Incredible Fusion – Part 9


 Part 9

It didn’t take me a second to reach her but I was a little hesitant whether to check her or not but then there was no one here and the tornado was infront of us. It would have not stopped for more than a few seconds and I could save her from this atleast, thinking so I slightly touched her hand to wake her up “Geet …. Geet…” Then what happened was something which I had never imagined as Geet not only turned but also looked very furiously and I felt water splashing on me. I wondered from where water came from even though it didn’t harm me, I was prepared to even deal with it through the flames of fire. 


My gaze went back to Geet who was now irritated by me while she stood up looking towards the storm. “Maan why did you come here…. you should have stood there like before & waited for this to end.” She marched towards me angrily. Now what did I do that she was reacting this way; I was as always away from everything. As if reading my mind she continued “I had successfully stopped it through my power of water, didn’t you feel water had stopped the march of the tornado. It took me so much of concentration to create the shield around the wind storm & you destroyed it within seconds. Who asked you to come near me see you broke my protection with your heat.” She marched towards me but I walked back not to get in contact with her as it would harm her as well harm me.

It then occurred to me she is Geet the one who poses the power of water to guard the earth whereas the one storming towards us is Samir who poses the power of Air and the last was none other than me who posed the power of Fire. The three guardians of the earth but this only brought curse to me. I wonder why I never gave it a thought that Geet could be one of us, she always played with water and I even witnessed her exhibit. I was still contemplating with the facts she just disclosed when she growled her decision to me “Maan, I never asked you anything or came in your path but now if you want to save all these people from this mad storm created by Samir help me in fighting him off or else go away from me as far as possible because I wouldn’t think twice harming you too if you come in between.”


She didn’t wait to hear me out but went back to stop Samir who was storming into us, fountain’s water which flowed was directed to the plants around the ground so it helped her to gather water from all directions and raised it the extent that it should actually swallow the whole of it. The water was crystal clear & calm if I didn’t see observe keenly the layer of water which was trying to elevate round it would not be evident. It appeared to be a difficult task now as the opponent knew the exact position & strategy that would be followed by Geet as rising water was deflected very easily by Samir.  


Although Geet was not able to cover the whole tornado her determination to stop it didn’t shatter a bit, she raised herself with the help of water to place herself in a better position to defeat the foe. But how much could you suppress air as Samir emerged out of the water wrap breaking the balance of Geet. She fell on the ground but this time she didn’t try to use the same plan as she disappeared into the water paths spread at the edge of the ground.


Now that she is not here I can burn him off atleast that would help her if not me as I have lost hope of getting freedom from this fire. It is believed if one destroys the other person then he could live a normal life with everyone but there was a contrary belief also that he could rule the world with the new combined strength. I could not make anyone happy but she could atleast be pleased by this effort of mine.


With the snap of fingers fire appeared like a balls in my palm but only small globes of fire wouldn’t be able to destroy the whole storm thus I amplified the flames emitting the fire through my taut chest which spread to strong biceps via muscular shoulders to meet the fire balls in my palm while the other side the same fire reached the foot hoisting me upwards to reach the mid level to tear it apart.  I had completely got control of the storm ripping apart from the middle of it nevertheless the storm didn’t reduce it effect the more I extinguish it the more it generated from no where.


Suddenly from middle Samir came into my view who looked annoyed with our interference in his destruction of this town. “How much ever you try Maan you will never be able to over power me” he said with a smirk on his face “I am supreme”. His words wouldn’t stop my attack on him, now my only plan was to prevent this devastation. I had to divert him if not destroy as Geet had left to make another plan however it looked like she is taking a lot time or maybe she is not coming out as I am near him. We both can’t be together ever but destiny could not stop itself posing us infront of each other. I, who am fire and she, who is water, want to fight together but how blend in one another without terminating the other.


Single handed we are not able to fight him as he is not only invincible but also not allowing us to go beyond his wish as Samir is deflecting ever move we make be it through water or fire. And with ultimate force I target my flames towards him but Samir is more powerful as he deflected me pushing me into the water of the fountain.


I was trying to come out of it but Samir had me under his clutches that’s when I heard a faint whisper “Maan…” I heard my name but where is she?




4 thoughts on “Incredible Fusion – Part 9”

  1. wow!! that was a superb twist…..
    sorry for late commenting….my parents strictly restricted me from surfing net as I am busy with competitive
    exams….but still my addiction to maaneet made me to comment when my parents are asleep…..I hope u will
    forgive me..

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