Incredible Fusion – Part 10


 Part 10


I was trying to come out of it but Samir had held me under his clutches that’s when I heard a faint whisper “Maan…” I heard my name but where is she?


I was struggling to come out of this water since Samir had blocked it with his power Air on the surface & chillness was surrounding me affecting my strength but when I thought of escalating the fire force, water caved in; For outside world I was submerged in water but in reality I stood in the middle like a baby in the sack when it is in his mother’s womb. I knew this was the work of Geet, she wouldn’t harm me just like I couldn’t. Within seconds of the thought I could see Geet forming from the water.


Geet stood in front of me “Geet, I have another plan to avert his destruction you just have to block him from one side I will do it from the other end so that we both can together stop him.”


“No Maan, Samir will slip in between us easily & we can’t use our powers fully as that would harm us only, in turn we would terminate ourselves in vain. But I do have one plan which could be implemented to avert him causing any destruction.” Geet spoke in determination. “I will blend in him in such a way that he would not be able to have any control on his own atmosphere that will be your golden chance to cease his existence.”


Although I was still thinking how she can blend in him I felt her in the close vicinity of mine only to witness her approaching me in steady steps compelling me to move as far as possible but she had surrounded me, I had no where to go. “Geet ….” I called out to her making her realise our close proximity however her next words grabbed my attention as I forgot everything.


“Maan, I was attracted to you, not from today not from the day we came face to face but from the day I saw you on the first day where I stood gazing at the glorious roaring waves which was trying to consume even the sand into it. With the morning sun touching the sky high there rays made me conscious of another person close to me, who was gawping at the Sun so intently that for an instant I thought you were going to burn even the sun into ashes. In that light I felt like Sun shone on this earth and that was none other than you.”


“With just a look at you I sensed heat surrounding me which was quite unusual as it was cold region. It felt like I would just sail through the rough rocks into the heart of the earth that is always ready to consume me within. But it didn’t took me more than a moment to realise where I stood & what I was heading to, before that sensation took over me again I ran away from there. That was just the beginning as yet again I saw you on the very first day of the college where I tactfully damped the match box with my chillness but people around me thought it was grass moisture.”  

“I tried and waited for you to approach me but you never intended to come near me but still your gaze was never left me, in all these days you always were infront of me be it in class or ground in college or the sea shore or even our outings with Pari and Yash. I not only watched you but also realised your identity long back. Your fight to avert me was very evident to me and I decided to wait for the day you would come to me. And that day you did come for me I was so delighted with your wish to leave behind the shackles that I just couldn’t stop myself expressing my ability to you. And when I heard my name from you for the very first time everything around us stood still.”

“But once I was back from doc’s visit, your reluctance was also back in you which broke my little hope of being together.”


“Geet… we can never be together, I can only hurt you” I wanted to stop her talks as that was only making things difficult but she didn’t stop there.”

“I love you Maan, I was not supposed to love anyone here but how can a moth not get attracted to the fire and how can a moth not follow the fire even when it knows the union would end with moth burning in the flames of the fire. My love is also like that I was drawn towards you the very first day I saw you. My heart made me follow you everywhere you went. That’s explains our every accidentally meet, it was me who planned those encounters.”

I felt a chill ran over me as she engulfed me in her arms, closing the gap in between the water while her lips did its first sin of kissing me on my cheek which was melting me but I could feel warm with those lips on me. She cupped my other cheek with her hand. My heat burned her it was just the beginning as I could feel her drained of life already.

But that didn’t stop her as she hugged me for a little long time and finally whispered “Today, it is time for the moth to burn. Erase me today with this life and from your memory. Good bye Maan.” All I was left was with another pain to see my life slip away from me.

I had never felt so apprehensive associated with the fire but today I being the fire only burnt her. I wanted to hold her but my mere existence near her has only killed her. It would have been better to drown in her than seeing her vanish in thin air. But now I cannot make her sacrifice to go in the drain, with that thought I emerged from the bottom of the fountain to turn him into an extinct being.


With nothing lose nor to gain I transformed into enormous mass of fire with only purpose of destroying Samir, who induced Geet to take such a step. Fire which left my skin only had one destination that was to mark his death defining burn. As Geet had said she has successfully blended in the air taking control of even air through the water content in moisture which increased in air making my task easier as Samir is not able to deflect my fire & its way to burn all the traces of his skin.


Today the fire has effectively destroyed the guards of Water & Air which has blended together leaving me all the strength to govern the world but at what cost I burned my soul with them.



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