Incredible Fusion – Part 3



 Part 3



Another lecture starts from today, well that is one thing I always disliked but still I have never let the other person to feel that I am not one of the keen listener as I don’t ignore them but just bear there words which some or the other time has been useful. This time I had a silver lining say it a distraction or attraction which would last for atleast a little while.


I entered the class to witness Geet who sat at the front bench with her was Pari, looks like both are friends that they are sticking together. Class was almost full any time the classes would start as the time to start was nearing. I sat away from everyone as I was never a man who needed company.


My lonliness didn’t last for long as it was accompanied by the slim nerd with broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin with the naroow frame spectacles guy Yash I wished it was Geet beside me but this time I have to bear with this one as the guy, yes Yash was behind me and had followed me to the place where I had selected to sit. Well there was a special thing at this position and that was the view I would get, from here I could see the professors & behind the dias was a glass on which the image I could see was of the reflection of Geet.   


 Time passed a person came said something and then my eyes went back to Geet who was busy in writing and then she was lost in seeing something when I glanced where she was looking at I saw some other person who stood at the podium. I wonder where the other person went but before I could ponder about that my eyes went on the pen which was just about to touch the curvy glossy lips of hers.   


Constant bugging of Yash gained my attention as he was mentioning something about some Economics, business and management I glared back at him to stop him from irritating me. As I take a quick look at the platform to witness yet another different person there. Have I started seeing things, was that a mirage or did the face of the person change like chameleon?


I wanted to see what was happening around so I kept watching him but as the person was a lean bald guy he wasn’t covering the glass behind giving me more access t0 my distraction she was time & again glancing over her lace tied around her wrist. It took a minute more to realise she was getting bored maybe that’s why she was checking the time. That is when I checked the time which said 3 and half hours has been passed since I have been sitting here in this place. That means this is the 4th class of the day & I haven’t heard a word from anyone.


Suddenly Geet’s face had shone and next second there was a long ring indicating the end of the first session and once the unknown professor left the room she & Pari flew from there may be they were hungry. Half n hour of break like everyone I too headed towards the canteen to check what I can get to fill my appetite.  I had got one plate of food and sat away from the crowd when I saw my hearts leisure pursuit the blue girl getting her plate filled with food.


I saw them looking at the whole canteen to check for a place just then Yash who was just behind them showed the table where I am sitting. He wanted to watch her everymove but staring like that when the other person was watching straight back at you was not manners and that too when I held the fire to consume her.


My eyes were unwilling to obey my order to look anywhere but her. Then somehow I managed to concentrate on the food but it was just for a second then it was back on her. Fortunately this time she was looking at something else at the other end. She was looking at that direction more intently making my inside to burn. I turned my gaze towards her vision and that enraged me again as Geet was looking at the seniors and one of them who was leading the ragging session was heading to our table. I wouldn’t mind breaking his bones or even burning him to show him the glimpse of hell.


He was just a feet away from his table when the ground under him vanished as he lost balance and swan through the air bang his nose to the ground. He was carrying a plate of food he had picked it up on his way and all of it he had been carrying in his hand fell on his head and finally even the plate hit his head giving him the award he deserved. That’s when I noticed the wet floor and the caution board kept to be careful as the floor was slippery.


A slight giggle caught my ears out of the whole laugh going around the canteen and that was from none other than the girl who sat infront of me. She was trying very hard not to laugh as it would only instigate the others and bring us under their scanner. But even then she couldn’t stop the smile that escaped against her wishes and adored her lips. The twinkle in her eyes which held the power to hypnotise even a saint.


It was the first time she sat so close to me and I was failing to stick to my previous decision of not to stare at her but when did the heart listen when God’s such a exquisite creation was right before my eyes. She had her eyes fixed on the table I just didn’t know what is so interesting out there on it while I couldn’t move my gaze from her. I wished she looked up to me at least once so that I could read what she was thinking. Maybe she didn’t noticed me till now as she was busy with the laugh she got to see here but before I could make that statement sink into my heart she raised her lashes to meet my molten eyes to lose the whole world around us or to find a new way together.



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