Incredible Fusion – Part 11(Last)


 Part 11


I flew away from the college far away from the place where I burnt her with my own flames as I was not able stand any more minute at that place; how long do I have to face the same thing again and again. Every time when the sadness has engulfed me I have always consoled my heart that it isn’t my mistake everyone has to go through these pains in their long-lasting life. Heavy as this heart feels now with the overwhelming emotions I stare at the Sun which is all set to take a dip in the vast expanse of ocean but now I have nothing to hold on to there is a deep stillness which has settled in me as the world has moved but I haven’t.



No matter what moves or what doesn’t that doesn’t bother me nor did that before or now. I am back to that phase where even my existence wouldn’t substantiate anything. I shouldn’t have involved in helping her; had I not there she would have stopped in another manner or even if failed in her attempts she would have lived, she would have lived is what my mind and heart repeated again and again.  



There was no count how many times these words I repeated again and similarly there was no count of times the sun had plunged into the waters every time it had only made me things clear of what I am supposed to do now. I sat waiting for the waters to stroke me the roaring waves have not calmed after that day like it knew she wouldn’t return ever again to these shores. Nevertheless I couldn’t have asked for an easy end nor will it be easy to reach that end it can only be an ocean which can consume me without any snag.



Slow as snail water tried to get close to me as it has been pulling the sand beneath me with every wave I was getting close to her. But the water which tried to get in contact with me was meant with same tragic end as Geet. I had to wait till the ocean devour me so powerful they are that I am sure within short time I would put off this fire within me. As if an unknown grace I feel the smell of the rain which is all set to drench & also to quench the thirst of the earth and help me to reach her sooner.


Every drop of water freshen me of her memory; her way to play with it how she had let go of her camouflage image and had shown what a white angel she is. With her thought itself I can feel the calmness setting in me or was that the droplets from the clouds showered just after the cloudburst I could see the huge ocean roaring again in the bright light of the lightings which illuminated the whole place. There was bliss today as I drenched for the first time, it was not a drizzle which would evaporate before touching me. I stretched my hands to collect the small amount of fall in my palm as they disappeared very soon but the fall was not short of the water it only increased as the time elapsed.


With the increase in the pour even ocean seems to be more intended to swallow me within as I hit the first waves of the huge mass. It left me shocked as I could hold to anything, I felt like I am moving without my own will. Today there was only one will that was to try every possible way to put off this blaze. Even the thought has not left my mind I was hit by another way, now it seemed as if I was floating in it and next second I was submerged in it. I want to go deep into it so I tried to find the ground and started to walk into the depth of it.


As I stepped deep within my luck just flew away because the water which was soothing my soul just sweept in making a space between me & the water mass. Same like Geet had created when we were in the college, was she here or was it someone else who possessed the same power. “Geet …” my lips took her name as a whisper and just as that day today also rain which had been pouring stopped and my attention went towards the form in the shadows.


“Geet…” I called out again.


“Yes… Maan…I am back. Back after completing my cycle, water cycle. I had evaporated in air getting converted into the clouds and with the bursting of it; rain had poured so did I along with it.” I heard her voice it soothe my soul more than the water had as now my heart felt light as she is back.  And before she came any closer I had to get away from her again.


“Geet… I can’t tell you how glad I am to see you but this time I am not going to let you come near me. I am going as far as possible away from you.” I declared my decision before she did some stunts.


I tried to move up to flew away but then I saw a wave coming towards me so I turned right but there was another wave which raised there. I knew it was Geet’s work; she wouldn’t let me go without her say on it.


“Ok… Geet… I will hear you out. Now stop them.” I let a sigh coming back to my old position.


“Maan, what were thinking to do today? Will your end had made us meet. How could you think of such things? Why do you feel the pain is what you had gained with this power? It was not you who decided to end Samir that way, it was my decision may be you were just a means to it but you would have never done such a thing to me.” Geet questioned me and before I could reply she continued. “Anyways we have won over samir and this has enhanced our powers and also if we choose to let go of this then we can now I had thought we would live a normal life like any other human being but since neither you are interested in me nor want to live. I don’t have anything else to say it is good that I forget you and carry on with this duty.”

I was surprised with her revelation; was that true can we live a normal life.

“Geet… Can we live without any of these restrictions?

Can we without terminating each other.” I asked her again.

“Yes … Maan we can but are you willing to be with me till the end. Will you love me without any of my ability to control water? Will you love me….?” She replied with uncertainty.


“Then I will be the happiest person, but how can you love me when I ….” My words were stopped by her finger on my lips.

“We both would sort it out just be my side always. Now I want to hug you can we let go of our powers soon.” She replied excited.


“Yes.” And with that I took a step back creating a little more space between us as we focused our powers into a ball which came out from our chest leaving them away she let that flow into the depths of the ocean while mine travelled back to the morning sun which was breaking dawn & lighting up the sky and also of my life . With that we were free from the shackles of our power to bind in another shackle of love. We were out of water and Geet was in my arms as she didn’t waste a second to engulf me. I lifted her in my arms without any restrictions as I made way back to her home. What had seemed as an impossible has turned into incredible fusion; fusion of water & fire.



4 thoughts on “Incredible Fusion – Part 11(Last)”

  1. a beautiful end to a beautiful story….I am going to miss this story updates….hope u r planning for a season 2….

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