Speculative Curse – Part 2

Speculative Curse

Part 2


Later once everyone was back to home Geet confronted her parents to know why they did all these. For which Keerthana explained how they found out there was a fault in her kundali which could have strongly affected her life major threat was on her future husband life itself. So this puja was remedy to that default in her stars.


She need not remember also this, she will happily lead her life as normal as it was before.


Ravindar intervened “Geet we will search a Prince for you, who will take care of you like a Princess.” After listening to her parents words Geet couldn’t say a thing. Today she learnt how life could change by just few rituals.


But behind her silence was a storm which was making its way into her heart where it could reside for eternity. What Geet analysed was if the whole marriage was null and void how can her kundali’s fault be fixed with that one ritual. It would have its ever lasting effect. That meant she will be the sole reason of her husband troubled life. How can she just negate this possibility? It was not just her life which will get effected this society will even not take a second to blame her whole family. And in future if she had to end up single and alone, why to involve so many lives at stake. She could forever stay with her parents happily taking care of them.


Her decision actually reduced her burden on her heart; happiness need not require any other person. It can even be felt with small things around her. She was right like this before too just a little distraction had came in her way in achieving her goals but now it was back on track. Yes, her parents are correct; everything is clear now and back to normal. Decision was made only execution was left.


Seeing her silent Keerthana nudged Ravindar to cheer up their baby doll. “Geet, look there are few photos of the prospective grooms for you. Come we will both analyse each one of them. We wouldn’t show it to your Maa, we will prove her that it is our choice that would last.” Ravindar started to fight to cheer Geet.


“You can leave me out, Geet we both will select a good boy for you.” Keertana countered.


“You guys don’t have to fight I will not get married to anyone then I can be with you forever.” Geet replied to them.

“Geet… you shouldn’t say like that, one or the other day a girl has to leave the house of her parents to lighten the house of the other.” Keertana answered.

That itself hurt Geet, how was she supposed to enlight the house of another with a curse attached to her in turn she could be responsible for dimishing that light of there house.

“No, I won’t ever.” Geet replied before walking out of the room.

Ravindar looked worried about his daughter’s words while Keertana just took it lightly saying “She will understand in few days, every girl starts with the same notion.”


After few months

Geet was preparing papers for her presentation in the seminar organised by some docters federations when her parents came into her room to discuss with her about the boys whom they have shortlisted.

“Geet…” Ravindar called.

“Yes, Papa.” Came the immediate reply from Geet.

“Look we have reduced your work, me and your maa has come in terms and have eliminated few of them whom either one of us thought would not be fit for you. And one of them family are coming tomorrow to our house to meet you.” Ravindar put forward his wish.

“But Papa…”Before Geet could start her wish her mother intervened.

“Geet, you know the boy is a software engineer, he is well settled in life and hails from cultured & highly respected family. Has travelled around the world too but still he likes to be in India itself. Very good boy he is, you will defiantly like him and you know the best part he would keep you like a princess, safe and cacooned just like us.” Keertana continued to explain the qualities of the boy and why she should accept him as life partner.


“Keertana, why don’t you take out out ancestor jewels for Geet; she looks angelic in them.” Ravindar suggested.


“No… No… That would be too loud for the first meeting. She should go for more simple & serene look. Geet wear a simple salwar with that little make up & jewels to match with it.” Keertana continued. “I have already planned what would be the menu for tomorrow.” And she went on explaining what all things have been arranged for tomorrow’s interview.


Their dreams were scaring her, they had already built a castle, a sand castle which one day a wave would wash away breaking their every desire to see Geet settled with a Prince. She couldn’t voice out her wishes to her parents seeing them weave those dream for her. The moment they mentioned about the ornaments she was drawn back to the ritual that was the last day she tried any ornaments. Her entire wardrobe was changed gradually she preferred wearing full slevees tops so that her long hands didn’t felt as empty as it were. Smaller necks to hide the bare feeling even she started to leave her hairs open covering the ears to cover the missing ear drops.


That’s when she decided not to convince her parents but just deal with the prospective families directly, there could be many reasons for not accepting one as a partner and she would make sure to find one in each of those relations. As the days would pass, it would be easy to talk them into her wishes. It isn’t there fault but would be her wish to not get married to anyone and that would be her destiny what she has decided for.




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