Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 1


Part 1



As I glance towards the time I realise it has been already been 30 minutes I have been waiting for my turn to come and still wondering if I am doing right thing or not. Should I really be here attending an interview in secret, unknown to my family? They are under the impression that I am out there for shopping that too in a town unknown to me. They wouldn’t have let me out alone at these times when my life is all set to change in just a month but I somehow managed to buy my genuine excuse.

Even if I got this job I wouldn’t know definitely whether I will be able to manage to make everyone agree & start working here. I had looked into so many companies when I came across this company “Keerti Designs”. One of the best places to work to get a boost to my career, well main reason for this company to grow is that what ever post you apply for you will have to undergo a frantic training and if they could prove there worth only then they would get on rolls into the company. If training is rigorous then selection is also not a cake walk, three level screening procedures: first are technical round, second is HR & third is an interview with the team head.    

I just hope no one calls me to find out where I am struck from past 45 mins and no known faces here to let them know about my little adventure here and saved from all the taunts from elders for thinking about work at such a crucial period of my life. In about another 45 minutes my cell will start ringing to enquiry where I am and why I am late. I just wish atleast I complete my interview within this time.  

With so many confusion, tension, nervousness and anticipation in my mind and heart & as my veil end being twisted mercilessly by my fingers I still somehow manage to compose my self as confident & portray myself as the best eligible for the post. To make sure my mind is calm and concentrated for the up coming interview I start going through my own CV so that I don’t blabber something which is not mentioned in it. When I was busy checking my document in the file I feel there is a sudden silence, with curious eyes I check around to know the reason when I hear a sigh from employees around and a bit murmur. Looks like the boss just left them at peace. Something are same everywhere be it a town or a big city like Mumbai.

To putting a full stop to my extra disturbed mind for a while my hazel eyes look around the décor of the office. I must say the office here is really big and classy. Elegance just reflects out from every corner. Cubicles giving privacy to each person while it still open for the superiors to review their juniors.

Another person just walked out of the cabin, when I would get my turn to get in. Looks like my Babaji is with me, I just shot a look upwards thanking him as I hear my name called for I brace myself and with a determined stance I step into the conference room for my very first interview in this city. When I walk in I see two men dressed in there formals and an elegant lady dressed in cotton Saree. I couldn’t stop myself from checking the pattern of the saree, making a note in my mind to check the stores for similar ones for my sister. She loves wearing cotton sarees, and she would really look more elegant when she would take lectures in her college. Ahhh what am I thinking?

I warn my mind to be alert anticipating there first question as one of the guy is verifying my CV and the other is trying to peep in to see my file, while the lady posed questions towards me about my background and experience in designing. The Guys too join her in questioning me some technical things. And at the end came the most expected one came from one guy who had his spectacles on. “You don’t know anyone here.” I look at him blank how to tell them when he continued.  “You don’t even have a permanent address here in this city and you are applying here. It would not be easy for you to leave in this city all alone.”


Well I could only reply with a small smile escaping from my lips. “Sir I am shifting to this city by next month and my family too will join me soon. “


“So if we give you this job you could make it only after next month. That will be a long time for us to wait for a post of a trainee.” The other guy with hazel eyes said.

“That’s the earliest possible date I could join from my end” I replied.


“Okay then, wait for 15 mins you will know if you made it to the next level.” the lady said.


I just wish them politely and make my way out to the waiting area. Even though the interview went well looks like they are wouldn’t be willing to wait for 2 months for just an assistant designer trainee. So my chances to get into this company are very less. Atleast I will have the satisfaction of trying my luck here. And If I get through this then there will be more hurdles in my way to cross over before I actually accept the offer from this prestigious company.


The secret behind this success of this company is many & one of the reasons was the employee force they had employed. They had many ways to make sure there were no loop holes inside. And one of the filters to keep check was the key personals who very responsible for unbiased execution of the work was unknown to the outsiders and that was on every successful trainee who would get into the company the person who approved such appointee would get a monetary benefit which helped in maintaining high level of standards.


Here inside the conference room discussion for the prospective employees was going on in full swing. One said this guy would be suitable will the other said another lady is. Finally they had 10 of them short listed for a single post. Each one of them had to select 4 of them but since as 2 of the contenders were chosen by both the guys. The count came to 10.

Sasha the elegant lady in saree spoke “Adi (the guy with spec’s), so ball is in your court reduce it to 4 we will select the 2 out of them for training.”

“Sure I will do the hard work, you both keep the butter.” Replied Adi

“Don’t be sad Adi, you will get a one atali batali delicious 1gm butter free from my end” Replied Arjun(hazel eyes guy)

“1gm butter will not be enough for me itself what will I take for Pinky.” Complained Adi “You both better go & ask Jenny to send one by one.”

Fortunately I made it HR round which was the easiest for me but looks like I quoted very high the guy had his eyes came out with the shock I could see it even through they were covered with the spectacles. Now I was damn sure I couldn’t work as per my wishes here. With gloomy face I make my way back to the waiting area where many were feeling happy. That actually made me feels worse than ever I was just trying to buck my spirits back when I heard my name as being selected for the final round. I actually check with the lady again to make sure whether I have heard it all right or not.

I went in again for more questions to be thrown my way & at the end when I was told that I am selected & that ma’am informed that I am getting this opportunity looking at my potential & ability to excel and the most important was I would be appointed only if I manage to complete the training program.

I give a big smile to them to have won the first battle, offcourse now I had a bigger one to face my family’s approval. I gladly thank her & make my way towards the reception to collect my offer letter. 

A young lady stood in reception area, I enquired here for my letter. She cheerful picked up the white envelop with Kreeti Designs mentioned in erratic style stamped at one end & handed over to me saying “Welcome aboard Ms. Geet Mehra.”



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