Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 21


Part 21

Geet pulled him making him to look at her “You knew it all along still you let me suffer like this. Do you know what I had to go through reject my own love? To see you hurt because of me” She accused him for hiding it for so long.


He couldn’t see her in pain then how was he see it now “How I wish I had known everything from the beginning, then things would have been so different we never had to get married like this.”


“You are confusing me now” She complained


He wanted to clear the air “Where do I start from?”


“Start it from our lunch date, that’s when all this started. What happened after I left.” She asked.

He settled next to her & started “That day when I had came back home on our lunch date I was heart broken didn’t know how to fix this. Only thought coming in mind was I cannot let you out of my life. I decided to talk to maa and ask her to speak to your family. The word Family made me realise I don’t know anything about where you leave, who are there in your family. Actually nothing. But fate had something else in store for us. Before I could ask my maa, she came and told me that my mama’s wish was to get married to this girl on that girls 23rd birthday (That is Geet). And that was just in another 3 days.

I wanted to tell maa that I can’t but then I dropped the idea to tell her anything and to deal this my self.  I had to find everything about you and your marriage details and a way to stop my marriage & that too faster.  I wanted to do this myself didn’t want to gain unwanted attention but time factor was there and I had to hired the detectives to find all the details about you and also about my hurried marriage. I could have easily asked Maa but I couldn’t have raised doubts in her mind for this marriage.

When I checked in library I was told that you were off for a week’s time for some personal issue. That raised doubts in my mind were you just giving me false reason to get rid of my proposal. But then you could have made any excuse why of marriage.


Problems were not getting any solution even by the detectives at the expected timeframe and reason I was not aware of it at that time but now I know why there was a delay in extracting information about these things were. Anything related to Khurana’s or Pathak’s could not be disclosed so easily. Time never stopped its pace actually it felt it was running in double speed so I had to plan for backups. Next morning the wedding was scheduled & still I didn’t have any info about you nor this wedding. So I decided to break this marriage in a different way I asked Jeet (Maan’s friend refer to part 8) to get a man who would cook up a story get me out of the altar.


Life gives us unexpected surprises. That day when I sat there waiting for Jeet’s men I saw you descending down the stairs head bowed down not even looking at anything not even at me. I waited atleast once you will look at me but alas you didn’t. I felt your cold demeanour emitting even when you didn’t let a word out of your lips. I was still coming to the terms when I heard a man’s voice to stop this marriage. When I looked at Jeet he gestured that it was the man who was there to interrupt this, but now I didn’t wanted this disruption. So quickly I asked Jeet to cancel this arrangement with this intruder. Actually Jeet hadn’t seen you & Ajay was there and they made up this story of some guy, sister & all & left from there. And marriage happened without any other intrusion.


When you were taken to this room I was anxious to know what was running your mind; what was it that this marriage was to be held in such a short notice that’s when I got all the details from the agency that cleared my thoughts & then I overheard Maa’s talk & came to know about the remaining parts too. I couldn’t have waited to see you a fear gripped my heart what if you did something to yourself. I sneaked into my own room only to find you all lost & looking at things indifferently even my words didn’t effect you; that frighten me before I could come near you I heard some people coming towards us so I had to leave unnoticed. And then when I again came in here you know what all happened.


Actually this is all because of my father’s fear he made this clause in this agreement he never intended to give away any property out of the Khuranna league and this land is worth more than anyone can give away in charity. He never trusted people will take care without his supervision so always he would think to keep everything for himself. He always made sure things would be under his control even when he was not there. So he made sure this land came back to Khuranna’s with this marriage. If the age bar was not included he thought the kids could go away from his access. So he made sure we got married & land is also safe.”


He completed the entire story looking at the ceiling & their fingers entangled but still Geet didn’t utter a word and first thought what came to his mind was did his sleepy beauty resumed her sleep. But he was relieved to see her still absorbing the things which he has just finished. “Geet, I thought you went back to sleep.”


“Not when you were telling me all these things” She came towards him while replying back.


“What was that when you dosed off earlier.” He questioned her bringing her more closer to him, there breathes falling on each others lips.


“Well I was tired with last 3 days of tension & also …” She lowered her lashes while a red adored her cheeks remembering those close moments.


“So that means now you are back with your energy.” His voice came out more of a whisper making her raise her lashes to look into those deep black eyes which waited her one approval.


She closed that small distance between there lips approving his desire and submitting herself for another round of love. Taking the cue Maan made her moan his name till they had reached there peak.



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