Incredible Fusion – Part 5


 Part 5


There is not a single place in the college which doesn’t remind me of our encounter and just a week ago when Geet was searching for Pari near this fountain at the entrance of the college where I am standing that was the time we met again face to face to let me read her mind through her own blue eyes.


This time when the cover of her lashes had been shed for my view all I could see was the same mischief gleam in it. But what is she upto now, did that senior again became the scapegoat of her acts. She has been enjoying that senior’s state to an extent which none knew except me as always after every fall of his she had walked away with a winning stride. One thing which even I didn’t know was did she do anything which always landed him in trouble or was that a pure coincidence that whenever she was present he was embarrassed with one or the other thing.


Last time I had accompanied Yash to the mall as girls wanted to do there shopping while Yash wanted to join them and I also went along with him. Once they had roamed alround the mall we had settled down in the food court to fill the hunger of stomach. The seating arrangement was in a semi circle round the table and at one end was Geet next to her was Pari and next was Yash, after him I sat.


Geet started “Pari you have searched the whole mall today. So after eating we will go home & get back to our seminars.”


Pari replied “Still I need to buy tops from that xyz shop.”


“I know why you are so much into shopping today but I will not let you skip today’s study.” Geet made it clear to Pari. “I don’t want any excuses.”


I smiled looking at the them planning for the seminar which I didn’t even know there was I never had to bothered for any academic activity as even before I realise the need of the work it would have been done for me too. Yash was someone who used to do it for me I never did ask him for but he simple did it for me and then it become a silent treaty that he used to hand over all the assignments to me. I could have asked him the reason for it but then I never indulged in talking with anyone not even Yash, who was my hostel roommate.


Pari loved Yash but always gets irritated with his “I am scared attitude” college works were not an issue but handling the world or people was something he always held a back foot.  I guess this was the reason Yash always used to be with me scared to be alone, scared that he might just get into trouble and I tagged with him because he never asked any questions about me but just used to bug me with non stop talking about the college or Pari or her friend Geet. That was much more than a vital reason to actually tolerate him and his actions.


There was sudden hustle bustle in the food court, apparently some waiter was pushed by someone making all the food in his hand to spilled on the ground and that person was none other than our same senior who had lead our ragging session. The owner was all set to bash the waiter & dismiss him from the job as he thougt the waiter couldn’t even handle his customers properly, creating disturbance to them and also damaging his places aesthetics.


And this senior of ours who was having fun in this trouble just was leaving creating the mess and while crossing over the table next us the kid who sat there was supposed to have her milk in the bottle but the kid opened the cap in a way that all the milk erupted out of it spilling it all over the place along with the wetting the pants of our beloved senior in turn making him embarrass infront of all the people. At that time her eyes showed “you deserve it” look.


Today too her eyes conveyed the same thing to me but who deserves that, was that me or was that someone else. I was still searching for answers when a loud laughter hit my ears and that was of Yash & Pari who came running & laughing even before I could ask them they started to narrate that the gardener was having trouble why water stopped suddenly coming in his pipes while watering the plants and then he tried to twist them in all direction water gushed out like a stream which unfortunately showered on our same darling senior. 


Once Yash was here I moved out to our hostel when Yash again started his pleading to accompany him to Pari’s house as she had challenged him “Yash if you love me you have to come to my hime without getting scared of my owner who stayed next door. Only then I will talk to you.” Did I needed this pleadings no defiantly no, but still how would I just give in so I gave him “I am not interested” look and then I finally agreed to him.


We knocked at the door of the girl’s home late at 12 midnight as it was quite a distance we had to travel. There was hesitation quite visible on Pari’s face as she opened the windows to check who is banging the door at this hour. I could clearly see one was shocked while the other pretended to be shocked as she was not afraid of facing any situation. As it was a season of rain many would come inside the front yard for shelter but now it wasn’t raining either and even if it was entertaining an outsider at this hour was not safe.


We stood at a distance so when she checked the window none were visible, then she had a confused look thinking who banged on the door. Just when she thought to close the window and return to bed we came out of the shadows scaring her a bit as she asked who it is. But only thing she heard was her own sound and crackle sound of the dry leaves.


Surprise was the word Yash screamed making her squeal in shock but then she was happy to find her love leaving his inhabitation self.



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