Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 4


Part 4







Training was not an easy task as all the heads were hell bent on completing their task from me as I was having a little more experience in designing than the other trainee.  Seeing these heads eating my head I was actually getting lured by my patidev’s offer of joining him as co-MD but that would only mean I have to lose my dream of creating my niche.


Well it is not the mistake of these heads also as they have to report to their MB. First I was surprised learning the new designation as MB then understood it was Main Boss but I felt that more suitable would Mad Boss. I don’t why he loads more work on his juniors even before they complete the work in hand and on top of it he doesn’t give us enough time to understand the requirement.


I had sat in my cubicle trying to figure out the design which I should incorporate in my present assignment when I was distracted with a call;

Hello… I answered.

Geet come to boss cabin now… Sasha summoned me.

Today I am way to happy to hear that my immediate head Sasha called me in the cabin of our MB, I was excited as well as expecting to get praise for the flawless & unique design which I had designed it on yesterday evening only. But in my anxiety I forgot babaji would not have laid my path without any obstacles.

I knocked at the door once before entering into the cabin to witness all my happiness going down in the drain as I actually got to know the reason of the summon.    

Boss, she is Geet who did the … Sasha stopped right there when she saw Maan, the boss raised his anger filled eyes communicating to stop her.

“So you are the one who did this design.” Boss asked in his grave tone which actually made my heart to skip a beat not out of love but fear.


“Yes…” I managed to reply


“Do you know what you have drawn Geet, do you think it is your dream which you are designing a hawa mahal floating in air without any strings attached to it.” Boss screamed out on me but here I wonder what was the mistake in it?


Then boss continued to show me what was wrong in it & asked to get it corrected right now. I slowly collected the papers rolling to take it to my seat to complete it.


“Where are you leaving?” Boss questioned me. “You don’t can complete it here itself use the board at the corner in the cabin.”


So I started to settle all the papers on the board while I heard Boss warning Sasha for not repeating the mistake again before she was asked to clarify on some paper work. I guess she had received her due regards from this mad boss before I was summoned.    


“Babaji what was my mistake if Sasha missed to point out the same when she checked it.” I cribbed to my babaji. But I didn’t know how I missed this basic thing which would have led to a very big loss but luckily it had been the same MB who identified it just before that was sent to the client for approval.


I was still thinking on how to start it without much correction when I felt warm as if someone was staring I was about to turn back and look if something is wrong when I sensed a warm hand come from nowhere which actually startled me but Boss was so serious & working on the project drawings. I thought to move a bit to enable him to see things clearly as I would be blocking his view nevertheless I didn’t want to be rude either so I slowly thought to give him space without being noticed, I had just raised my one leg when I felt his another hand taken a eraser from other side, he stood caging me as if I didn’t exist and here I was the bird who was struck in those strong bars though hands in this case.


What to say him first he is boss, next he was so involved in his work that he is not able to see anything but his drawings. “Babaji help me.” is all I could say looking up at his direction when I heard my boss shout in my ears.


“The board is in front of you not pasted in the roof.” That’s when I look at him who stood atleast a foot away now from me. I wonder was I dreaming, as he went back to his seat.


New designs were to be sent to the client & when I, Maan Singh Khurana saw them prepared by the new trainee I was impressed but when I went in studying the structure in detail I found the basic itself was not followed properly. Being a new person such mistakes happen but what are the heads for. Wasn’t it their job to take care of the work done by their juniors? And to top it not even accepting the truth that she has missed reviewing the work.


What can I do other than warning a senior & also having a quite a few experience with our KD. But I will make sure both the head & her junior have a tough time in here atleast till they don’t change my opinion on themselves. I gave the due warnings then instructed them about next action. While my attention was on the work it started to waiver on the direction of Geet who stood showing her back there by blocking my view to the drawing board. I was trying to see if she was doing it properly or not however my gaze couldn’t stop from analysing her creamy back which was peeking through the curly hairs and those smooth long arms. My eyes followed the length of her arms and when it reached till elbow my eyes went towards the small waist which was glowing in the light behind the thin fabric of the saree.   


Thoughts didn’t stop there as my fingers itched to stroke them atleast once. Next second I was standing right behind her to accomplish that wish but just then Geet murmured something under her breath which brought me out of my trance.

“What the hell was I doing?” I questioned myself “Why was I thinking all these here? All these marriage things had corrupted my mind.”  But I can’t just back off why I stood here, so without any delay I took the pencil which lay at the bottom stand of the board while my fingers slightly gazed the fabric of her saree & started to complete the remaining part before I settled back in my seat in my attitude.


It looks so serene to watch that smile on Geet’s face her hair tried every bit of its work to hid the small curve of her lips while she slept. She has turned into something which I had never thought off as my dreams had confined to what I had seen in my home. I had only thought my life would be how maa and dad’s are, how they were a support to each other, how they completed one other’s wishes. Hence I had wished Geet would work in Rajnish Creations beside me taking our company to new heights nevertheless in these six months she has moulded herself in many ways be it helping maa in morning chores or working extensively in office or delight of being one everything has bought smile on this rosy lips of hers making my heart swell on gaining the most precious pearl in my life.   


If I have made her happy in a place where everyone is unknown to her then I have succeeded to make a small place in her heart but I would be blessed when she would come to me with her small small problems instead of cribbing to Babaji. I remove her hair which had fallen on her checks as I caress the smooth expanse more than a little. And I see the instant response as she curls into me that’s what I want from her as her babaji may not hear her every word or fulfil her wish but I would do hear her and fulfil them.


Most amazing thing which I fell for her was she has her own way to win every heart and also fulfil her wish. It had taken tremendous effort for me to stop her calling me with ji or suniye ji. It felt sweet but I wanted to hear my name from her lips. What happened that day was:


“Geet … You know I want you to say something for me…” I was determined to get it done today


“What do you want me to tell ji?”


“My name…”


“How can I …”


“Why? Do you believe my life would cut short if you all my name…”


“No… But what will elders think that I don’t respect my patidev…”


“Ok then you can call me here within these four walls of this room.”


“No… That is more difficult to manage … What if my tongue slips your name in front of anyone…. No… No…”


“If you don’t call me by my name then I wouldn’t allow you to leave this room tomorrow morning, then Maa will think that what a bahu I have got  home who can’t even get up early.”


“Ji you can’t do this… Please patidev ji.”


“No I will definitely as you haven’t left any other option for me.”


I turned and held her in my grip but didn’t react to her attempts…She tried many ways like sneaking her fingers into my shirt or trying to mesmerize me with her charms & her pouts but this was the golden chance to make her speak my name out how could I leave that so easily. I made my heart hard… My brain constantly recited my mission in hand.


“Please let me go, my love, my sweet heart, my honey” She continued to bless my ears with all kind of sweet names while she snuggled more into me but her rattling didn’t end. “My darling, my love, my Prem… only mine.”


I couldn’t have done more than agreeing to her words “Yes, your’s and only your’s Prem.” 



7 thoughts on “Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 4”

  1. prem? nw frm where is he coming frm?

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  2. what the maan is eyeing some else wife geet married to prem what the hell down the rabbit hole we go again waiting to see what you are yup to thanks for the pm.

  3. awesome update….so maan is attracted to geet , but again denied it….I love the character of geet’s husband prem (thanks for the name finally)…..he is supportive , caring & loving- perfect husband material….wondering how the relation of maaneet will progress in the story when we know that prem is so nice…..btw wanted to read about maan’s wife too to get some idea about her …..

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