Incredible Fusion – Part 1



Part 1



Seeing is believing is said for the human sense sight but at this time of the day when darkness is all you could see around and light is something alien and hard to visualise what is there in front of you that doesn’t mean you are lost or blind? Just like everyone my other senses come to my rescue. Exactly now when I cannot see anything through my eyes I could hear the roars of the ocean every time it hit the banks indicating I am standing right in front of the vast expanse of the ocean. Petrichor, the scent of rain filled my lungs predicting the approaching rain, the touch of which would cease my burning but I am not ready to taste the freedom from this fire. In addition to these I know how to eradicate the darkness as I have the capacity to turn on the light even at the darkest times of life.



The rain can come down to the earth anytime and I have to take shelter before that but still I wait at the banks waiting for the darkness to break into dawn. This has been my routine from past week to sprint around the seashore of this sea at the darkest hour before the dawn and wait for the moment of darkness breaking into the dawn. To watch the sun to gain its position high in the sky, paint his colours over the world showing his supremacy to kill darkness of life. It is not only the sun but also me who feels that has spread my colour all over the world.



Slowly the sun made its way out of his den painting the whole sky bright reddish yellow with its rays. Consuming the gloomy night and spreading the light bringing new hope & a beginning of bright fresh life. Once I had witnessed the magnificent sight of sunrise my concentration went towards my sense which had alerted about the approaching rain. But now there was no sign of it, that left me astonished as rain is one thing I just hate it and my senses have never been wrong in identifying them. Leaving that thought aside I make my way back to the hostel which has become my new home from where I will have to attend my first day of my master’s classes today.



Not before I had turned my eyes get struck to the sight of a girl in bluish white suit running away something was there about her unknown which made me watch her till she disappeared from my vision. I have been coming here from past 5 days but never did I saw any girl at this time of the hour. She did turn back once but I could not see her face. Just then I heard my cell beep reminding me of the time & I headed back still I couldn’t stop myself to watch at the way she ran off.




Some things never change every where the seniors welcoming the juniors especially in there own innovative way. I had just entered the gates of my college when a group of people naming themselves as seniors blocked my way. They were many more already in queues who were dancing as puppets of seniors. I had a strong urge to teach them a good lesson but I couldn’t just barge in and destruct everything but that would only catch the attention of everyone. Now itself I can feel many eyes on me, that always annoy me.



Against my wishes I simply follow there orders to stand in the queue and wait for my turn to come. Just then there was absolute silence as everyone’s attention was on the entrance maybe another junior’s who are trying to dorge away from these ragging session? But No. when I look at the entrance I could only see a beautiful mesmerising alluring blue eyes of the girl, they captivated me in its pools as deep as oceans that I can get lost in them. It was a picture painted in blue theme, every essence of her oozed as serene beauty. I could no longer see the world around me just her only; everything around her seems to vanish away from my view. As if in the whole world it is you and me alone, with my every breath, with my every heartbeat clearly wanting to be with you. Her earrings kissed her cheeks every time she kept walking her bangles made sounds of waves in the ocean which was matching her light blue & white mixed dress. Is she the same one whom I saw in the beach today, looks like she is as even at that time she worn the same dress, the same gait, the same care free strides. Today I felt like I got a whole new world to live in.   









Pighle neelam sa behta hua ye sama


Neeli-Neeli si khamoshiyaan


Na kahin hai zameen, na kahin Aasmaan


Sarsarati hui tehniyaan, pattiyaan


Keh raheen hai ki bas ek tum ho yahaan


Sirf main hoon


Meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein


Aisi gehraiyaan, aisi tanhaiyaan


Aur main sirf main


Apne hone par mujhko yaqeen aa gaya




English Translation of the poetry




The moment seems to flow like a molten sapphire and there’s deep blue silence,


Neither there is earth below, nor sky above,


The rustling branches, leaves are saying that only you are here,


Only me, my breath and my heartbeat,


Such deepness, such loneliness and me…only me,


It all makes me believe in my existence.






I don’t know when my legs take me away from the crowd towards the object of my interest but I was pulled back by something. When I turn to see what that was I saw it was the guy next to me who pulled me back, he was saying something which I failed to hear it. I turned back my gaze to her; she was not there; I turn around everywhere only to find her in front of those seniors. I moved in a way to have clear view of her face without any interruption. Her eyes had a gleam of naughtiness which I didn’t know for what.



I felt another nudge in my hand to jolt me into the reality. It was again the same guy but now I heard him say “Man, what are you doing come back and stand here, don’t mess with seniors. See how these girls got themselves in trouble.” The word Girls made me look at them again to find another girl beside her. All of them were watching her ignoring the pleasant beauty of mine. They were questioning them, that is when I got to know her name is Geet & the girl whom I just noticed her name is Pari.




6 thoughts on “Incredible Fusion – Part 1”

  1. loved the way u wrote maan’s p.o.v. when he first saw geet or pari.(confused a little ).. & mesmerized by her…..

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