Pati Patni Aur Boss – Part 5


Part 5


6 months and there wasn’t much change in my day to day activity but yes with everyday I was loaded with more work in office in turn my cribbing to babaji also increased. My training period will come to an end this week & today I am hell nervous what will happen. I just prayed to babaji to let me keep my nerves cool as with this nervousness things would go wrong.


Morning too I took a cup of tea to my prem exactly the way I do it nowadays, he would be busy with his planner and arranging the documents which he would have got home to complete it. I replaced his planner from his hand with the hot cup of tea with a small smile playing on my lips and he took it every so sweetly a sip that’s when I saw a tiny flinch in his expression but then he was back to normal. I enquired him what happened through my eyes but he just nodded for a no and handed back the cup to me & took the planner from my hand made his way to towards the dresser to get ready to the office leaving me confused.


I saw him getting ready while he showed the time reminding me that even I am getting late to office. So I make my way out when suddenly the smell hits my nostrils I check again the cup in my hand had coffee and not tea. “Babaji why do you always make me land in mess, then what happened to the Tea I made” I ran back to kitchen to check that thankfully my MIL has not come in to get her coffee. I don’t know by the end of this week what all things will go wrong with me. Even prem is behind me to join him but then what will happen to my dream.


I slowly settle my things once I reach my seat, open up the documents which are supposed to be completed when my attention is taken by envelop having my name which is kept on my table. I take it out & read it only to be surprised to see as was my confirmation letter welcoming me into KD officially, that was my second step into creating my space here. I wanted to jump & scream with my excitement but then already my light up face was raising eyes of Minal, my colleague who just came in.


“Hey Geet, what’s up, you look quite happy; what’s the good news” enquired Minal

I wanted to inform prem first about it before I break this news to anyone and mere thought of him would bring red hue on my cheeks. I was brought back by Minal when she nudged me and she continued “Is it confirmed.”

I wondered how she got to know it so soon. “Yes, was I so evident.” Replied Geet

“Look at your face it say’s all your story. But you look worried too” Replied Minal proudly on accomplishing of getting her guess right.

“Yes, I don’t know what will he say when I will tell him about this.” Geet put front her hesitation.

“You want it right then even he has to agree with you. But Geet didn’t you guys discuss this before.” Minal enquired.

“Well he didn’t agree first but then his mother made him agree.” She stated the truth.

“Then you better tell him & get this sorted out, early you guys discuss this it is good for you.” she advised wisely to Geet.

“You are right Minal, I will tell him first thing now.” Saying so Geet took out her mobile from her bag. But all her excitement was drained when her prem’s mobile was not reachable. She dropped her mobile on the desk & said “Minal, I will talk to him later.”

Then she pulled out her bag to get some money “I am planning to distribute sweets today to everyone.” Geet said feeling excited.

“Geet, what are you doing? You shouldn’t tell these things now at the initial stage, better you wait for some more days then you can.” Said Minal

“But it is already confirmed na Minal.” Geet replied as she felt little disappointed at being stopped.

When Geet turned to start her work suddenly she heard her boss’s voice talking in his bluetooth attached to his ears. Everyone were back to there work with all their focus on only thing did boss noticed how sincerely they were working. But one had other plans she had to thank him for giving her this happiness.

“Minal, you sort this thing; I will just go to boss & thank him for everything.” Said Geet

Minal held her hand and made her seat back during which some papers on the table fell and instantly Geet bent down to collect them but how could Minal let that happen when she knows what was her state “Geet, why are you doing these things, I will get it for you.”

And Minal got to see the confirmation letter in her hand when she was collecting all the papers. “Geet, see this is a good sign, you don’t worry even your husband will agree with you. This is just the beginning see this would be a stepping stone of your life. This letter should have been received by you last month according to the date typed on it itself but see its timing it came now to increase your happiness.”  and continued to ask her confusion “But Geet why do you need to thank boss for it.”

“He is the reason for this big happiness.” Geet stated the truth & left to speak to Jenny (sec of Boss) to check his schedule, while our Minal was more confused with how was he responsible for Geet’s happiness.

“Jenny, how is boss placed today.” Geet enquired.

“Geet, don’t ask he is here for just an hour and is struck in extremely tight schedule.” Replied Jenny.

“What, Gayi bhaasi pani maine. But why is he here just for an hour.” Geet asked.

“Well he was not supposed to be here today as 3 site visits were planned but some designs had to be altered so he is back here and in an hour he will be off to sites.” Answered Jenny.

She came back to start her work place but peace was somewhere far away from her & as the time lapsed her restlessness only increased and our Minal was trying hard to keep Geet’s nerves cool when her own mind had confused her a lot.

“Geet, cool down talk to your hubby in the evening. Everything will be fine. Too much excitement at these times is not good for your & your baby.” Minal tried to sooth her anxiety.

Geet was all shock to hear the last word. “Minal, what are you saying. My baby” And now she understood what Minal meant from the begining. “Hey Babaji, did you see what all she imagined about me. Phooli si bachi hoona aapki aur itni jaldi meri bachi ajayegi tho usko maine kaise samal sakhongi.”

“Geet, then why you were so happy & then you were blushing too. Oh you were happy about your confirmation and I thought… sorry sorry” Minal replied after realising her own assumptions as wrong.

“It’s okay Minal, let me catch boss & convey my thanks to him.” Geet replied.

Just then Geet saw Maan moving out of his cabin & she ran behind him to express her happiness but he had moved into the lift and was busy with his mobile. She ran a little to get into the lift before it closes and that’s when Maan saw her in the lemon yellow saree which complimented her skin & pulled her as she stumble into him just in time before the door closed behind her. With the sudden pull she looked scared with her eyes closed and hands clutched him in fear. His long fingers shoved the strands which was teasing him as it said see I am close to her than you.

“Geet” came out of his mouth which along with the cold metal which touched her back brought out of her fear to meet the dark black eyes of his but again the world stood still for them.  

This time it was the sound of the lift indicating them to part away before it opens up.

“Thank you” was what she could speak out before the door opened & he strides away but not before his long fingers caresses her checks.  



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