Incredible Fusion – Part 3



 Part 3



Another lecture starts from today, well that is one thing I always disliked but still I have never let the other person to feel that I am not one of the keen listener as I don’t ignore them but just bear there words which some or the other time has been useful. This time I had a silver lining say it a distraction or attraction which would last for atleast a little while.


I entered the class to witness Geet who sat at the front bench with her was Pari, looks like both are friends that they are sticking together. Class was almost full any time the classes would start as the time to start was nearing. I sat away from everyone as I was never a man who needed company.


My lonliness didn’t last for long as it was accompanied by the slim nerd with broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin with the naroow frame spectacles guy Yash I wished it was Geet beside me but this time I have to bear with this one as the guy, yes Yash was behind me and had followed me to the place where I had selected to sit. Well there was a special thing at this position and that was the view I would get, from here I could see the professors & behind the dias was a glass on which the image I could see was of the reflection of Geet.   


 Time passed a person came said something and then my eyes went back to Geet who was busy in writing and then she was lost in seeing something when I glanced where she was looking at I saw some other person who stood at the podium. I wonder where the other person went but before I could ponder about that my eyes went on the pen which was just about to touch the curvy glossy lips of hers.   


Constant bugging of Yash gained my attention as he was mentioning something about some Economics, business and management I glared back at him to stop him from irritating me. As I take a quick look at the platform to witness yet another different person there. Have I started seeing things, was that a mirage or did the face of the person change like chameleon?


I wanted to see what was happening around so I kept watching him but as the person was a lean bald guy he wasn’t covering the glass behind giving me more access t0 my distraction she was time & again glancing over her lace tied around her wrist. It took a minute more to realise she was getting bored maybe that’s why she was checking the time. That is when I checked the time which said 3 and half hours has been passed since I have been sitting here in this place. That means this is the 4th class of the day & I haven’t heard a word from anyone.


Suddenly Geet’s face had shone and next second there was a long ring indicating the end of the first session and once the unknown professor left the room she & Pari flew from there may be they were hungry. Half n hour of break like everyone I too headed towards the canteen to check what I can get to fill my appetite.  I had got one plate of food and sat away from the crowd when I saw my hearts leisure pursuit the blue girl getting her plate filled with food.


I saw them looking at the whole canteen to check for a place just then Yash who was just behind them showed the table where I am sitting. He wanted to watch her everymove but staring like that when the other person was watching straight back at you was not manners and that too when I held the fire to consume her.


My eyes were unwilling to obey my order to look anywhere but her. Then somehow I managed to concentrate on the food but it was just for a second then it was back on her. Fortunately this time she was looking at something else at the other end. She was looking at that direction more intently making my inside to burn. I turned my gaze towards her vision and that enraged me again as Geet was looking at the seniors and one of them who was leading the ragging session was heading to our table. I wouldn’t mind breaking his bones or even burning him to show him the glimpse of hell.


He was just a feet away from his table when the ground under him vanished as he lost balance and swan through the air bang his nose to the ground. He was carrying a plate of food he had picked it up on his way and all of it he had been carrying in his hand fell on his head and finally even the plate hit his head giving him the award he deserved. That’s when I noticed the wet floor and the caution board kept to be careful as the floor was slippery.


A slight giggle caught my ears out of the whole laugh going around the canteen and that was from none other than the girl who sat infront of me. She was trying very hard not to laugh as it would only instigate the others and bring us under their scanner. But even then she couldn’t stop the smile that escaped against her wishes and adored her lips. The twinkle in her eyes which held the power to hypnotise even a saint.


It was the first time she sat so close to me and I was failing to stick to my previous decision of not to stare at her but when did the heart listen when God’s such a exquisite creation was right before my eyes. She had her eyes fixed on the table I just didn’t know what is so interesting out there on it while I couldn’t move my gaze from her. I wished she looked up to me at least once so that I could read what she was thinking. Maybe she didn’t noticed me till now as she was busy with the laugh she got to see here but before I could make that statement sink into my heart she raised her lashes to meet my molten eyes to lose the whole world around us or to find a new way together.



Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 2


Part 2

Today when he had visited the office in the morning his own office felt like a market as interviews were going on for his designing division. This division is really creating a huge problem for him now. To much of job hopping is seen in that division and getting a good designer is also is becoming difficult. Recruitment charges itself is increasing need to think of reducing that. If things go on this way inhouse desgining division should be closed is all he could think of.


But one thing always pleases hin that is once he enters whole office becomes silent and if someone minutely hears then they may even hear the heart beats of his employees. He just loved to maintain this atmosphere and why will he not as that would only make them work efficiently and thereby increasing his company’s worth.



Once in his cabin he checked his calendar and reworked on it as there were many unexpected changes that would have to be done. He had planned for more work for all his employees for coming days. It will be a test to see who all could actually make it as it was the time of need. New project was going to begin in next month and the designs were to be finalised with the clients plus 4 construction sites were at the verge of completion and his absence at these time would make things worse. So he was in verge of moving things in faster pace.


Once he assigned some of the jobs to his assistants he left to ensure his site works are going on in steady pace. He had such a busy schedule to keep up that he didn’t even bother to glance over the persons who were present in his office today. He just hurried through his mails reverting which were necessary to keep the machines running in site while he left his office.




Adi, Sasha and Arjun were sitting in the canteen sipping the hot piping coffee remarking on today’s interview sessions.


Sasha probed Adi “what does you instinct say would pass the training session the small town girl Geet or the pretty city lad Aayush.”


Before Adi could remark Arjun interfered “why you are asking him it is the boss who would decide not him.”


“Well I was just questioning the caliber of our Sharma Adithya Sharma our inhouse Bond James Bond.” Sasha replied to Arjun


“He is not a future teller but a dreamer who wished to be a secret agent.” Countered Arjun


Suddenly Adi stood up to leave when both noticed him & questioned him “Where are you going.”


“My coffee is done, so I thought its time for me to leave.” Adi replied


“Ok, lets not fight & just chat” suggested Arjun


“Thanks or else I will have a head ache.” Sasha replied


“You both don’t get tired of fighting.” Questioned Adi


Both smiled said no simultaneously & all the three had good laugh after a long time. Sasha & Arjun were best friends from college and would always make fun of people and today’s target was Adi. Everyone will think they are fighting seriously but they would actually pull a third persons leg.


“On a serious talk Arjun, why did you selelct this lady Geet. We could have got on many other candidates.” Sasha enquired.


“Now use your brain Sasha, right now we don’t have much work for another month as you know our boss is going to be on leave so why bother overselves with extra staff, extra headache and also she being new to the city she will definitely work hard. Her grades are good and consistent too so she will explicitly will clear the training.” Arjun replied


“She would cost less too.” Added Adi


“Is that’s so.” She replied “Okay come on lets get back to work our boss could come back anytime now.”


“Adi tell her boss is busy extremely busy in his personal work so he will not be able to give time to office for till next month end. So just relax.” Arjun just comfortable sat sipping his coffee more leisurely. “Actually I am planning for a trip next month anyways we would be going for the boss’s wedding right nearby there is good resort we could always enjoy our time there.”


“Arjun, are you mad we will be going to attend his wedding not for vacation.” Sasha said


“It is his wedding, what are we going to do there. Don’t worry I will plan it everything.” Assured Arjun.


Unknown to these three their boss was back 15 mins earlier to the office and not finding the mangers in seat for more than 15 mins even after conclusion of the interviews enraged his already high anger to new heights as he had to complete so many works before he took off from the office for one month after this week.


I don’t believe this is happening with me I, Maan Singh Khurana who never changed my ways is compelled to take a month off from office that to when so many projects which were in pipeline should be started. No one dare to force their decision on me and I would never let anything effect the position of my company. One month leave well that was for his family but for him that would be only 15 days as he had already set his planner in such a way that that all the emergency meetings which is going to save him from everyones cribbing.


He had planned all his works in such a way that his work would stretch to next week which were all important and thus reducing the headache at the home. And after the functions & travels some more essential work would arrive, thus my last week off will be conclude according to my wish.


But he needed to keep all these things secret from his staff also as a little clue of his stratergy can make his plans to backfire which Maan Singh Khurana can never let that happen. All his attention now was on assigning the works to his staff in that manner which would lead hassle free functioning of this company in his absence. Well he had more works in his plate has his approval meant more new work to his subordinates which they can complete without his intervention. 


Once he saw his managers back in there seat he called for them to enquire about the today’s interview.

“What happened to today’s interview hope this time you three selected a good resource not like last time the useless ones whom you three thought as deserving and wasted my time.” Maan said looking furious about there last performance.


“No sir this time we have got the right candidate who could build us new dream castles. They will give a new dimension to our company.” Arjun started praising the candidates as he knew how to impress his boss with words. He will agree only if he is assured of the companies’ best interest.


With that Boss Maan singh khurana let his staff to wrapup for the day but not before he gave list of works they need to handle for the coming weeks. And once he they left he plunged into his files until he got a reminder call to leave to join the left out shoppings from his family for his wedding.  


Incredible Fusion – Part 2


Part 2


Geet, the name rang in my ears inveigling my heart with unknown bliss. Such a melodious name she has got that I could only hear and speak her name throughout the remaining life of mine. My heart was showing its presence more than ever with her first visual itself, weaving many desires which could bind me into something which I never was bound to. Thoughts are flying high freeing it self from the strings of my mind. Spirit is flowing in a direction which it had never crossed but it surged without bothering about any hindrance. Wish I could just embrace this moment in myself, to witness a new facet of the dreams. Her eyes were revealing more than she could every voice out surprising me at the things which it could conceal. I was eager to be with her which made my heart to live.  


Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho.

Toh zinda ho tum!

Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum!


Hawa ke jhonkon ke jaise aazad rehna seekho

Tum ek dariya ke jaise, leharon mein behna seekho

Har ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein

Har ek pal ek naya samaa dekhiye


Jo apni aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum!

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho

Toh zinda ho tum!


English Translation


If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive,

If your eyes are filled with dreams, it means you are alive

Learn to be free like the wind,

Learn to flow freely like the river,

Embrace every moment with open arms,

See a new horizon every time with your eyes,

If you carry surprise in your eyes, it means you are alive,

If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive…




My revive was broken when the guy next to me was biting his nails in nervousness as he was worried for the girl next to Geet, as he was muttering “Please God save Pari from these ragging’s” but what I saw actually amazed me as that girl Pari stood fearless while my Geet stood behind her hiding herself from the situation. Such a contrary thing it was happening I was not scared for Geet as I knew she could come out the situation without any help where as the guy next to me was praying for Pari while the girls were doing just the opposite. But Geet’s eyes shone bright, calm & undeterred confidence trickled in her every stir though she portrayed as fearful in front of everyone. She held on to the façade of a timid girl duping around the others. Her face can deceive everyone but her eyes couldn’t as they told every story of hers. She was not a meek girl, none could scrum her into doing things against her wishes, but why does she have to do things like that.



Apparently the situation in the hand was the senior’s portrayed themselves as generous enough to give us the option to whether we want to get ragged or not. Well that was not a real option though as a person would be asked to light the candle once they did it they would say since you have lighted it that means you have accepted to be ragged. So now the candle was placed in the middle of the stand and the girls were asked to light that. I was more interested to see the play as I read her eyes which had the mischievous glint in it. And just I guessed the fun started Geet’s face turned was something everyone could not miss as it turned pale with fear and she clutched Pari’s hand & fainted next second.



For a second even I got worried but then the wink confirmed all my doubts. Getting the clue Pari played along shouting “Geet…….what happened Geet…get up… get up…. Please someone get some water.” After a while she stood drawing everyone’s attention to herself. When the seniors questioned her, the reply just shook everyone but I was just lost in that melody and couldn’t stop the smile. Geet replied as a scared kitten shuttering and trying to hard to form even a word that “I burnt it …. I burnt it”. Well ever Pari was confused so enquired “what did you burn Geet.” “B…..B……Blub” But looks like seniors were not falling for her drama as she was asked to light the candle now.



I was now curious to know more about her plan as the naught sparkle twinkled in her eyes. She with trembling fingers tried to light the candle but stick failed to burn. Geet said “It is not burning so can I leave for the class sir.” Finally not able to withstand the bugging kitten they let go of her. We will trap her some other time is what I heard a senior whisper into another senior. Her eyes showed she had won this play but that play was not only for her but for everyone there. With a confident & smiling face she left, actually she was concealing more may be she would have danced at her victory but stayed quite because of the people around her.




After she left what happened was really a boon to others as none were able to light the candle with the sticks and were given a green signal to leave to class without  any interruption as none of the juniors revealed that the stick had been damp. Actually what had happened was when Geet had feel on the ground the box had feel down in moist grass, which none of them saw at that time. Now the seniors were getting suspicious why none are able to light it are they acting? Then one of them noticed the wetness of the sticks. So when it was my turn they changed the rule if you light it only then you will be set free.




I never had lost any game or battle then how could I just bow down when it was the question of lighting a candle. I made my hands covered there vision of the candle and the stick and within seconds I lit the candle without any trouble. What did they thought that this is the only stick through which the light could be generated. There are other ways to do that & winning over me is not going to happen ever. Without any further delay I dropped the match box in the nearby bin & went to the class with a stride which meant not to be stopped by anyone.



I was joined by the guy who came running towards me while he said “Hey man, slow down, how did you do that”. I didn’t stop but started to move towards my designated class. When he came in front of me introducing himself “Hi, I am Yash and you are” “Maan” was the only thing which I said and entered my class to see Geet in the same class of mine.


Incredible Fusion – Part 1



Part 1



Seeing is believing is said for the human sense sight but at this time of the day when darkness is all you could see around and light is something alien and hard to visualise what is there in front of you that doesn’t mean you are lost or blind? Just like everyone my other senses come to my rescue. Exactly now when I cannot see anything through my eyes I could hear the roars of the ocean every time it hit the banks indicating I am standing right in front of the vast expanse of the ocean. Petrichor, the scent of rain filled my lungs predicting the approaching rain, the touch of which would cease my burning but I am not ready to taste the freedom from this fire. In addition to these I know how to eradicate the darkness as I have the capacity to turn on the light even at the darkest times of life.



The rain can come down to the earth anytime and I have to take shelter before that but still I wait at the banks waiting for the darkness to break into dawn. This has been my routine from past week to sprint around the seashore of this sea at the darkest hour before the dawn and wait for the moment of darkness breaking into the dawn. To watch the sun to gain its position high in the sky, paint his colours over the world showing his supremacy to kill darkness of life. It is not only the sun but also me who feels that has spread my colour all over the world.



Slowly the sun made its way out of his den painting the whole sky bright reddish yellow with its rays. Consuming the gloomy night and spreading the light bringing new hope & a beginning of bright fresh life. Once I had witnessed the magnificent sight of sunrise my concentration went towards my sense which had alerted about the approaching rain. But now there was no sign of it, that left me astonished as rain is one thing I just hate it and my senses have never been wrong in identifying them. Leaving that thought aside I make my way back to the hostel which has become my new home from where I will have to attend my first day of my master’s classes today.



Not before I had turned my eyes get struck to the sight of a girl in bluish white suit running away something was there about her unknown which made me watch her till she disappeared from my vision. I have been coming here from past 5 days but never did I saw any girl at this time of the hour. She did turn back once but I could not see her face. Just then I heard my cell beep reminding me of the time & I headed back still I couldn’t stop myself to watch at the way she ran off.




Some things never change every where the seniors welcoming the juniors especially in there own innovative way. I had just entered the gates of my college when a group of people naming themselves as seniors blocked my way. They were many more already in queues who were dancing as puppets of seniors. I had a strong urge to teach them a good lesson but I couldn’t just barge in and destruct everything but that would only catch the attention of everyone. Now itself I can feel many eyes on me, that always annoy me.



Against my wishes I simply follow there orders to stand in the queue and wait for my turn to come. Just then there was absolute silence as everyone’s attention was on the entrance maybe another junior’s who are trying to dorge away from these ragging session? But No. when I look at the entrance I could only see a beautiful mesmerising alluring blue eyes of the girl, they captivated me in its pools as deep as oceans that I can get lost in them. It was a picture painted in blue theme, every essence of her oozed as serene beauty. I could no longer see the world around me just her only; everything around her seems to vanish away from my view. As if in the whole world it is you and me alone, with my every breath, with my every heartbeat clearly wanting to be with you. Her earrings kissed her cheeks every time she kept walking her bangles made sounds of waves in the ocean which was matching her light blue & white mixed dress. Is she the same one whom I saw in the beach today, looks like she is as even at that time she worn the same dress, the same gait, the same care free strides. Today I felt like I got a whole new world to live in.   









Pighle neelam sa behta hua ye sama


Neeli-Neeli si khamoshiyaan


Na kahin hai zameen, na kahin Aasmaan


Sarsarati hui tehniyaan, pattiyaan


Keh raheen hai ki bas ek tum ho yahaan


Sirf main hoon


Meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein


Aisi gehraiyaan, aisi tanhaiyaan


Aur main sirf main


Apne hone par mujhko yaqeen aa gaya




English Translation of the poetry




The moment seems to flow like a molten sapphire and there’s deep blue silence,


Neither there is earth below, nor sky above,


The rustling branches, leaves are saying that only you are here,


Only me, my breath and my heartbeat,


Such deepness, such loneliness and me…only me,


It all makes me believe in my existence.






I don’t know when my legs take me away from the crowd towards the object of my interest but I was pulled back by something. When I turn to see what that was I saw it was the guy next to me who pulled me back, he was saying something which I failed to hear it. I turned back my gaze to her; she was not there; I turn around everywhere only to find her in front of those seniors. I moved in a way to have clear view of her face without any interruption. Her eyes had a gleam of naughtiness which I didn’t know for what.



I felt another nudge in my hand to jolt me into the reality. It was again the same guy but now I heard him say “Man, what are you doing come back and stand here, don’t mess with seniors. See how these girls got themselves in trouble.” The word Girls made me look at them again to find another girl beside her. All of them were watching her ignoring the pleasant beauty of mine. They were questioning them, that is when I got to know her name is Geet & the girl whom I just noticed her name is Pari.



Incredible Fusion – Prologue




There was a small town near the shores of the sea; it was a topical climate with mixture of occasional rainfall, hot summer & even pleasant atmosphere with low heat & humidity. The whole town was encircled with the backwaters of the rivers. With such a classic whether there was also a short coming which could wipe out the whole town. The tornado’s quite regularly hit the surrounding towns so the impact of it would hit this small town too. Owing to the increasing trouble of these the people had started to flee from here. While there were people in towns who were the survivors of these who took shelter in this town.


Today two different people both who were survivors of the same town moved into this new place but both were strangers & poles apart. One was calm & patient while the other was fierce & impatient but both were always inevitable & destructive in nature if meddled with, with a slight deviation, the calm one had the ability to choose either go ahead & wreck everything but the fierce person didn’t had that choice once a step taken forward has to feel the burnt.


Even if these two people’s ways were different and always repulsive in nature, they both were away from their people it was a test of survival for them in this place. They had none to share what they felt, none to listen to their talks, none to see their pain hidden in their heart. But destiny could not stop itself posing them in front of each other. He, who was fire and she, who was water did face each other will they ever overcome there obstacles & blend in one another without terminating the other.



Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 1


Part 1



As I glance towards the time I realise it has been already been 30 minutes I have been waiting for my turn to come and still wondering if I am doing right thing or not. Should I really be here attending an interview in secret, unknown to my family? They are under the impression that I am out there for shopping that too in a town unknown to me. They wouldn’t have let me out alone at these times when my life is all set to change in just a month but I somehow managed to buy my genuine excuse.

Even if I got this job I wouldn’t know definitely whether I will be able to manage to make everyone agree & start working here. I had looked into so many companies when I came across this company “Keerti Designs”. One of the best places to work to get a boost to my career, well main reason for this company to grow is that what ever post you apply for you will have to undergo a frantic training and if they could prove there worth only then they would get on rolls into the company. If training is rigorous then selection is also not a cake walk, three level screening procedures: first are technical round, second is HR & third is an interview with the team head.    

I just hope no one calls me to find out where I am struck from past 45 mins and no known faces here to let them know about my little adventure here and saved from all the taunts from elders for thinking about work at such a crucial period of my life. In about another 45 minutes my cell will start ringing to enquiry where I am and why I am late. I just wish atleast I complete my interview within this time.  

With so many confusion, tension, nervousness and anticipation in my mind and heart & as my veil end being twisted mercilessly by my fingers I still somehow manage to compose my self as confident & portray myself as the best eligible for the post. To make sure my mind is calm and concentrated for the up coming interview I start going through my own CV so that I don’t blabber something which is not mentioned in it. When I was busy checking my document in the file I feel there is a sudden silence, with curious eyes I check around to know the reason when I hear a sigh from employees around and a bit murmur. Looks like the boss just left them at peace. Something are same everywhere be it a town or a big city like Mumbai.

To putting a full stop to my extra disturbed mind for a while my hazel eyes look around the décor of the office. I must say the office here is really big and classy. Elegance just reflects out from every corner. Cubicles giving privacy to each person while it still open for the superiors to review their juniors.

Another person just walked out of the cabin, when I would get my turn to get in. Looks like my Babaji is with me, I just shot a look upwards thanking him as I hear my name called for I brace myself and with a determined stance I step into the conference room for my very first interview in this city. When I walk in I see two men dressed in there formals and an elegant lady dressed in cotton Saree. I couldn’t stop myself from checking the pattern of the saree, making a note in my mind to check the stores for similar ones for my sister. She loves wearing cotton sarees, and she would really look more elegant when she would take lectures in her college. Ahhh what am I thinking?

I warn my mind to be alert anticipating there first question as one of the guy is verifying my CV and the other is trying to peep in to see my file, while the lady posed questions towards me about my background and experience in designing. The Guys too join her in questioning me some technical things. And at the end came the most expected one came from one guy who had his spectacles on. “You don’t know anyone here.” I look at him blank how to tell them when he continued.  “You don’t even have a permanent address here in this city and you are applying here. It would not be easy for you to leave in this city all alone.”


Well I could only reply with a small smile escaping from my lips. “Sir I am shifting to this city by next month and my family too will join me soon. “


“So if we give you this job you could make it only after next month. That will be a long time for us to wait for a post of a trainee.” The other guy with hazel eyes said.

“That’s the earliest possible date I could join from my end” I replied.


“Okay then, wait for 15 mins you will know if you made it to the next level.” the lady said.


I just wish them politely and make my way out to the waiting area. Even though the interview went well looks like they are wouldn’t be willing to wait for 2 months for just an assistant designer trainee. So my chances to get into this company are very less. Atleast I will have the satisfaction of trying my luck here. And If I get through this then there will be more hurdles in my way to cross over before I actually accept the offer from this prestigious company.


The secret behind this success of this company is many & one of the reasons was the employee force they had employed. They had many ways to make sure there were no loop holes inside. And one of the filters to keep check was the key personals who very responsible for unbiased execution of the work was unknown to the outsiders and that was on every successful trainee who would get into the company the person who approved such appointee would get a monetary benefit which helped in maintaining high level of standards.


Here inside the conference room discussion for the prospective employees was going on in full swing. One said this guy would be suitable will the other said another lady is. Finally they had 10 of them short listed for a single post. Each one of them had to select 4 of them but since as 2 of the contenders were chosen by both the guys. The count came to 10.

Sasha the elegant lady in saree spoke “Adi (the guy with spec’s), so ball is in your court reduce it to 4 we will select the 2 out of them for training.”

“Sure I will do the hard work, you both keep the butter.” Replied Adi

“Don’t be sad Adi, you will get a one atali batali delicious 1gm butter free from my end” Replied Arjun(hazel eyes guy)

“1gm butter will not be enough for me itself what will I take for Pinky.” Complained Adi “You both better go & ask Jenny to send one by one.”

Fortunately I made it HR round which was the easiest for me but looks like I quoted very high the guy had his eyes came out with the shock I could see it even through they were covered with the spectacles. Now I was damn sure I couldn’t work as per my wishes here. With gloomy face I make my way back to the waiting area where many were feeling happy. That actually made me feels worse than ever I was just trying to buck my spirits back when I heard my name as being selected for the final round. I actually check with the lady again to make sure whether I have heard it all right or not.

I went in again for more questions to be thrown my way & at the end when I was told that I am selected & that ma’am informed that I am getting this opportunity looking at my potential & ability to excel and the most important was I would be appointed only if I manage to complete the training program.

I give a big smile to them to have won the first battle, offcourse now I had a bigger one to face my family’s approval. I gladly thank her & make my way towards the reception to collect my offer letter. 

A young lady stood in reception area, I enquired here for my letter. She cheerful picked up the white envelop with Kreeti Designs mentioned in erratic style stamped at one end & handed over to me saying “Welcome aboard Ms. Geet Mehra.”