Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 2


Part 2

Today when he had visited the office in the morning his own office felt like a market as interviews were going on for his designing division. This division is really creating a huge problem for him now. To much of job hopping is seen in that division and getting a good designer is also is becoming difficult. Recruitment charges itself is increasing need to think of reducing that. If things go on this way inhouse desgining division should be closed is all he could think of.


But one thing always pleases hin that is once he enters whole office becomes silent and if someone minutely hears then they may even hear the heart beats of his employees. He just loved to maintain this atmosphere and why will he not as that would only make them work efficiently and thereby increasing his company’s worth.



Once in his cabin he checked his calendar and reworked on it as there were many unexpected changes that would have to be done. He had planned for more work for all his employees for coming days. It will be a test to see who all could actually make it as it was the time of need. New project was going to begin in next month and the designs were to be finalised with the clients plus 4 construction sites were at the verge of completion and his absence at these time would make things worse. So he was in verge of moving things in faster pace.


Once he assigned some of the jobs to his assistants he left to ensure his site works are going on in steady pace. He had such a busy schedule to keep up that he didn’t even bother to glance over the persons who were present in his office today. He just hurried through his mails reverting which were necessary to keep the machines running in site while he left his office.




Adi, Sasha and Arjun were sitting in the canteen sipping the hot piping coffee remarking on today’s interview sessions.


Sasha probed Adi “what does you instinct say would pass the training session the small town girl Geet or the pretty city lad Aayush.”


Before Adi could remark Arjun interfered “why you are asking him it is the boss who would decide not him.”


“Well I was just questioning the caliber of our Sharma Adithya Sharma our inhouse Bond James Bond.” Sasha replied to Arjun


“He is not a future teller but a dreamer who wished to be a secret agent.” Countered Arjun


Suddenly Adi stood up to leave when both noticed him & questioned him “Where are you going.”


“My coffee is done, so I thought its time for me to leave.” Adi replied


“Ok, lets not fight & just chat” suggested Arjun


“Thanks or else I will have a head ache.” Sasha replied


“You both don’t get tired of fighting.” Questioned Adi


Both smiled said no simultaneously & all the three had good laugh after a long time. Sasha & Arjun were best friends from college and would always make fun of people and today’s target was Adi. Everyone will think they are fighting seriously but they would actually pull a third persons leg.


“On a serious talk Arjun, why did you selelct this lady Geet. We could have got on many other candidates.” Sasha enquired.


“Now use your brain Sasha, right now we don’t have much work for another month as you know our boss is going to be on leave so why bother overselves with extra staff, extra headache and also she being new to the city she will definitely work hard. Her grades are good and consistent too so she will explicitly will clear the training.” Arjun replied


“She would cost less too.” Added Adi


“Is that’s so.” She replied “Okay come on lets get back to work our boss could come back anytime now.”


“Adi tell her boss is busy extremely busy in his personal work so he will not be able to give time to office for till next month end. So just relax.” Arjun just comfortable sat sipping his coffee more leisurely. “Actually I am planning for a trip next month anyways we would be going for the boss’s wedding right nearby there is good resort we could always enjoy our time there.”


“Arjun, are you mad we will be going to attend his wedding not for vacation.” Sasha said


“It is his wedding, what are we going to do there. Don’t worry I will plan it everything.” Assured Arjun.


Unknown to these three their boss was back 15 mins earlier to the office and not finding the mangers in seat for more than 15 mins even after conclusion of the interviews enraged his already high anger to new heights as he had to complete so many works before he took off from the office for one month after this week.


I don’t believe this is happening with me I, Maan Singh Khurana who never changed my ways is compelled to take a month off from office that to when so many projects which were in pipeline should be started. No one dare to force their decision on me and I would never let anything effect the position of my company. One month leave well that was for his family but for him that would be only 15 days as he had already set his planner in such a way that that all the emergency meetings which is going to save him from everyones cribbing.


He had planned all his works in such a way that his work would stretch to next week which were all important and thus reducing the headache at the home. And after the functions & travels some more essential work would arrive, thus my last week off will be conclude according to my wish.


But he needed to keep all these things secret from his staff also as a little clue of his stratergy can make his plans to backfire which Maan Singh Khurana can never let that happen. All his attention now was on assigning the works to his staff in that manner which would lead hassle free functioning of this company in his absence. Well he had more works in his plate has his approval meant more new work to his subordinates which they can complete without his intervention. 


Once he saw his managers back in there seat he called for them to enquire about the today’s interview.

“What happened to today’s interview hope this time you three selected a good resource not like last time the useless ones whom you three thought as deserving and wasted my time.” Maan said looking furious about there last performance.


“No sir this time we have got the right candidate who could build us new dream castles. They will give a new dimension to our company.” Arjun started praising the candidates as he knew how to impress his boss with words. He will agree only if he is assured of the companies’ best interest.


With that Boss Maan singh khurana let his staff to wrapup for the day but not before he gave list of works they need to handle for the coming weeks. And once he they left he plunged into his files until he got a reminder call to leave to join the left out shoppings from his family for his wedding.  



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