy for having him in her life. How could she even think of living without him.  She held him more securely wanting to hid herself in him. Instinctively his sleep got disturbed & he pulled her in more comfortable position to sleep but then he couldn’t have slept seeing tears in her eyes.


“Geet” He called out to gain her attention concern was quite evident in his voice.

Sensing his concern she wanted to erase his worry & replied “I love you Maan. I Love you.”

Feeling her high with emotions he thought to light up the mood “You are crying because you love me” He made a hurt face.

She pouted hearing him say that wacked him and continued “you are supposed to say I Love you too Geet.” And wriggle to get out of his grip. But was that really possible…

“Ok. Ok. I love you too Geet. Now tell me why these tears are flowing now.” He questioned while wiping them off.

Sensing his action she too replied “it is all because of You.”

“What did I do now?” He got worried

“You mere presence is enough for these joyful tears to flow.” She replied happily teasing him.

Hearing her okay he wanted to get back to his sleep as it had been days he had peaceful nap. “Lets sleep Geet we can talk tomorrow; there is still time for dawn.”

But Geet had other plans “No, before that you have to tell me everything.”

“Geet I was ready to tell but you had to sleep at that time now I am sleepy go to sleep.” Maan replied while tucking her in his arms. He pressed another peck & pulled the quilt upon them.

Poor Geet wanted to hear everything but he was sleepy now, she tried to get back to her sleep but now it betrayed her. With no other thing to do she started mumble sweet music while making her fingers to dance on his chest according to the beats of his heart. She was enjoying thoroughly but Maan was having a tough time, he wanted to sleep & here madam is singing & giving him sweet torture. He waited for sometime thinking she will stop in a while but she was no where near the end.  

In next second he pinned her on the bed and started to tease her with his looks. Here Geet wondered what happened & asked “I thought you were sleeping.” “I wanted to but you are not letting me do that.” Came a hoarse voice which was enough to create a fluttering sensation in pit of her stomach.   

He started to nibble on her jaw line while she replied “First tell me how we ended together.”

He didn’t leave her but still managed to reply her “we were meant to be together.”

It took her time what he was saying “But how…”

“You were supposed to me marry no one other than me…” replied Maan while his focus was wavering on other things now.

“But … I had to marry grand son of Mrs. Pathak…” replied in between his tortures.

“So you did marry him only” replied Maan looking into her eyes.

She was shocked to hear that but then she wondered how that was possible “You are Khuranna not Pathak” replied confused Geet.

Just above her lips he mumbled “Who told you only Pathak’s can be her grandchildren’s….” Maan winked at her understanding her point of confusion.

Then…ho.. before she could speak more he had closed the distance between. After what seemed to be time to feel some air they parted.

“You know who my mother is…?” Questioned Maan resting his forehead on hers.

“If we were meant to be married from the beginning then you should be Mamatha Aunty’s son.” Replied Geet connecting the dots of the facts she has known till now.

“Smart girl, And who would be her mother.”

“How I would know” she replied still confused with what has her mother to do with this.

He smiled & replied “None other than Mrs. Mahesh Pathak, my nani maa fondly called by us as Maa.”

Geet mouth opened as big O earning her a quick peck on her cheeks.

“That means Mamatha Pathak was her maiden name.”  Realising the truth.

“Yes.  She didn’t change her name after marriage she always preferred to be called as Mamatha Pathak.”



20 thoughts on “Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 20”

  1. Ok tho staring se start kar te h..
    Maan n geet love each other
    Geet gets to know that sheHas2 marry
    Her moms best friend’s son which she does!!
    Maan ka heat break..
    Mrs pathak ka beta vikey???
    Maan n geet get married!!
    Geet ka …..
    Babaji !! I think I shuld wait 4 the next part hopefully!!!

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