Incredible Fusion – Part 8


 Part 8


Seminar finished & I don’t exactly remember what all I have to say. Seeing my capabilities with words they had given me a small part. Was that a 5 min material which I finished it in 2 minute or was that only a 1 minutes one for which I too 2. But whatever it was that ended without much hanky panky. Well one hurdle was crossed & the other awaited. Yes the group discussion would start in a while, groups were made. Pari, I & few other class mates were selected and made the group. The topic was read out it was “Myth”.



First to start was Pari “God is a Myth.”


With that few started to oppose it & many started to agree with it. But when I heard what all they were discussing I couldn’t stop my self from putting my view in it.


“How could you say that God is a myth” I questioned.


“If he was there then people would not have suffered unnecessarily, take your example are you not an orphan… why?? because God took away your parents that too in a natural calamity which was controlled by God.” Pari replied.


“It was not the God who controlled these calamities they are done by the people who are posses the power to protect the nature and people in this world.” I counter replied.


“Oh you are a beliver of those grandma bedtime stories in which God entrusts some power to three people who were termed as guards of the earth but these people quarrelled among themselves to attain the supremacy over the human beings. If only one is left they would be invincible who could be termed as equal to God.” Pari questioned.


The whole discussion was heating up between Pari & Maan and everyone present there were just a mute spectators as they didn’t know where it all would go to. Some had heard these stories in there childhood from there elders but then with time all these things were termed as only story.


“Yes I am a beliver of it but that is not the whole truth what all things they would have to undergo for being a guard is not known to many. Life span of these persons would be more than 400 years which they should be spent away from everyone if those powers are entrusted. These powers would be there curse but also a boon, which could be used to restrict many calmaties. And humans never get to know what things were averted but can only know & rememeber when these gaurds fail. Yes they fight among themselves but are these fights for gaining supremacy or to gain freedom from those things is still a mystery which none have been able to know it till now.” I said.


I would have said many more things but I was stopped by the sapphire eyed girl who pleaded me through her eyes to not say a word more and how could I utter a single word after that. My tongue was now tied with her plea so I let every other person to continue with the discussion and in no time the hour flee so did the students from the class.



This was the last class for the year and students would forget about all these talks is what I could wish for as many were worried about their individual exams or was excited for the farewell party of the seniors which the juniors had organised for. I don’t know whether I blabbered more than required or was my speech revealed more than necessary things.


Once the class was dispersed Geet marched to Pari questioning “What was that, why were you guys arguing in middle of a discussion.”


Pari responded “He started” pointing all the blame towards me.

“I know who started what even I was here only. Now do you think about yourself Maan what were you doing talking all these stories.”  Geet turned towards me questioning but she was shocked and continued “Now where did he go?” as I was not there standing but had started to move out of the class saving my self from there questioning eyes.




Today is the farewell party girls were dressed in red & white combination where as boys were in red & black combo. For a change juniors had planned to rag the seniors on there own farewell which was led by Pari & group, well I knew whose idea this would be. Time has changed so had the relations too in past 10 months seniors have become more friendly and supportive, thus playing pranks with them would not be a trouble and anyways they are leaving the institute so the coast is clear for fun.


Party was in the open air hall in the grounds of the college which had a stage at one end where Geet was speaking to Pari who stood beside her with today’s event manager & at the far end was the fountain where I stood gazing her every move. She looked angelic in that white salwar of hers as blue veil adored the slender creamy neck. Yash was running behind Pari helping her out with all his love and I was standing away from everyone feeling glad that atleast there are people whom I would love and they are infront of me.  


People dressed in vibrant colors were already to enjoy & have fun as the party was about to start. Whereas things don’t happen as you wish for and who knows that better than me and exactly the way I had the intrusion there was a sudden hassle alround the place everyone were running into the college that’s when I witnessed the tornado coming towards us.

I stood waiting the tornado to come to me as what can it do to me carry & through me somewhere that’s it right. However when it was just a yard away from the ground when it stood still as if something stopped its way. When I look around the ground there is no one present but my eyes stopped at one place where a girl lay may be unconscious and it didn’t take a minute to know who that was as she is Geet only girl who was in her blue while everyone was in red & white.



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