Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 3


Part 3



It’s been 15 days of marriage and today also I stand where I stood before trying ways to put my words across him about this letter. So frustrating it is I have rehearsed so many times from the day I got it but every time either I forget how I wanted to convey or someone comes and I am forced eat my words. He quite understood the apprehension at the new place with new people but still when I couldn’t quite convince my own parents who know me from so long how would these unknown people would understand my view.


I had tried to convey to my parents 2 years back that I would want to work in a place where I would make a small niche of my own not where people put you under a protected shell. You can’t share your views openly nor could you actually accept with them but then still you keep quite thinking you know the best for you. If everything we learn is only best when would we know what is good or bad, our thinking would be whatever we do is best. I had wanted to be on my toes but was pushed under the shelter of my papa’s friends company thinking that way I stayed protected.


From past one year they were looking for my suitor and my 3rd interview my status was changed from single to fiancé of my patidev. We met at quite a few occasions before our engagement also for shopping of clothes & rings; and one of the brief coincidental things when he had come to visit a nearby place for a conference & I had gone to buy some accessories for my dress. Then we had spent a little time over a coffee in the cafe shop that evening.


And once the engagement was done he had passed a gift pack to me attached to it was his business card as well. This led to the start of little talks & also an initiative to understand each other. I feel a bit guilty that I couldn’t share it with him even after so many days. Initially it used to be what are you doing today types of talks then when the preparations started we used to converse about the happenings of each other house kinda of we built the gaps where the parents were having hesitation to discuss it with the each other.


He had cleared everything about his schedule and where we will go and for how many days. We had hardly met and hardly talked after engagement all thanks to his busy schedule and my turmoil about how to tell them what I wanted. When I had gone for the interview I so wished to inform him but I couldn’t gather courage to do that.


Arjun was the incharge of the planning the trip as he was sure we would even attend the marriage & also enjoy our time at that place. Boss had given as plenty of work to complete even in his absence and to make it to the wedding itself with that schedule was difficult but there was a sliver lining as boss will not return just after his wedding but after few days which will give us enough time to keep the schedules. As he was known for his travel plans here we were Adi, Sasha & Arjun with our families aboard to vacation in the name of boss’s marriage.


When we had reached the venue we were welcomed by big big board designed in vibrant flowers indicating the aura of the respected families. On the board was Maan Singh Khurana weds Hamsa Nandi. We hardly were present for the function as we were more interested in going to other places than being here in the crowd but this same crowd helped us to escape from the venue. But even after escaping from there one person’s eyes did caught our little run away mission & that was our boss, who is ready to grill us with the questions on projects which were assigned to be finished in his absence. We could only hope that atleast now his mobile may ring & he is asked to go back to his home but looks like till now this lion is not tamed to be under someone else control.


I sat on the bed caressing the sheets remembering him while my eyes went towards the frame which my friends had gifted me no… No our wedding my fingers lingered on design etched on the edge of the frame. There was no picture within the glass frame, I pout looking up complaining to my babaji “Why is it happening with me? My wedding pictures & that is still not with me. If someone visits our home what will I show who is my pati dev, he is always busy. You know na how we spent our time half of the time he would be only thinking about his work. Ufff please making him look at your favourite kid”

“You know babaji I even have decided which snap will go into which frame. In reception I was dressed in pink choli and he was in his black suit. He had held me with his one hand on my waist while my left hand rested on his shoulder and right was placed right below the rose which is tucked beside his heart. And making everyone clear to move out he is mine.”

I was looking up and complaining to my babaji when I felt something soft touching my back of the neck which supported me to rest and continue my nagging “where was I, yes our snaps but more than that this problem exists. Babaji tell me give me a single opportunity to tell him about this letter.” I keep the frame & take the letter in my hand.


“What is there in this letter that you want to show me?” He asked taking the letter from my hand

“You came, when did you come? I will get you some snacks & tea.” I try to make an excuse & leave but was that a easy task to get away from him that too without his wish as he held my hand pulling me back and pushing me into the balcony and he stood blocking my way as he pulled out the letter from the envelop. “Babaji, please make sure this is not my last time I am talking to you; save me today; just once for today. I will not ask for anything more today.” I was so busy with murmurings that when I looked back to see his reaction he was not at all present in the room.

“Geet you are gone today, Babaji” I look up again “I told you not to give letter to him directly atleast you should have talked to him but what can I do if he took it from my hand. Don’t you remember what mama had told you:

“Geet, you will have to think about others before your own self. You will be the daughter-in-law, where everyone will look up to you, where you will be expected to handle everything perfectly. I have no doubt that you will excel and win everyone’s heart but for that you should just stop all your childish acts.”

“Even mama knew where I will fall short & that’s what happened. Geet see what you have done. Babaji, don’t make my patidev mad on me please.” I shoot out prayers again before heading towards the kitchen to get his chai.


 I came out from my room thinking about the letter in my hand & straight away entered the place where I always get solace & also solutions to my problem. My thoughts came to halt when I heard the lady in front of me speaking “What happened? Where are you lost son? I didn’t know you will remember me after your marriage too?”

“Maa, what are you telling, I will always come here even if you want it or not. And don’t tease me, I am not in the mood” I replied while I lay comfortable in her lap.

Next moment I felt something cold touching my scalp & how could I not recognize that my Maa was applying oil while massaging to cool my over burning head of mine. She enquired “what the problem, did you fight with Geet.”

Before she could say anything else I pass the letter to her & the immediate response came from her “You don’t want her to work.”

“Maa, I always wanted her to stand like how you were to Dad, leading our company as co-MD along with me but here she wants to work as a trainee in Keerti designs.” I complain to her on non fulfilment of my dream.

“Beta, we started a small business so it was easy for me to help your Dad from the beginning but now our company is a large one which she may not be able to handle this without required experience. And our own staff would not be that co-operative when you start giving importance to your wife when she isn’t that qualified to manage them. Therefore I suggest let her acquire the knowledge about how things works here in Mumbai. And once you think she is ready you both can work together.”

“Oh, Maa you are life saver… I will inform Geet now only.” I started to leave but was stopped by Maa.

“I guess you don’t have to tell her.” I was surprised why she stopped me, that is when I heard Geet speak. “Thanks Maa.”

I turned back to see her all dazzling with that smile on her face & a tray with 2 cup of tea in her hand which I took happily while I settled back next to my maa but not before winking at her unknown to my first lady love.



10 thoughts on “Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 3”

  1. awesome update but confusing why is geet name diffrent on the marriage banner and if they are married to each other how come she is planning for him to go on his honeymoon with out her

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