Pyaar Ke Liye – Part 22


Part 22

Sun made its way to the sky trying to peek into the room of the newly wed through the balcony. Maroon & cream curtains shone in bright sunlight giving a vibrant look. Scented candles melted, Jasmine flowers dried but still made its presence. Look, smell didn’t matter to the two souls which had fused into one slept in each others embrace. Peace & happiness filled in their hearts, but life can’t be so calm & stable. It is always with mad & unstable.


Exactly as these two were in a peaceful sleep others didn’t want to spare them with such a cosy treat. Just outside the room stood three people who wanted to disturb there calm & peace. Well they did deserve some fun after all the hardwork. Everything was planned but now the question came who is going to bell the cat, for sure all the three knew one thing messing with Mr. Maan Singh Khuranna will cost them more but still all the three were ready to be mess as the hope of saviour was there in their life, Mrs. Maan Singh Khuranna.Devil was Mr. where as Saviour was Mrs. Just adding a “s” can turn a devil into saviour. Taking the name of the saviour all the three jumped into the battle field with the mission only one ie trouble Mr. MSK.


Step One: Knock the door

Outcome: No reponse.

Conclusion: Step One Failed.

Step Two: Make noise but how??? Oh Yes… They have to play music. But again the question how? Ajay got the idea. All the three Ajay, Jeet & Vicky pulled up the songs that they wanted to play arranged it in the sequence. Playlist was ready for attack. The slim mobile was slided under the door while it was operated with the laptop which was synced. Within no time the song was played.

Chanda mama so gaye sooraj chachu jage

Dekho pakdo yaaron, ghadi ke kaante bhage

Ek kahani khatam to dooji shuru ho gayi mamu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, manu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, re manu


Kitne sikke jode sabko yeh chinta hai

Jeevan hai ik bank pal pal ko ginta hai

Dekho apne pyaar ki saving

javan ho gayi mamu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, mamu

Subah ho gayi mamu, mamu, re mamu


Outcome: Loud sound of the music broke the sweet sleep of Maaneet but both had different reactions to it. Maan was angry at that and wanted to kill that sound while Geet just snuggled more into him bit closing her ears with the quilt. Maan was trying to get out of the bed to find when Geet had snuggled into him. This took away his attention towards her far away from the sound.


Here the three were left thinking what the result of there Step 2 was but the loud sound only made them wonder what was happening inside. So they had to stop the sound to hear whether any response is there from the other end.

“There is no sound inside” complained Jeet

“That’s impossible that Maan Bro not getting up at this sound.” Remarked Vicky

“Then why is it so silent.” Questioned Ajay

Like a bulb enlightened all there naughty minds started to think could that be the reason and next a change in the sequence of playlist was done.


“Geet, wake up I can stay with you all day night like this but if we don’t show up downstairs these friends of mine will grill us with teasing.” Said Maan trying to wake her up and also want to spare her from any embarrassing moment.

Geet slowly opened her eyes to watch her hubby cutely admiring her but what caught her attention was the song which was playing. She just hugged him more to control her desire. Neither of them wanted to part but if they didn’t leave now there was no turning back.


Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin       Tera Nashila Badan

Baahon Ne Chhoda Nahin          Aankhen To Kholi Magar

Sapna Woh Toda Nahin  Haan Wohi Woh Wohi

Saason Pe Rakha Hua Tere Hoton Ka            Sapna Abhi Hai Wahi

Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin



Tere Gale Milne Ke                       Mausam Bade Hote Hain                       Janmon Ka Vaada Koi

Yeh Gham Bade Chhote Hain    Lambi Si Ek Raat Ho        Lamba Sa Ek Din Mile

Bas Itna Sa Jeena Ho       Milan Ki Ghadi Jab Mile  Haan Wohi Bas Wohi

Saason Pe Rakha Hua Tere Hoton Ka                        Sapna Abhi Hai Wahi

Raat Ka Nasha Abhi          Aankh Se Gaya Nahin


Conclusion: Unclear to all of them as they could not hear anything but yet again failed to trouble Mr. MSK and concluded Step 2 failed.

Before they could thing of Step 3 Mrs. Pathak came towards them and warn them not to tease the newly wed, dejected they left the place.


Geet & Maan came down after an hour to greet the members in family & friends. They took the blessing of the elders as the younger ones eased the situations with their teasing & making Geet comfortable in the new family.  Maan didn’t bother to give attention to the trio leaving them in a dilemma whether they were successful in troubling MSK or not. 

Netra brought a cake to celebrate Geet’s birthday. None wished her yesterday being more occupied in the wedding but today they didn’t wanted to leave a reason to celebrate. She got gifts from each & everyone.


All sat together after the small party Geet asked “Maa, can I go and visit VO once today.”


“Sure Geet, You can visit when ever you want. Maan you can accompany her & also get her things shifted to here.” Mrs. Pathak replied. “Geet come I will get you some gifts to be given there.”


Both moved out of the crowd & once out of reach “Geet, I know this marriage was done in a hurry & you both were forced into it but I want you to make sure this marriage works. Not only because your parents wished this but also because they loved you both. It was there love that led them take such action & also fate has played a part in it too. It was all for love they held it for you guys.”


“Maa, you don’t worry. We will never let there love be disgraced. We will be happily living with all your blessings.” Geet replied.


“I knew Maan has accepted this but just wanted to confirm it from you. Confused how I got to know about his acceptance.”


Geet just nodded wanting to know this silent communication between the granny & her grand child.


“Geet you are wearing those bangles which belong to me, I had given this one to Mamatha & one to Sunitha when they got married & today both bangles adores your hands means Maan has given Mamatha’s bangle to you which he treasures it. These bangles reached its rightful heir.”

Everyone took the other for granted but was only for one reason that was love. Maan took decisions to stop this wedding for his love. Geet took decisions to keep quiet for the love she harboured for her home & save it. Mamatha & Sunitha took decisions to keep there kids as one & bound them with love. Mr. Khuranna took decision for the love he held for his estates & to keep it safe under his name. Love what’s meant to be will always find its way.


Yesterday she was cursing her fate and today she is thanking the heavens above for this marriage. She couldn’t have asked for more than this a loving husband, who supports me at every step; a caring mother, who guides us the right path; a friend like sister-in-law, with whom all secrets can be confined and naughty brother-in-law, who lighten any burden off your shoulders. This new family has accepted her as she is & has no problem with her working with library or with taking care of the orphanage.


When she just turn around to look at their room, she could remember how they had spent all evening in arranging her things in their room more than arranging they would have ended up with something else had not been to the knock on the door by Vicky, Ajay, Jeet & Netra to help me settle or rather say wanting to tease us not only with there words but also with there presence. I was still lost in them when I felt a pair of cold hands on my waist pulling me into his embrace. “Maan” came out of my lips as a whisper. “Yes… Geet, you want to tell me something.” I hear him say it in my ears. My mind was still processing his words when i felt myself in air. I just nodded not able to voice it as he placed me on the bed. “I can hear you all night, all day, every second of my life always by your side.” “Maan” That’s all I could speak as I closed the tiny proximity between the lips which was left. I sealed the pact to be his side every second of my life. What appeared to be an end was really a new beginning. Just for love… Pyaar ke liye…Sirf Pyaar ke Liye…



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  1. Heyy cutie pie got ur pm… 🙂 will read the story later coz i am having after few days so i am not allowed to surf net freely… Chori chori chupke chupke aaj aiye hu 😉

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