Speculative Curse – Part 3

Speculative Curse

Part 3


The new day began so was Geet’s plans, she was nervous but with a different thoughts as she didn’t want her parents to know about her disapproval with marriage nor she wanted the other family to find out about her acts and defame her family.


She maintained her naïve look and dressed as simple as she could look. Reason behind it was if they didn’t like this simplicity they would not go ahead. First came looks then next came talks she made sure she appeared nervous, her shaking hands while handing them the coffee or shattering with words when spoken with was strictly followed only to prove her innocence. And then last strike was made when the boy and girl was left alone to talk.


And the first relevant question making Geet anxious came which was “Do you want to tell something” the boy enquired as till now she had sat silently hearing him.


Actually there is “She fumbled nervously playing with the end of her veil, would you mind if I work even after.” she questioned.


“Of course, you can work” he replied confidently


“Would you have any problems with me doing night shifts?” Geet added more nervously as she wanted to reasons to break it.


He thought for a while then said “Will that be regular.”


“Quite often actually, though it depends on the circumstances and we get many emergency calls, when we will leave everything and rush to attend them.” She went on explaining how important it is for her to work, how much she wants to travel to different places where she could serve people and heal them. She went on until she could make him believe that she is not one of them whom they could keep in a cage. And that did work as he replied ” Geet… I think we should drop this here itself as I need a wife who could be with me and my family take care of them but you may not be able to do that with so much in your hand.”


She wanted to jump and dance but kept a sad look than meekly added “As you wish.” And there broke the first attempt of binding her into a new relation.


Once this was broken and the reason for it was known to her parents, they decided to look for only doctors so they will be able to stand for one another. It took more than a few days to search a suitable and dedicated doctor but they are her parents so they did find one.


Now she used to hear and gather as much as possible only for the reason that more she knew their requirement she would end up crack a plan against them.

But this time her plans were not working as her naïve and simplicity was liked by them. Her fumbling shattering everything went against her. The more she failed the more determined she was to end this too. Finally came a time when she had to speak to the boy. This time her ambitions spoken directly would definitely be a problem for her as the guy also wished the same. And when he spoke it was like her dream painted in front of her eyes but then she shouldn’t have under-estimate her parents either, they had always fulfilled all her wishes then what was different this time.


Her mind was now working at an alternative solution to escape from this trouble. That’s when he called “Geet Geet … What do you have to say on this Geet.”


“No… I can’t …” she replied quite shocked then looking at him she composed and stated in rather harsh tone “I mean…I can only work when I want. When I am free from my sleep only at that time I can try to work and I have so many other things of importance to finish, I cannot leave them for staying beside you every second. I can’t be a puppet of others hand.” Geet went on speaking clearing indicating her dissent in this relation. “And I am not interested in getting married to you.”


The hurt was evident in his face but being a doctor she knew the importance of each life. And she had taken the pledge to save people; cure them from every disease, take due precautionary measures to protect. And she was doing the same now too. How could she take a life of that person who is termed as equal as God?


When they came back, she was back to herself but he definitely looked heart-broken. She felt bad for taking away the brightness from his face, those eyes looked lost some where but that was the only way she could help him achieve his dream.

Once the guest left her parents enquired her about the proposal. She bit her lips but then said “I don’t want to marry him.”


“But why” Keertana asked.


“Our thoughts differ they won’t match.” Geet said.


“But…” Keertana again tried to probe. But Geet was faster.


“Papa… Not him na please. He could be a guardian not a life partner. 4 years difference is too much. No Papa please.” She cutely pouted and that always worked on her parents. And there ended another proposal.


And then again after some more months Geet was struck with same round of questions but this time before calling the boy & his parents to their home, Keerthana & Ravindar decided to speak to Geet.


“Geet… look he is the guy whom we have selected this time for you.” Keertana informed Geet passing the photo to her.

“He is just 2 years elder to you, he is also a doctor and from a very good family. He is the only son that means no responsibility or obligation towards any siblings.” Ravindar went on explaining while Geet like an obedient student heard everything.

“Papa… what does he do?” Geet asked.

“He is planning to work in one of the hospital as a doctor.” Ravindar replied earnestly.

“But then what was he doing for last two years Papa.” Geet asked as he had completed his degree two years before itself

“He had started his practice but then he couldn’t manage it so now he is planning to change.” Ravindar replied.

“If he can’t decide his profession properly, how can he be reliable Papa.” That one statement from Geet was enough for her parents to stop the talks with this new relation.



Speculative Curse – Part 2

Speculative Curse

Part 2


Later once everyone was back to home Geet confronted her parents to know why they did all these. For which Keerthana explained how they found out there was a fault in her kundali which could have strongly affected her life major threat was on her future husband life itself. So this puja was remedy to that default in her stars.


She need not remember also this, she will happily lead her life as normal as it was before.


Ravindar intervened “Geet we will search a Prince for you, who will take care of you like a Princess.” After listening to her parents words Geet couldn’t say a thing. Today she learnt how life could change by just few rituals.


But behind her silence was a storm which was making its way into her heart where it could reside for eternity. What Geet analysed was if the whole marriage was null and void how can her kundali’s fault be fixed with that one ritual. It would have its ever lasting effect. That meant she will be the sole reason of her husband troubled life. How can she just negate this possibility? It was not just her life which will get effected this society will even not take a second to blame her whole family. And in future if she had to end up single and alone, why to involve so many lives at stake. She could forever stay with her parents happily taking care of them.


Her decision actually reduced her burden on her heart; happiness need not require any other person. It can even be felt with small things around her. She was right like this before too just a little distraction had came in her way in achieving her goals but now it was back on track. Yes, her parents are correct; everything is clear now and back to normal. Decision was made only execution was left.


Seeing her silent Keerthana nudged Ravindar to cheer up their baby doll. “Geet, look there are few photos of the prospective grooms for you. Come we will both analyse each one of them. We wouldn’t show it to your Maa, we will prove her that it is our choice that would last.” Ravindar started to fight to cheer Geet.


“You can leave me out, Geet we both will select a good boy for you.” Keertana countered.


“You guys don’t have to fight I will not get married to anyone then I can be with you forever.” Geet replied to them.

“Geet… you shouldn’t say like that, one or the other day a girl has to leave the house of her parents to lighten the house of the other.” Keertana answered.

That itself hurt Geet, how was she supposed to enlight the house of another with a curse attached to her in turn she could be responsible for dimishing that light of there house.

“No, I won’t ever.” Geet replied before walking out of the room.

Ravindar looked worried about his daughter’s words while Keertana just took it lightly saying “She will understand in few days, every girl starts with the same notion.”


After few months

Geet was preparing papers for her presentation in the seminar organised by some docters federations when her parents came into her room to discuss with her about the boys whom they have shortlisted.

“Geet…” Ravindar called.

“Yes, Papa.” Came the immediate reply from Geet.

“Look we have reduced your work, me and your maa has come in terms and have eliminated few of them whom either one of us thought would not be fit for you. And one of them family are coming tomorrow to our house to meet you.” Ravindar put forward his wish.

“But Papa…”Before Geet could start her wish her mother intervened.

“Geet, you know the boy is a software engineer, he is well settled in life and hails from cultured & highly respected family. Has travelled around the world too but still he likes to be in India itself. Very good boy he is, you will defiantly like him and you know the best part he would keep you like a princess, safe and cacooned just like us.” Keertana continued to explain the qualities of the boy and why she should accept him as life partner.


“Keertana, why don’t you take out out ancestor jewels for Geet; she looks angelic in them.” Ravindar suggested.


“No… No… That would be too loud for the first meeting. She should go for more simple & serene look. Geet wear a simple salwar with that little make up & jewels to match with it.” Keertana continued. “I have already planned what would be the menu for tomorrow.” And she went on explaining what all things have been arranged for tomorrow’s interview.


Their dreams were scaring her, they had already built a castle, a sand castle which one day a wave would wash away breaking their every desire to see Geet settled with a Prince. She couldn’t voice out her wishes to her parents seeing them weave those dream for her. The moment they mentioned about the ornaments she was drawn back to the ritual that was the last day she tried any ornaments. Her entire wardrobe was changed gradually she preferred wearing full slevees tops so that her long hands didn’t felt as empty as it were. Smaller necks to hide the bare feeling even she started to leave her hairs open covering the ears to cover the missing ear drops.


That’s when she decided not to convince her parents but just deal with the prospective families directly, there could be many reasons for not accepting one as a partner and she would make sure to find one in each of those relations. As the days would pass, it would be easy to talk them into her wishes. It isn’t there fault but would be her wish to not get married to anyone and that would be her destiny what she has decided for.



Speculative Curse – Part 1

Speculative Curse

Part 1



A young lady clad in light blue cotton Saree which was nicely pinned where as her curly hair was neatly tied in a bun not a tendril was let to peep out. Her one hand was keeping the light brown handy bag in place on her shoulder while the other clutched a file over her chest. Her forehead which was supposed to be adored by a bindi was adored by lines of worry. The dangling earrings were replaced by the Bluetooth device.

She held her head high to glance over the board of the building which said “Shekar Hospital” where she stood wishing to embark a new meaning to her life. She walked into the glass doors of the hospital looking at the people around searching the person for whom she was here. She strode in silent steps making her presence go unnoticed as her legs missed the anklets and hands felt the absence of the bangles which could always make you feel you are not alone.

She turned to move towards the reception to enquiry where a girl stood attending the people.

“Hi… I am here to meet Dr. Shekar.” The young lady enquired.

“And you are… Do you have an appointment as he wouldn’t meet anyone without it?” The receptionist replied.


“Well I am Geet… He is expecting me today.” Came her reply.

“Oh… Geet… Dr. asked me to get your joining formalities completed. He is actually attending an emergency so you will have to wait. Receptionist replied while handing over some papers to her to fill.


Geet took all the papers and started to fill them:


Name: Geet Sharma

Fathers Name: Ravindar Sharma

Mothers Name: Kerthana Sharma

Age: 25


She was meticulously filling all the details but what came next frenzied her hands and mind.

Martial Status: Single/Married (Strike off the irrelevant)

Both were irrelevant for her as she was no more a single nor married too. She striked both off and continued to fill the rest.


It was year back when her parents had broke the news to her that they will search for a groom for her. That was enough for her get a jittery feeling in her stomach. Dreams just made there way into her heart just like any girl would think. How will be her Prince Charming…

She was the only child of the family so she was pampered by both her parents. And knowing them she was sure they wouldn’t agree for anyone easily. All through the journey of this phase she wooed her dreams. What she would question them or how he should be or how much she could enjoy troubling each one of them. Show all the tantrums she could to her parents as she would miss them later. Even a thought of being away from them would bring tears in my eyes.


But all these things need time to happen, however fast you want to finish it. It will take its own sweet time for each event to happen. One day Geet’s Maa broke the news that everyone has to attend a puja for better future and removal of evil eyes on Geet.


She was made to dress with those new heavy embroidery choli’s along with it the jewellery. Her partition was covered with a beautiful tikka, hairs was neatly tied into plaits were concealed with the veil; the spark in her eyes was highlighted by the black eye liners. Her tendrils were constantly fighting with the dangling ear drops on who would kiss the creamy checks. While her nose ring; flare it to have been won its place without a fight. Those rosy pink lips transformed into a curve seeing her Maa applying the tikka just behind her ear.

She was made to wear the many ancestry jewels the necklace, long chains, waist band, anklets and many other. Her hands for decorated with erratic designs of mehndi while her hands were filled with different colours bangles making a humming sound everytime she moved.

Unknown to the duo was another pair of eyes who couldn’t take his eyes on his two priceless possessions. He could see the young bride married to him in Geet. She looked exact carbon copy of her mother today. His heart cried to let her go, he has taken care of her like a princess, how was he supposed to live without her, without hearing her complains. But like any other father he knew one day she will go away to her husband’s house leaving behind the parents alone but still he had time for that.


“Geet you look nothing less than a bride today.” Ravindar commented while breaking there talks.

“Yes, said it rightly.” Keerthana seconded.

“Now aren’t we getting late, both of you come down now.” Ravindar continued to move out saying so.

They reached the designated place for the puja where the priests had arranged all the things for the ritual. Keerthana guided Geet to the place where already a puja had started. Geet without any questions she followed every single step of it. Initially she did what they said but as it progressed she understood what they were doing, she was not ignorant of the procedures of a Marriage and she had attended few of her friends.


As the priests went on chanting the matnra’s she was getting scared and she did realise was dressed heavily for any normal puja. She was dressed as a bride. She glanced towards her parents they sat following each of the rituals religiously. She could have been calm thinking her parents won’t do anything that would harm her but the restlessness which she was going through was something she couldn’t control. Suddenly she was handed over some articles to complete the procedure of the marriage. Understanding her plight Keerthana whispered to Geet I will tell you everything later now follow what they are asking you to do.


Once finished with the ritual, priest started to explain the effect of Puja. “You have today married your daughter to a peepal tree, your this action has removed all the bad omen influencing her husband life because of shortcomings in your daughter’s kundali has been absorbed by her 1st husband that is this peepal tree. And this tree will be destroyed marking the end of troubles. Now you can be sure and no evil things like the death or serious illness which was lurking on her real husband has been countered. But as this is a non living thing the marriage would be termed as null and void. So now she can live a happy and prosperous life with her real husband.


Speculative Curse – Prologue

Speculative Curse



Future… What holds for us in future cannot be pointed out definitely but we are anxious to know everything before hand. Make many attempts to analyse what is waiting for us to embrace. When happiness is predicted we let our anticipation to rise to an extent that all the small happiness around us is negated. While when an unpleasant event is predicted a fear is instilled in our mind stopping us to see and understand things more clearly. We tend to follow every possible means to stop that harm to hurt us or our beloved ones. But are these measures capable to free you from the fear your heart is gripped under. What if these fears nourish in you to compelling to take drastic steps of not living for your own self?


Are these predictions so accurate that our worry towards our future makes us forget to even live our present. Is it not that we have to carve our today to make a beautiful tomorrow. Is living 100 years with worry more pleasant than living a few years worth a fortune? If we still don’t let go this dependence then we are bound to have self bestowed curse. That will be Speculative Curse.