Incredible Fusion – Epilogue




Life could change the other extreme could only be a hallucination with me but now with Geet in my arms I feel like I am in a living delusion. Each stride of mine made her snuggle more into me her one hand held my shoulder from around my back while the other was over my heart forcing it to work in dual capacity pumping blood to each cell. With this overwhelm happiness there came more responsibility and fear. Responsibility to keep her happy and fear to fail in that responsibility till now the life could have lived without anything but now ignorance wouldn’t help. Suddenly a thought struck to me if Geet could have survived so could have Samir and if he did how I was to save ourselves. And as always this uncertainty was answered by that voice which would be with me as long as I could hear.


“Maan, you need to let go this fear and worry nothing will happen to us. Yes, we will have to work hard to survive now.” She pressed her ear to my chest while she continued “But together we will surpass every hurdle that comes in our way. This isn’t yours anymore but mine now so stop troubling it.” She said referring to my heart also showing her dominance over me.



“Shh…You don’t have to voice it Maan, your face conveys it all, every thought that your heart analyses, every notion it evaluates, every outcome it concludes. You are just as open book to me as I am to you.” Geet declared her point.




“Chup…Now let me clear your problems so that you don’t put my heart under turmoil. What was the first one…How will we lead our life…Let me think…but what is there to think in it we both are doing our masters so we should finish that first. To think about it what is the date today?” She looked at my face and I stood at my track.


“You don’t know.” Her mouth opened wide as I gulped in sensing what her next words would be. “How can you be without keeping track of the world around you? Our exams were due now first we have to know whether that is over or still due” She continued.


“Now don’t make that face, you can’t escape from them.” Geet stated sternly when I made a face at the name of exam. But she is right I can’t escape from it now.


“Right…” She said at realizing my agreement to her point.


Smile played on her lips as she spoke about everything and anything. Words came to her as normal as breathing in but that was a contrary for me; even assign a word for what I feel and convey the same to her seemed to be a complicated task nevertheless she made it very easy with her understanding.



With Geet in my arms I could go for any number of miles but still in the small stretch of this sea shore I had stopped already 7-8 times not because she was heavy or I was tired but I didn’t want to miss even one moment with her. In an instant her eyes would be wide and in next it would turn naughty while I could feel her hand trying to gauge the strength of arms; sometimes making fun on things around; sometimes busy admiring the beauty of the nature.



I was still lost in her essence when I felt Geet asked me to stop as she heard someone calling for us. And when we turned around I saw someone was running towards us as he waved his hands up in the air to gain our attention. And it was none other than Yash who looked quite exhausted. Now as we had gained his attention he slowed down and by the time he reached us he was tired as he didn’t even had the strength of standing as he fell on his knees; fell flat on the ground and said something which so meek that we couldn’t even guess what he said.


I dropped Geet on her foot as we checked him did he just faint here.


“Yash, Yash… Get up Man.” I pat his cheeks couple of times but he doesn’t seem to respond to it. Water is what came to my mind and I looked at Geet.

“I don’t have any now.” There came a spontaneous answer from her but she didn’t look worried for losing it either. I guess even she wanted to be as normal as any other human being.


“I will get some.” I said and ran away to fetch some.


By the time I was back Yash was up and had sat up against the rock as I hand over a bottle of water to him. He seemed surprised and un-doubtedly happy about something.


“What happened to you Yash? I enquired.


“Now I am perfectly fine apart from some loss of sleep and a little bit fatigue.” Yash replied. “But Geet are you fine, Maan was lifting you when I found you.”


“What would happen to me? I can race you to home and even win it.” Geet replied.


“Maan you must be fit as you were carrying Geet.” Yash spoke again.


“Yash what are you doing here that to early morning of the day, you are not an early riser.” Maan counter questioned him.


“Maan, he is here for practice, he is planning to participate in the upcoming marathon race, but with this energy you will never be able to make it Yash.” Geet teased.


“You guys are making fun of me and we are all worried for you. I wouldn’t have been awake had I slept last night, but after that storm had eloped you guys there isn’t a place where we have not searched you. Today I thought lets look at the opposite direction too and here I found you guys.” Yash explained the reason of his presence.


“Okay, lets go home & take some rest even I need to sleep” Geet suggested.


“But I can’t walk any more, Geet is fine Maan but I am not so you have to carry me.” Yash declared making weird faces.


While Geet couldn’t control her laugh seeing my face which told her “Only Geet would be in my arms and no one else.” But then he is one of our close friends and he did look exhausted. I was still looking at Geet, whose laugh echoed the surrounding but there was another sound which rebounded in the surrounding and that was Yash snoring as he had fell asleep.


“Carry him, I can walk we will get more opportunities going forward.” Geet smiled winking at me.


We reached home and Pari opened the door for us as on the way we had informed Pari to come back as even she was out searching for us. And the moment she saw was enraged rather than glad to find us safe & sound however her glance was not on us but on Yash who was sleeping peacefully then we understood that was not for us but on him. She went storming in while I settled Yash on the bed.


There was an awkward silence that’s when we heard a loud shriek from Yash. We reached the room but Geet stopped me right outside room as we heard Pari yelling madly on Yash

“How can you sleep like this when I was hell worried about all 3 of you?”


And what made us smile was Yash’s action who didn’t utter a word but pulled Pari to him and just tucked her along while he had his eyes closed the entire time. Well that was just the cue I required to pull Geet into me as we headed to the other room across it.


Beautiful life is about to begin as the time elapsed we were getting ready for our 1st year papers things were not that easy for me as I was always ignorant of things around me but now that man had to change. Now I have a reason to live for, a path to walk on and a goal to achieve. Geet & Pari shifted to the upper apartment which we started to use for study purpose. All the three helped me to understand the subjects we had to answer but that was an enormous task to complete the whole year syllabus in just 7 days.





Reading anything & everything has become my necessity now and also my favourite time pass, well another tendency which has not left me since childhood is keeping secrets even from my loved ones. Be it family or friends none knew about the mystery I am envelop with. Day were not a difficult to spend but nights were always longer and just yesterday night while I was going through the books in the study I got hold of this old book may be a diary of someone, which was kept safely hidden behind the books which were very rarely used. Shocked would be an understatement at the revelations of the contents in it.


Exams were starting in 2 days so none of them in my home disturbed me but those books were already read even before classes commenced for the year and it is not the first time either as that’s what is happening from past 15 years. Exams were never a head ache but that would bind me in these four walls which I always hated. How much ever easier was to slip out of the home without getting noticed by any of them in my home I could never do it as that will only hurt me as I break the trust of my loved ones.


Even a slight move in the air I could sense it, any words spoken out would gush into my ears very easily. I held the power to control Air, transform into thin air and spy hiding myself in it. 18 years had elapsed and none in my home knew about it is what I have lived with but today when I am reading this diary I doubt my earlier belief of none knowing the power of mine. I have many times created mess around me while experimenting with my ability to control air. Papa would stop Mama to say anything to me but I would get into my spying mood to hear them nevertheless It would end with Mama getting worried & Papa kissing her and would say not to worry. Seeing them worried with only this small mess would make me troubled and couldn’t gather enough courage to speak to them.

And today this diary answered me why I could never hear what they were worried about was that about the mess or about me controlling my powers as both could read each other face without voicing a word from their mouth. Today I am very happy reading that my parents too had powers like me, actually defeated the air power and that’s why I their daughter am gifted with power of air.


I was still engrossed in the diary when I felt my space was intruded by the steps of someone. In a hurry I switched off the table lamp beside me and tucked my self into the bed although my concentration was to perceive any sound I could hear. Smile formed on my lips when I realized it which duo were entering my den. Slowly and silently they climbed each step and stood right outside the door counting 3…2…1. And the door was opened with a loud thud as they shouted “Happy Birthday Baby” in my ears to frighten me.


“Aunty, you scared me.” I squeal at them looking petrified outside but inside really happy to find them on my birthday every time the same way.

“Baby, how can you get scared from us, in turn you should be scaring us. You are not at all like Geet. She was so naughty.” Said Doc (Same doc who knew about the secret of Geet)

“No, Geet was shy, very shy & our baby is exactly like Geet book look too cute” Pari argued.

Aunties were busy with their fight of who knows whom better but I was more interested to read more of Papa’s diary. What happened next, did they know about my secret powers, if yes then from when. How much ever I wanted to enjoy with them more than that my focus was to completely know about my parent’s life. Finally came my rescue my exams “Aunty I have exam. Can you please not fight here?”

The moment aunts were out I dived into the diary but I was disappointed to find only a page was filled after that:

I was in final year of college and I did catch up with normal life pretty nicely. All 4 of us together started a venture which gradually made its mark in the world. It was after a year completing PG did Yash and Pari got settled while Geet and I settled a year later. It didn’t take more than year as we were blessed with a little angel in our life. Complications which Geet had to face raised the suspicion in our minds, whether the kid would possess any special powers and we were right to as our angel would fiddle with things around her without even getting in contact with any of them.

With our angel we had one other thing left to gain, a home right infront of the place I got my love and without any delay we accomplished that too, Yash got a place too next to our home. Now my whole attention would be either on our angel or on our business which we men took care as the ladies decided to take care of the kids. Yash and Pari were blessed with a girl who was elder to our angel by few months & another boy who was a year younger.


Years gone by we saw our angel growing faster, stronger, smart, mature and naughty too. We could sense that she could hear even the slightest of the whispers and she did spy on us too when she was got herself in some mess. We never wanted her to feel that we love her because she had special powers but we wanted her to feel we love her for she is our symbol of love who bonded us with each other more strongly. We wanted her to decide what she wanted do in her life. Any decision she would take we will support her as a backbone.


She grew faster than we could think and tomorrow is her 18th birthday and I couldn’t see her confused and worried anymore unnecessarily too. Yes even her face revealed every secret of hers. And that’s why I decided to place this diary in a place where she could get her hands on it.


I stood looking out of the window which showed the sea roaring this must be the same shore which Mama Papa first felt for each other. How many times we have spent our time on these shores but I didn’t have any idea what importance it held in my parent’s life. My thoughts were broken when I heard papa’s foot steps. I waited for him to break the silence but looks like his patience is not worn out yet. I turn to look at him while he extends his arms for a hug which I gladly oblige.


He strokes his hand over my head while he whispers happy birthday sweet heart into the air making me pout.

“Papa, why do you always whisper and not say aloud.” I complained.

“B’coz that was my clue sweet heart to you that your secret is out but you never understood in your happiness.” Papa (Maan) replied.

“Mama is coming” I whispered into Papa’s ears.

“You wished her again without me.” Mama (Geet) complained

“When were we separate from each other Geet.” Papa buttered Mama so easily.

“Happy Birthday Bacha.” Mama wished me as I running into her arms but I could clearly hear Mama cursing Papa and I couldn’t help but smile at her complaints.  

Once she wished me she marched towards Papa to complain about him “You gave her your diary even before I read it.”

Caught in the wrong string Papa looked at me for help, so I started to change the topic “Papa, you didn’t mention what was your ecstatic moment of your life.” Now I was sure Mama would melt down at Papa’s answer.

Ecstatic moment of my life is could be only one; it was one of the best days of my life I could never forget that moment ever.

 “Which one Papa, I am sure it is with Mama” I commented winking at Mama.

“Yes, your mama was kissing the bundle of joy wrapped in blue; that was a picturesque which I still fresh in my mind.” Papa replied remembering the same day 18 years before. “The baby doll she cocooned was the rarest of the scene I could witness; that girl whom I didn’t even expect to live with today held our love in her hand, the outcome of our incredible fusion she is, so should be her name too as unique as she will be, Ananya.” Papa kissed my forehead redoing the same action of her scene.

“Okay, now it is party time; come I have a surprise for you guys” I exclaimed.

“But …” Mama tried to stop.

“No buts this time Mama…” I hug them both and created a swirl around us as we travelled towards the shore through my room’s window. I dropped them both on the sand “Papa, Mama Look at the clouds above, you will find the person whom I love the most in my life.” both frowned at me.

Slowly even that frown disappeared in thin air as they saw clouds moving and they found themselves up in the sky. “Love you Papa… Love You Mama” I squealed hugging my incredible fusion family.