Speculative Curse – Prologue

Speculative Curse



Future… What holds for us in future cannot be pointed out definitely but we are anxious to know everything before hand. Make many attempts to analyse what is waiting for us to embrace. When happiness is predicted we let our anticipation to rise to an extent that all the small happiness around us is negated. While when an unpleasant event is predicted a fear is instilled in our mind stopping us to see and understand things more clearly. We tend to follow every possible means to stop that harm to hurt us or our beloved ones. But are these measures capable to free you from the fear your heart is gripped under. What if these fears nourish in you to compelling to take drastic steps of not living for your own self?


Are these predictions so accurate that our worry towards our future makes us forget to even live our present. Is it not that we have to carve our today to make a beautiful tomorrow. Is living 100 years with worry more pleasant than living a few years worth a fortune? If we still don’t let go this dependence then we are bound to have self bestowed curse. That will be Speculative Curse.



3 thoughts on “Speculative Curse – Prologue”

  1. Nice prologue JP..Life is full of predictions..and we can imagine our life according to it..Nut yes reality is something different from what we predict

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